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Is Your Job Safe?


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The company I work for are paying off 3,500. If you are paid off you were to receive a phone call last week. As yet have received no phone call so praying I'm one of the lucky ones. Still you never know not a nice time for the oil industry with 65,000 jobs already lost in the UK.

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What if the person just never answered the phone? Would they still have a job?

hard to try and join the humour . Our company said they want to do this the right way. Personally I hate it when the phone rings it's a terrible feeling. However I'm a survivor have made plans along with no debt but whem you sit down and write the cost of living down food, normal bills it brings home a certain reality.
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Sorry, no offence meant. The waiting must be hard on you. Hope your job is safe. It's at times like this that you realise that things like TV packages, broadband, season tickets and mobile phone contracts really are luxuries.

your right to sit down and put it on paper kinda wakes you up. Still I'm confident for the future it's the younger ones in my industry I feel sorry for .
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your right to sit down and put it on paper kinda wakes you up. Still I'm confident for the future it's the younger ones in my industry I feel sorry for .

The younger ones will be fine. Many people lose their jobs at least once. It's bad news to suffer it but most recover. It's the older ones who might have more problems getting another job. Been there myself when I was young.

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You should try Dicko's lawyer.

On a serious note ...

Depends on your contract. You would need to be more specific about the situation. Don't know if you want to do that on an open forum or not. And I'm no legal expert on it - or anything for that matter.

Thank you for the reply -

The situation is that my son (20) gave 4 weeks notice to his employer as he found a new job.

He began last week working his notice period with the intention of completing it.

He is training in pharmacy NVQ Level 3 , the relevance of that is that the employer pays for the course ( which is transferable ) and his new employer has confirmed that as he would have to reimburse current company the money laid out for the course ( which is fair and right) that they would pick up the tab.

HR at current employer said that they are not willing to cross charge , therefore will deduct from this months salary which effectively wipes out his wage and in real terms if he completed the notice period , he would be working for nil.

Although I believe that's reasonable for them to deduct direct he had been a great employee for 2 years and no days sick.His issue is that he would work rest of this month , have no money , then have to work another month at new place to if earned a wage therefor almost 2 months without income to cover outgoings.

He cut short his notice period and left last Friday to go join new employer and of course this hasn't gone down well ( he's very good at his job and the course is something separate that he's doing alongside is employment with a view to going to university after course and practical experience ).

This means he is now earning as from today , and of course money due to employer is still due which will be taken from time worked and overtime that has been done , added to the fact new employer is making an additional payment to cover deductions from old employer.

His old employer phoned his new place today to complain about this and are causing issues with his new employer on day 1 which is embarrassing I guess but also unnecessary I think.

Thoughts please ?

Is it reasonable for old company who were unwilling to accommodate a more amicable notice period to then unsettle new employer in this way ?

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Has he agreed to any deductions in writing?

Is the repayment for training or education written into his contract of employment or contained within an employee handbook etc?


No written prior agreement to deductions.

Yes over repayment as in the amount reduces depending on length of time with company.

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I'm not clear what you mean in the second part here. Do you mean that all employees have to pay for training but that it reduces with length of service?


I think it's fair for them to take payment.

I just wondered as he only worked 1 week of notice period was it reasonable behaviour for them to ring his new employer ?

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