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  1. MON THE BUDDIES!!!! Just heading out for pre match lemonades....Let's do this!!!
  2. We beat them comfortably down in Ayr, we'll do it again.
  3. Obviously the Irn Bru cup first...
  4. Ayr next in the league bring it on!
  5. Yes hibs just scored!
  6. Mon the Pars!
  7. Ooh Matron
  8. I'd offer him a new contract I'm sure he'd sign it because we are staying up that's for sure.
  9. I fully expect us to be 8th after the Ayr and Dumbarton games. Then we can go down to Greenock and beat the unwashed[emoji23]
  10. or 8th...7th...etc... who knows what will happen, every team is beatable, including us. We might win all our remaining games... ok maybe not but one game at a time and all that.
  11. 3 points would have been great yesterday but a point was about right for both teams. We are a point closer to Ayr and that might be the point that sees us finish above them, who knows? The players will just have to concentrate on doing their best to beat Dundee Utd on Wednesday, if that happens we could be above Ayr this time next week.
  12. St Mirren will win this we're on the up. Wednesday was a blip.
  13. Danny Lennon will always be remembered fondly for giving us another national cup but my memory isn't that bad we were pretty woeful a lot of the time under Danny... Who knew what calamitous decisions the old BOD were about to make. It's pretty irrelevant now, it's all history and it's what's happening now that matters.
  14. Too much being read into getting beat away from home, albeit by a team we hoped to beat. The next 2 games will tell us a lot more about our survival bid.
  15. Win on saturday then we're back where we were tonight and a nice wee Ayr defeat against Falkirk would be most acceptable.