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  1. Massimo Donati

    Hill has never started a first team League game in his life. The guy seems to be well thought of but has absolutely no first team experience. At this stage of the season I would only be playing Hill if the shit hits the fan and we need backup or are desperate.
  2. Massimo Donati

    Official .... https://www.stmirren.com/
  3. Massimo Donati

    Agree with bringing back McShane. I don't reckon he did anything wrong to be dropped. Magennis is a fighter in the middle of the park but possibly stays up the park too long to support the forwards leaving us a wee bit more exposed in midfield. And so far Flynn hasn't done any more than Magennis is doing to warrant an automatic pick. We had a starting 11 that was winning week in and week out. I'd stick to that until there are injuries, suspension or a loss of form And I know that everyone had a loss of form last Saturday. Let Flynn, Hippolyte and Mullen earn their place in the team. Hopefully they can all get game time when we are in a commanding lead in a game.
  4. Massimo Donati

    Excellent cover for the run-in. Has played 10 games in the Premiership this season and is vastly experienced playing at very high levels of football (Champions League, 13 years in Serie A) . I remember his debut for Accies against us where Accies thrashed us almost single-handed that day with Donati playing a blinder. He was contracted to Accies until 2019 so they obviously thought he was fit enough.
  5. Massimo Donati

    Good cover for the run-in if true.
  6. Wake up call

    So the team at the top was beaten away from home by the second top team and its a ‘wake up call’? Give me strength.
  7. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Shit happens. Did anyon really think we would win every game until the end of the season? Still on course for glory.
  8. Best of luck with your new appointment and hopefully you get away from the bottom starting next week. Wee Stevie may be the guy to get you there.
  9. Don't forget that Jack is in competition with Cameron Toshack who has some good credentials for the Barnsley job. He guided the Swansea U23s to a League title over Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U etc. He knows the English game and has coached young players with great success. He also has international coaching experience with Wales and Macedonia. He has no management experience however.
  10. Eh? Where did I say that? It is pointless entering any debate with you as you make-up and twist the reality of the situation to suit your unknown anti-Jack Ross stand. Why can you not acknowledge what a fantastic job Jack done last season and learn from your past mistakes? I'm out.
  11. Aye. Our own, far younger, players of Magennis, Morgan, McAllister and Mallan all started to improve under Ross by being given belief and game time. The loanees did not look like they gave a f**k.
  12. The last time I looked Livi were below us in this League. Ayr are in a League below us with Shankland having been binned by another Championship team and Walsh and Hutton are in a team below us that will be in a relegation play-off. (Carswell had already left in the summer having been dumped by Rae.) As I said - none of these players went on to greater things. Maybe getting kicked out by us bucked up a few ideas but it hasn't made them playing at a higher level. In fact two that you mentioned are now part-time. I do not think it is me that is being selective LPM.
  13. That certainly was not my perception of the situation. Jack started to change things from day 1. Some seemed to think that he would take over and that the so-called 'new manager bounce' would somehow lift a team that had a totally unbalanced squad, poor attitude from loads of players, and absolutely no tactics except a long punt up to Sutton. For the first few games Jack gave everyone a chance to show what they could do (he even recalled Ben Gordon to see if he could be an improvement in what we had) and tried to actually play a formation. He quickly realised that some were not good enough or up for the fight eg Hutton, Hardie, Walsh, Shankland and binned them. Certainly Hutton and Walsh never played for Jack after the Morton game on 1st Nov - only a couple of weeks after Jack took over. And Hardie and Shankland only made an odd appearance from the bench as there was little else and until he could punt them completely in January. After 6 straight defeats (just following on from Rae's poor run), by the time of Jack's first League win on 6th Dec he had introduced Magennis to the team and had Morgan and McAllister playing regularly. And these 6 defeats were against Hibs, Dundee Utd, Falkirk, Morton, Dunfermline and our bogey team of Dumbarton - no easy games in that lot. We had not been winning but Jack dumped some of the rubbish, started playing a passing game and improved performances no end even if it took a few weeks to come together. But more importantly he had done two things - 1 was introduce skilful and hungry young players from our own ranks and not loanees and - 2 identify who had to go. Both actions that had great significance in keeping us up. Remember that he had little to work with in Oct but done a really good job with what he had in my opinion until he could really clear the decks in January. Of the 11 players he dumped only the two that were sold Naismith and McAllister are playing in a team in a higher position than we are now in. That was how bad it was.