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  1. Absolutely diabolical decision today for their first goal. We were on top at that point and playing assured football then the heads went down after the melee that followed their goal. But we clawed our way back into it and got a great equaliser. Thought we were on top in the second half but a stupid mistake gave them the lead again and we had so many chances to clear the ball just before they scored the last minute winner. Demoralising for the fans but hopefully not the players as they have proved that they are as good as any team in this League. Surely we cannot get as crap a referee in our last two games?
  2. Morgan to come in. Stelios to come in. Smith to replace Sutton. Attack, attack, attack.
  3. McGinn as POTY and I was going to go for his goal last week but the team have been so good I thought it would be better to spread the awards around. So my Goal of the season vote went to Mallan v the unwashed in part due to its great significance at the time as they had managed to work their way into a game when them seemed dead and buried and what a fab night that was in a wet Greenock. And it was a great strike out of nowhere.
  4. Cast your votes guys .....
  5. If the season had started 10 games ago we would be top of the League by 5 clear points (21) over Falkirk (16) by winning 6 of those games, drawing 3 and losing 1. Over those games we have beaten Hibs, Dundee Utd, Morton and drawn with Falkirk away who have the second best form record. Dundee Utd would be bottom of the League with 9 points. While Tannadice has been traditionally a difficult fixture we should not fear them - they should be fearing us! And we'll have Morgan and Stelios added to our armoury. They do have an excellent Home record this season. But so had Morton! Let's do this
  6. Morgan is too good for Bristol and I doubt they have the £1M downpayment to splash out
  7. From OS today ... Lewis Morgan says he believed he could get back in action before the season's end, but is surprised at how quickly he has managed to make his return. The winger made his comeback as a substitute in Saturday's 2-2 draw with Falkirk - just two weeks after ligament damage and bone bruising in the win over Ayr United looked to have ended his season. 20 year-old Morgan came on at the Falkirk Stadium in the 81st minute to rapturous applause from the away end and he confessed he's happy to return to the fold for the remaining three matches of the season. Speaking to after Saturday's draw, Morgan said: "I was a bit down-heartened when I heard that was my season over. But I was always positive and I knew I could get myself back and I'm just delighted to be back now. I'm not sure how I've managed to do it so quickly but I feel good so hopefully that's all behind me. "It's a wee bit surreal considering where I was two weeks ago to where I am now, but that's where you want to be. Especially after the derby win during the week, it just makes you want to get off the sidelines and play your part in the run-in. "You don't want to be the sidelines and out of the picture. You want to be back as soon as you can so I'm just happy to be back." Saints led Falkirk twice on Saturday before picking up what could be a precious point in the Buddies bid for survival. The winger admits they were pleased with a point coming off the back of the 4-1 win over Morton last Tuesday. It's one of the hardest places to come - they are second in the league for a reason. If you had looked at the fixtures at the start of the week, four points from six is a good return. The way the game has panned out we've given away two goals from set pieces which isn't ideal. We know that's something we'll look at this week and try to eradicate. On the whole, four points from six is a very good return. "We've three huge games coming up for the club starting with Dundee United this weekend. We know going in into all three games that we are going to try and win every one. There's a great confidence in the team now. We are resilient, we are very hard to beat and playing really good football so we'll be going into those games with all the confidence in the world and hopefully we can do a job. Stevie Mallan's second half strike in the derby win over Morton last week saw the midfielder hit his ninth goal of the season, putting him level with Morgan. "He keeps going on about it," Morgan joked. "He's saying that's him equalled me, but at least I can argue that I have done it in less games! It's a good hit from Stevie, he's got that in his locker. He's a goalscoring midfielder, you could see that last season. "Without speaking for him, we probably both should've had a few more over the course of the season. I'll definitely be trying to get more than him before the end of the season anyway."
  8. Losing Jack? Not to a wee club like Dundee, no. Latest betting. Notice who's name is not on it?
  9. The defender behind Billy (can't recollect whether is was Baird or McKenzie) hesitated a wee bit allowing the ball to be cut back. It should just have been hoofed out of play. Maybe Billy should have attacked the ball more but he wasn't the only one that contributed to the loss of the first gaol.
  10. We get beat but are entertained. But Stelios is not the liability he seems to being made out to be. Eck is slow and steady. Stelios is exciting and attacks. A couple of times yesterday Eck went forward and even though there was space in front of him he launched it to the far post hoping to find Sutton. Stelios would have bombed into the space and had a shot. That is my preferred option.
  11. If we can score 6 to their 2 or 4 to their 1 then that will do me
  12. Why new mods? What are the outrages that are upsetting you?
  13. Stelios played a blinder against Hibs, scored 2 goals and was subsequently dropped. Played great again against Morton scoring 1 and nearly scoring 2. If he had been dropped against Falkirk it would have told him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't favoured at the Club. You cannot have a guy play great then dropped the next game. Especially when Eck was out due to his own stupidity. We must be the fastest team in the Championship just now. Stelios loves attacking and is part of that onslaught. Play him as he is an entertainer as well as a decent footballer.
  14. Maybe so but Jack Ross must go!