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  1. Speculation Thread

    With the surge in season tickets and the amount of club official merchandise flying out the door on Sunday. Plus the demand for football kits.I think it's safe to say there will be funds available if needed.plus everyone is back doing pre season so theres a good chance of getting a very good player near the end of the transfer window who doesn't fit into their clubs plans.
  2. Open Day

    A successful day even the weather didn't hamper it to much plus the club shop was mobbed. they had a selection of football kits in stock. So all in all a successful and enjoyable day for the club and the PR department.
  3. Kyle Magennis

    The thing that was worrying for me wasn't the hard challenges put into our player's but the lack of hard tackles back.let's face it most teams in our league do it so if we are to progress in the championship this season some times we will need to roll up our sleeves and give as good as we get.
  4. Orange Walk in Alloa This Saturday

    Why why why are these marches still aloud to happen in this day and age.they close roads off.cause social unrest not to mention resource from the police and ambulance services. Grown men dressed like the flying monkey's from the wizard of oz playing instrument's. Come on Scotland its ridiculous there should be a ban on all kinds of religious Marches.
  5. Alex rae (managerial Oracle)

    Had to lagh not just at rangers leaving Europe to a junior team. but the guy who is on TV and in the media giving advice on how Pedro should manage rangers. You know how he was such a successful manager with an abundance of managerial knowledge.
  6. Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    In jack I trust.so if we don't see Samson much this season then you know why.he dropped langfield and Galagher for O'Brien and if either keeper makes to many error's.well they just need to look back to last season.
  7. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    Hope that the issues with the new kit are resolved and there is a shop full of unfaulted goods ready for purchase in time for the open day.
  8. Lost Our Spine - Worrying Sign??

    Jack Ross knowns what he is doing have faith.
  9. Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    I would have liked to have scene Stewart in goal from the start we know all about Samson.I also think we were unlucky not to have taken some of the chances that we could have tucked away also thought we should be playing the ball to feet for the strikers as we didn't and don't have enough height in the box.maybe that's the way we will play this year if hilson and Reilly are the main strikers.thought the boy's who came up from the 23s gave a good account of them selves.a few friendlies and cup games coming up before the league Start's....optimistic
  10. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    I hope wee make 1000 as I met a few folk on Tuesday night that usually sit in the main stand.they had bought season ticket's for the west stand.let's sell they last couple of season ticket. It was good to get use of the extra toilet and food outlet on tuesday night it made a big difference.COYS
  11. Friendly - Dundee 4th July.

    Is there still players on trial and if so.who are they.I hear there's a Paisley boy McManus on trial from celtic.
  12. Season 17/18 St Mirren Kit

    The Mrs whent down on Friday but could only get my sons size all other sizes sold out.hope to get it on monday but hope to get it for going on holiday in 2 weeks time.to many old firm tops on show in Spain.plus I've never scene so many people walking around with Celtic tops on, in and around Glasgow (xscape,braehead,silverburn)let's stock the shop and drown them out with a sea of black and white.
  13. Speculation Thread

    Wonder if we have made enquiries about Joe dodo of rangers he could do a job for us.
  14. Project Brave

    Heard ex Celtic head of youth coach liam Buchanan on the radio a few month's ago talking about how 10 youth players only got a game was so Aiden mageedy .could develope.
  15. Kenny McLean

    I was stunned to see rangers have put in a £300k bid for Kenny. Unless Gilmore and co have taken over directorship at Aberdeen there's no way he's going for that.