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  1. Read that. What a shame
  2. Aye. He's not fit yet and has to do pre-Season as well so will be sept before we see him in a game.
  3. I was told on Tuesday night IOBS that Davis was signing from a trusted source who would know. Today I was told by someone whom I do not know very well that it cannot happen until 1st August. So I cannot confirm but expect him to sign.
  4. Enjoy your new life Connor. Good applause from everyone in the stadium today. The highlight of the afternoon.
  5. Painful. Started with a 4-1-4-1 formation. However McShane and Kirkpatrick did not know if they were supporting the single forward or helping the midfield so decided to just hang about and see what was happening. McGinn was totally overrun in midfield as he had zero support. Poor Whyte was torn to bits but considering we do not have another full-back there wasn't too much we could have done about that before the game started and his confidence would have been shot if he was taken off in the first half. Change of formation and personnel did little to change things in the second half but by that time we were 4-0 down and the heads were even further down. A couple of particular disappointments today - First: players looking for a place in the team did not seem to realise this was their big chance - Kirkpatrick looked very uninterested and I doubt he broke sweat. McShane was shocking as well but improved marginally in the second half. and Second: players that we know that are good did not perform for some reason - Morgan and Smith in particular - why is that happening? Although not a great game McGinn was the only one with dig and looking like he gave a damn. Too many seemed to have a poor mental attitude to today's game. I console myself that we should have Eckersley and Davis playing when the League gets under way. Magennis should be back and I believe at least one new striker is being talked to at the moment. But the rest do need an attitude upgrade asap.
  6. Heard today there is some red tape and he cannot sign before 1st Aug.
  7. Hope O'Keefe gets a decent amount of time today to impress. Would even consider starting him.
  8. Sorry to see you have joined the sweary mob in the Main Stand ES. Best of luck over there
  9. Hopefully that is the last time. I am in W3 and we could all hear her plainly enough. Thought everyone in the stadium could hear her. Believe there are a couple of spare seats near the drummer that she could use.
  10. Stranraer only had 9 players last night when 2 were sent off including their keeper so I do not think we can read anything into that game.
  11. I thought we looked ok first half but dire in the second. Crouch needs some gym work (a lot of gym work). Need a greater presence up front but was impressed with O'Keefe at Stranraer and again tonight. Would start him on Saturday. Davis is signing tomorrow.
  12. Don't get all defensive. This is not a witchhunt. Of the people I saw on Saturday getting off the train many were drinkers from the Bankhouse. A quiet word may be all that is necessary to any groups that can be identified. That is one group I could identify. Maybe you have others?
  13. Because if the SLO/Club is trying to find out who to chat about the situation with at least some of them drink in there, that's why.
  14. I believe we have two SLOs. Good shout Hendo. The SLO can find them in the Bankhouse. While enthusiasm should be encouraged so must responsibility. It is simply unacceptable to shout, swear or intimidate people going about their normal business. It is an embarrassment to St Mirren. End of. And yes I was young and went to away games on public transport mainly, but I had been brought up to respect others. Singing on a supporters bus is ok but not in a non-football situation like a scheduled train.