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Three matches today, straightforward results for me....................

The Swiss, The Danes and Belgium all to win.

That's based on Wales being inconsistent, although they did beat the Czechs recently, and the Swiss are scoring a decent amount of goals.

After watching Denmark recently they were really impressive, the Fins haven't managed a win in any of their last six, drawing 2.

Belgium, well they are a well oiled machine and have class all over the park. 


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@Cookie Monster was close, a 2-0 prediction for the Italians looked good for 13 minutes.

My 3-1 never really looked like happening as Turkey were pinned back for the majority of the match.

Today the Monster goes for Wales 2-1 Switzerland, Denmark 0-1 Finland :blink: and Belgium 2-0 Russia.

I'm almost the opposite with...............

Wales 0-1 Switzerland

Denmark 3-0 Finland

Belgium 3-0 Russia

C'mon faraway. :thumbs2

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Just now, StanleySaint said:

Robbie Savage just talking for the sake of it! No great insight.

Quite common with co-commentators, last night was the same, whoever he was.

Money wasted.

Oh, the main commentator just said "cagey" game again...........................seems they almost have a script. 

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