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Sin Bin Betting Thread

faraway saint

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1 minute ago, faraway saint said:

A 2nd half goal rush is on the cards.............................just heard it from a mate who's at the game, hang in there. :rolleyes:

Cheers for that bit of inside information FS. Probably a good time for me to double up on my original bet, eh ??? !!!

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Live football on TV tonight, so an opportunity for a wee speculative bet.
I'm so shite at footy betting I wouldn't recommend anyone to follow my tips but, nevertheless, here we go .....
Arbroath v Killie, 6 (or more) goals in the match AND 7 (or more) corners.
If successful it pays more than 10-1, but based on my football betting history, it would be money pissed down the drain. 

Doesn't look good for you.

That bassa Faraway jinxed it.

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7 minutes ago, faraway saint said:

Unlucky mate, knocking at the door, keep plugging away, due a wee bit of luck.

Me, on the other hand.......................utter pish today.


Fine lines. Fulham looked a definite. 

I very nearly accepted the £200 odd cash out offer. 

Ah well. 

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