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St Mirren V Livingston 20th Nov


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Three CH's, two defenders as wing backs, and two non-creative midfielders.
Defensive you say?
There's the problem.
I think that can work if the non creative mids can place a pass. It also can work if wing backs can take a man on with the ball at feet and your attacking players can also take a man on with the ball at feet. Otherwise the issue ends up being long balls hoping that the attacking players can get to it.

For the formation of the 3-4-2-1 to work you need:

3 CBs that are strong and have a bit of pace.

1 CDM who is there to cut the passing and do the digging.

1 Box to Box mid who can work hard.

Need wing backs with a lot of stamina who can play both ends of the park AND take a man on with ball at feet rather than looking for someone to off load it to, then make the run off the ball ALL the time.

The 2 more attacking mids need to be able to control the ball well, take a man on.

You then need a striker with a bit of everything; got pace to burn, strong enough to hold his own to hold the ball up for the 2 attacking mids to link up and run through, able to creat goals from nothing and eye for goal.

The problem is (and this is where I agree with you) with our budget we can only get players who maybe could do 1 element of what we need them to do in that system, which makes it frustrating at times.
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I totally agree with your last point on budgets, etc as I'm sure we are not the only spl team in same predicament and I would say this is why you get quite a lot of players moving team to team in same league with receiving managers hoping to unlock that extra bit of potential that others couldn't.

Would be interesting to know what our actual budget is or break even figure is attendance wise. I know down here years ago pre covid carlisle we running at a break even gate of 5.5k, due to the downturn of club fortunes they were running at a loss at 4-4.5k subsequently lower now and standard of player, lg position speak volumes.


I watched the Robbie Savage programme about making Macclesfield last week which was a bit like the Salford City class of 92 stuff. It was interesting the wages they were having to offer to get players at low non league level and the budget for the entire season which was 150k, at that level that's a staggering amount.

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22 hours ago, santaponsasaint said:

Absolutely honking performance. At half time the club should have sent people round to give the punters half their money back. Never improved much in the 2nd. We are dire at home. One win at home in the league against 10 men. If either team had won the game 1.0 it would have been a smash n grab cos both were equally as bad as each other. Only good thing was the goals. 2 good strikes to be fair. Not even gonna the ref cos they are piss poor every week. How he missed the pen at the end god only knows.

Agree with this summation. Home form is dreadful, we are going to be in trouble if this continues. 

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17 hours ago, lenziebud said:

Thought Steven McLean was exellant today. Maybe a bit of debate about wether a pen or not in last minute but other than he was decent.

Scottish refs are no different to any others. Every referee would welcome Var, its a no brainer

Not sure given the bigot bias that's rife up here. It would stop them from giving the obligatory penalty when required.

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We threw away 2 points yesterday through bad game management. Against Livi it is usually 1st goal is the winner. We scored first and should have shut up shop and seen the game out.

In the second half the wing backs were effectively playing wingers. Looking for a win Jim kept them up top hugging the touchline stretching the Livi defence. Brophy was still struggling on his own as Livi dropped their wing backs to a back 5. 61 minutes Dennis came on to help. 7 mins later we score.

At that point we should have brought the wing backs in a bit and played as wing backs and not wingers and pull one of the strikers deeper. And when Brophy went off why bring on another striker to keep 2 up top? There were plenty of midfield options available to fill the middle of the park but we had 4 men playing across the front when we were 1 up and left huge gaps behind which Livi exploited. Better management may have been boring but it would have got us 3 points.

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