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  1. And who can blame him?
  2. Not bothered about odds, not a betting man, but i think we'll win the league with a wee bit of luck on our side.
  3. I'm liking the pace that's been added to our team, that's been lacking in previous seasons. If he can rediscover his QOS form then he'll be a good player for us.
  4. He might turn out to be a top coach. Good team being built on and off the park.
  5. I agree, patience is a virtue, something wee Nicola would do well to take on board. I think we'll probably go back to 40+ seats in the next election as long as the party listen to what the ordinary people want.
  6. I have no wish to debate with anyone on here because i see it as a pointless exercise. I'm an SNP member and i will always vote SNP. I will offer my opinion that as a party we must learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. This is perhaps the kick up the arse the party needed after trouncing everyone in sight last time round. We need to get out there and find out what the people are thinking and take that on board. The call for an Indyref2 so soon after the previous one was ill advised and it was not the right time....The time will come when it is on the cards again and that's when it should be put to the people. I also think this car crash of a coalition will actually give them plenty of ammunition if they need any to gain many of the lost voters back.
  7. Happy with this signing, squad is looking strong for next season.
  8. Hopefully in a few seasons we'll be back above the likes of Dundee, i've never thought of them as a "big" team.
  9. Shull would start a new thread [emoji106]
  10. That would be hilarious
  11. Sweet talker
  12. The sin bin was a good laugh. I never wanted rid of anyone it's only a football forum. I enjoy the forum for what it is.... even Faraway Saint's posts [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Thanks Dundee!
  14. The longer this fiasco goes on the more i think he's going to leave... i'll not say anything for or against Jack until we find out what he's going to do.
  15. You should start another thread though... you must be getting withdrawal symptoms [emoji16]