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Saints Vs. Raith 22/03/16

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Anyone would think Rae doesnt want to get something out of the game by keeping Goodwin on the bench.

Hope you get set up with a decent manager next season Jim.

Why would he bring on a defensive player when we are losing at home in the second half?

Absolutely clueless from yourself, as usual :lol:

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FT 2-1

Didn't do enough second half to deserve anything from the game. Would take a Hibs from Raith for them not to make 4th now, good luck to them in the playoffs.

Our season has been over in a competitive sense for a few weeks now. Are we going to finish 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th? Who knows, who cares.

It's all about establishing who's worth keeping on next term for us now, and there's very few who are in my opinion. From a senior player point of view I'd keep Watson, Baird (poor tonight but still young and had a decent season) and Mallan.

All the rest can go and it's then up to Rae to mould us into a top 4 side over the summer.

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