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Saints Vs. Raith 22/03/16

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How much for VAT these days?

Normally £22 for the padded seats

This for once is not bad value

VAT is 20%.

A season ticket holder is being asked to pay £24,on top of what was paid for the ST,for a couple of burgers and the privilege of being able to BUY a drink from the bar.

How many own goals can our Club score in a season?


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It would seem the powers that be know full well the place would be empty for the usual deal so they are desperately trying to fill the place by any means. Embarrassing state of affairs but indicative of the general apathy surrounding the place just now.

Hospitality is always dead for midweek games. Least this is a bit different from the curry night.

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The people who were at Hospitality for the postponed game will be there again for this game.

Anyway back to the pricing for this....

Non ST holder... £30 + VAT = £36.Take £20 entry fee for the game off and non ST holders are paying £16 for Hospitality.

ST holder.....£20 + VAT = £24.

The problem arises because the ST holder has paid in advance for his match entry so he/she is paying £24 for Hospitality.

I phoned the Commercial Dept who seemed a bit surprised when I pointed this out.They told me it was to late to change things now but if I wanted to book I could have a discount.

I politely declined.

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I know it's not quite comparing like for like, but Man U v Arsenal last month was £500+VAT for corp hospitality with the second best seats; and West Ham v Spurs was £350+VAT for corp hospitality in the second best seats.

For the latter, with it being midweek, had 90 mins of hospitality before the game and an hour after. Food okay, but not brilliant. Included drinks were bottles of Heineken and Casillero del Diablo - the latter not bad, but can get for £6 a bottle in supermarkets.

The point being that of the £420 for that ticket you probably got about £40 worth of food and drink, a bit of chat from Phil Parkes... and a good seat.

The Man U game was almost £200 more, and the food and wine were a bit better, but not that much.

So a big part of what you're paying for in corp hospitality is the seat.

If this 'deal' gives you £10 worth of food, but the best seats, then I don't think it's ridiculously unfair charging £6 for those seats.

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For a change the Morton support are hoping for a St Mirren win on Tuesday night.

Things could be very interesting in the race for 4th place if Raith were to lose to both St Mirren and Morton this week... with their next game being against Rangers.

The only thing less important on here than the opinions of Stuart Dickson, the opinions of a Morton fan.

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The form is good under Rae. I'm sure I read the other day if the league started on the day he was appointed we'd be joint second or something. Meaningless stat granted, but a sign of how good a job he has done. Sadly Murray did so much damage in his time here that it's too late in terms of a playoff charge, but it bodes well for next season.

The turn around in fortunes in Paisley especially has been remarkable. Before he arrived we hadn't had one win at home all season in the league. In our last 5 games in Renfrewshire we have 4 wins and a draw.

I don't think we will lose this evening, it's certainly a bonus that Hardie is out for Raith, he pretty much beat us himself in Kirkcaldy. I think we will edge it 2-1, we do love a narrow one goal margin win.

The charge for 5th place is on!

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