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  1. As long as we can win this game i'd argue that Dumbarton have the hardest games of all the teams down there, 2 teams trying to finish 2nd. If we beat Raith we then play a Hibs who have nothing to play for.
  2. Oh great now it's not meaningless
  3. I think if we do our part by winning both games we'll finish 8th. The biggie is next week if we win that and Hibs keep trying for a couple more games against Raith and Ayr then Hibs can gladly chuck it against us in a fortnight (a few ex saints in the Hibs team )
  4. If Hibs beat Raith midweek it will be in our hands again next week. It's simple we need to win twice or we don't deserve to finish outside the play offs.
  5. Please a wee winner!!!!
  6. Jobsworth twats....A draw is the best we can hope for i think.
  7. I said all along win today and next week and we'll be safe. We need to win today and if someone else drops points then that's a bonus.
  8. Got my tickets, can't make Dundee tomorrow. Would love this to be a meaningless game because we're safe.To do that we need a win tomorrow...
  9. Depends if they stay in the cup...If they get to the final then that's the carrot that Lennon will dangle.
  10. Yep ex player and manager and would get the respect of their fans. He'd jump at it if offered i think.
  11. As quite a few have already said i don't think him and Levein see eye to eye so hopefully that's a non starter. Hearts have a great manager right now so no need
  12. That would also be pleasing as he's done great with Morton.
  13. That would really suit us if they lost their manager. They'll have to move quick being in the position they are right now.
  14. True but i don't think Dundee will go for Jack as others have said. They'll be looking for experience to get them out a relegation dogfight. Nevertheless i think we should get Jack signed up for the long haul anyway.