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  1. QoS Game

    [emoji16] I happened to be on my phone and got a notification... As for running as fast... I wish [emoji125][emoji125][emoji125]
  2. Anyone who thinks that is clearly on the wind up.
  3. Fantastic result ....onwards and upwards!!
  4. Nothing wrong with a bit of passion... i hope we appeal!
  5. Bring on Utd next week! No reason we can't beat them.
  6. This ref sounds like an absolute clown.
  7. This is what we're all about this season! Not last week!
  8. 2 weeks in a row!! Please no collapse this week!
  9. QoS Game

    I for one am delighted that it's been moved to 4:10 on the Sunday for purely selfish reasons I'm doing the Inverness Marathon that day and will be finished and have a in front of me. Hopefully i can find a fine Inverness establishment showing the game.
  10. At the risk of making us sounding like a diddy team..... If we were in the top league i would like us to have an Under20s team in this cup so we should aspire to that.
  11. Love Street. Now & Then

    Better to live in the present. Love St leaves us with great memories but that's all they are.... When we produce a winning team (hopefully this season) then the atmosphere will be just as good as Love St was.
  12. That'll do [emoji460]️[emoji460]️[emoji460]️[emoji460]️