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  1. The what am i eating or drinking? thread

    Just had a cup of tea, milk...one sugar.
  2. The what am i eating or drinking? thread

    Can of Irn Bru.
  3. End This Farce

    You and i know that's not true. The guy won't be taking the decision lightly if he leaves but if you can get 5/6 times what you're currently getting elsewhere then of course you're going to talk to other teams, that's life i'm afraid.
  4. Sin Bin Football Thread

    Well done Livvy, best team won. The downside is that Firhill is a far better away day than Livvy...oh well.
  5. The starting a thread ....eh ...thread

    Still the best thread.
  6. End This Farce

    We still have a manager...
  7. We're not being nice it's almost certainly written into his contract. There was never going to be a good time for this to happen but i'd rather it was now than halfway through the season.
  8. The Sin Bin World Cup Thread

    Yep like the "starting a thread" thread...
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  10. I'm Listening To....

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