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The Sin Bin Eurovision Song Contest Thread

faraway saint

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6 hours ago, proudtobeabuddy said:

Whereas you're on top form... lover of shit music:rolleyes:

If you think it's only about the music you've badly misjudged the competition.

It's become, mostly through the "shit" music, quite bizarre outfits and performances, a massively popular event.

An annual opportunity for a country to stage a massive event where people get together, and millions watch and join in with the fun.

It's not, musically, a serious event but it's seriously popular.

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On 12/05/2018 at 8:46 AM, faraway saint said:

Just done some research, my cash is on Israel. :rolleyes:

FFS, I got lucky.

Only bet on Israel after seeing the girl getting interviewed, heard about 10 seconds of the song. :lol:

Watched some of the show last night, German song, to me, was a very good song, miles better than Israel.

Them's the breaks. :clapping

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