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When The Saints Go Marchin In Ringtone


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Hi Folks can anyone tell me how to go aboot gettin a good version as a ring tone - am am an auld clueless git !!

Many thanks

From another partly clueless git (as far as ringtones are concerned) I picked my ringtone from a youtube type site and emailed it to myself , then opened the email on my phone and saved the tune to the phone, and selected "use as ringtone" at least i think that's what i done, nowadays i would of course use my new phone to access the site and play and save the tune directly

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depends on your phone, if it's android download "ringtone maker" from the play store (it's alright Shull - it's free). you can then use any song or part of song in your library as a ringtone, alarm, or notification tone.

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