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  1. Dundee keeper Scott Bain was easily the best player on the park. Thought we looked ok. A big striker needed as too many wee guys up front. We will be up at the top end of the table this season.
  2. Im in that camp John. Normally avoid friendlies but going tonight. Hope it dries up a bit.....
  3. New strip is too fussy and over designed. When it comes to football kit like a lot of things in life, less is more.
  4. Should make it free entry for all. Anyone who wants to go can get in for nothing.
  5. Haw mister, gonae gie us lift over intae the 'open day'......
  6. Stellos = Legend. Whether he stays or goes.........
  7. Delighted he is back. Got him in as goalie to the Off the Ball Bible team of the week as Craig Samson (and Delilah) Mon the Gingers!
  8. Good grief never read so much paranoia on here. In the words of the famous St Mirren song 'Que sara sara......
  9. Is he not a bit wee? (joking) Great news.
  10. Agree with the keep the North Bank for home supporters only sentiment. Have the board heard of the phrase 'false economy' where it may save a few pounds per match, but pee off a lot of regular fans?
  11. Unlucky Falkirk, never mind....
  12. Bye bye Raith, wont be missed.
  13. Bloody brilliant Div, very well done mate.
  14. Saints 0 QOS (FFS) 3, ouch! Today.