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  1. The amount of team's with a handfull of fans coming to our ground is embarrassing. We have always had a good home and away support. Good time's and through difficult time.what's the deal with their local football fans are they all Brain washed old firm followers.
  2. Great player.still say we would have won the irn bru cup if he wasn't cup tied.he adds a different dimension to the way the team play's. Hope we can get him.
  3. Macalister and mallan
  4. He's the best free kick taker and playmaker I've seen at the club since Charly Adams. Well done Steve. All the best
  5. £300 for a midfielder like mallan is a joke surely we could ask for more as we are not desperate to sell him.
  6. Bad start to the season for us so slate cleaned.looking forward to another season of dominance over the Morton.
  7. Turned over to sky sports news last night to check the scores.loads of clubs released player's flashing up constantly. Plenty of quality players out of contract..
  8. A mini cup like the big boys have.Chelsea. galatasary. milan.real Munich. ST MIRREN. All played at the 2021.(if only carlesberg did preseason cups)
  9. Wonder if we can sign any young Belgian players as it seems they are the new breed of future stars.
  10. The Guy's a breathe of fresh air.just read the article their very encouraging. Don't think the old board would have sacked rae never mind overhaul the team in January. Its safe to say the clubs moving in the right direction. And what was the beef with the old board not wanting to sell to GS sooner.
  11. There's a good chance we can sign all 4 they are all out of contract at the same club. Norfolk enchants.FC
  12. Maybe but it will keep the right cheap skates away.
  13. Best investing the money in the team by putting up wages to fend off potential buyers.I think like many if we hold in to key players and bring in a few more then we stand a good chance of promotion next season
  14. In any of these cases do we have any academy players ready to fit into the first team.I haven't seen any under 20s games to the fact we have been battling relegation I can see how jack hasn't been trying any youngster's out .apart from O'Keefe coming on in the cup final.
  15. I see Celtic are ready to receive in the region of £5m for Virgil van dykes transfer to Chelsea.£18 million all shows that if we move young talent on with the right incentives. the benefits can be huge.