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Catalan Buddies

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The park has a river on one side and on the other side behind the pavilion is the channel diverted from the river to take water to the mill. They told us that they hadn't had a postponement for years. Given their hospitality when we were there I'll be donating towards repairs.

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1 hour ago, KennyS said:

Thanks for sharing this BurghBud

An update on where we’re at at the moment WRT fundraising

- Donations via JustGiving are sitting at £750. The page will remain open until the 15th November as this is the shortest period that JG allows

- When it expires it will take another 5-6 days to get the funds transferred from JG to my own account. I will then make an international transfer to CD Borgonyà (I’ve  already been in discussions with them re their bank details)

- I have sent an email to the SLO’s (Tuesday) requesting permission to have a bucket collection before Saturday’s game against Killie. They have a meeting with GLS tomorrow (Thursday) and hopefully we’ll get a positive response. Any funds collected would be added to to the received JG total, therefore avoiding their commission, prior to the international transfer.

- In addition to the above I have also asked the SLO to ask the  club if they would possibly support the appeal by putting up some Hospitality / Signed Jerseys as prizes.

- I’m currently still in Girona until Friday afternoon so any offers of assistance would be appreciated (assuming we get the go ahead). 

- SMISA have advised that any assistance via the £2 pot would not be possible as it sits outside the criteria. I have no problem with this. SMISA have also advised that they will discuss alternatives at their next meeting

If anyone has any other ideas for fundraising then please get in touch. 

Thanks to all who have donated so far. Hopefully we can push through the initial limit



As I’ve said before , if the club gives the go ahead , I’ll happily shake a bucket !  

I think this a great opportunity for the club and Paisley as a town to help out a worthy cause .

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Sitting at £780 now. Would be a good idea for as many as possible to share the link on their FB pages , twitter etc .



takes two minutes to cut n paste and help out “fellow buds  amigos “ 

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Some before and after photos and an article.


If one had to choose the most charismatic and beautiful field in the Osona region, football fans from this territory probably would not take long to agree: the Borgonyà. Known popularly as "the field of the English", since 1895, this industrial colony enjoys a small piece of Scotland by the River Ter in the form of a football field. The arrival, at the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, of workers from Paisley, near Glasgow, to work at the factory that the company Coats installed at this point in the territory, caused it to be Develop a population center with all the features of British architecture. There was also a playground and the club chose the colors of the team of origin of the majority of the workers arrived from Paisley: the black and white of the Saint Mirren. Beyond the romanticism and beauty of the rectangle of play, in this field, in 1895, the second game of the entire State was played between football teams of various populations. The first, played in the Catalan capital a few days earlier, also faced the Torelló Association - formed by Scottish natives who worked in Borgonya - against the Barcelona Football Society. This was explained in the edition of L'Esportiu on January 31, 2014 by Professor Xavier Arranz Albó.

Water has no lord

The situation close to the river and at the height of the game and the spectacular rise of the Ter last Monday at dawn due to the storm that led to Hurricane Leslie caused the lawn, the goal and all its surroundings and the material that was in the field was destroyed: "The water dropped with great force. The first estimate shows that the structure of the main building has not been affected but we have had a lot of material losses and there will be a lot of work to recover the initial state of the land, "explains Joan Sadurní, president of the Borgonya, who remembers That at least twice more - in 1940 and in 1982 - Ter's water had already damaged the facilities. "It has always been possible to recover and we also hope to do it this time. The Borgonyà field is a jewel of soccer and has a lot of history. One of the advantages is that here the pitch of the football field grows solely by the humidity that the same river provides. From next Monday we will all get together. We await the support of the Sant Vicenç de Torelló Town Hall -localidad to which the nucleus of Borgonyà belongs and that it has already transferred and will transfer its municipal football ground so that the white-and-black team can continue to compete- and we are preparing a brigade to start cleaning. "

Agermanated for some time with the Saint Mirren, club of the first Scottish division, the links with the Paisley club have been strengthened in recent years, with the exchange of amateur visits and local authorities included. The misfortune has also mobilized fans of the Saints and one of them, Kevin Steele, after having seen the last duel of Borgonya home last Saturday, has launched an internet campaign to collect money, help rebuild the Field and the grass grows again and the ball rolls soon

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This evening’s update

- We burst through the £1,000 initial target this morning and I have set the next target at £1,877. The fund currently sits at £1,140

- Interest in the appeal is growing, both in Catalonia and in Scotland. The story is being carried in 8-10 local and national online news outlets in Spain (all complimentary and recognising of the contribution that St Mirren fans are making) and there’s more going out over the next few days. 

- Bucket Collection. I’m still awaiting confirmation, or otherwise, from the club following the meeting today. I’m not home until late tomorrow afternoon so there’s not much I can do although it would be good to  know so that bodies can be gathered and publicity can go out 

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