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  1. Sadly no. Jason is only 23 and has played for Scotland U17, U18, U20 and U21. I am sure his last 18 months in the Premiership has helped his development. Would love to see him back as he would be a great addition but doubt it will happen. Would I take Jason over Liam Smith? - Yes. And he is also a Buddie.
  2. I do not need Yogi's advice. I watched Jason play for us for two years in the Premier League where he was our regular full back and hardly missed a game (2013-2015). He has played consistenlty for RC this season getting plaudits from many commentators. A great addition to the squad if he signed but he'll get better offers.
  3. Speculation Thread

    Not Eckersley. He was playing in North America but wanted to return to the UK for family reasons and we were lucky enough to sign him due to him knowing Jack Ross.
  4. On Sportsound last night Yogi was talking about unsung heroes from smaller clubs not being nominated for POTY. The example he gave was Naismith who has had an outstanding season for RC. I would happily welcome Jason back but think he will be moving South.
  5. Speculation Thread

    Paul was a first choice pick for Dundee for 2 seasons in the Premiership then he signed a 2 year deal for Chesterfield playing half their games in League One. He wanted back to Scotland so terminated his contract and came back to sign for PT where he did not start too often. But there is a decent player in there and I am sure Jack will bring it out in him.
  6. Falkirk v St Mirren

    St Mirren Commercial Manager, Campbell Kennedy is putting on a coach, possibly two, on Saturday for our trip to face Falkirk in the last game of the season. The hospitality suite and bar will be open from 11am with buses departing the stadium at 1:15pm. Breakfast rolls and hot pies will be served on the day. The cost is £7 per head and tickets are available to purchase at the main reception of the Paisley 2021 Stadium.
  7. I am categorically not saying we do not need to strengthen but I won't be using the games this season against Premier League clubs as a gauge of how we rate. Elsewhere I pointed out who played for us in two (PT & Dee) of those pre League season games of which the majority of those players did not play consistently or even inconsistently again this season. Many that did play in those two games are/would be binned even if we did not get promoted - Sutton, Ross Stewart *2, Kirkpatrick, Whyte, McPherson, Hilson, Buchanan, O'Keefe, Irvine, Todd, Trialist and maybe a couple more. We were well beaten by Aberdeen who had the same score against Hibs within a week so again not a great comparison of how we will fare.
  8. Speculation Thread

    Believe it or not there were a few Buddies who were not too impressed with signing Stephen. And look how that turned out
  9. I would guess that the 'Morton' fans that stayed to applaud were Buddies who couldn't get a ticket for any Home stand.
  10. Lewis Morgan 2018/19

    One player that will always be welcome back whatever the circumstances. Thanks Lewis for the last couple of years. Always a Buddie.
  11. Tunnel

    Totally agree Poz. I hoped SMiSA money could have be used but it appears there is no interest from the fans for this sort of thing which leaves us in a minority of 2.
  12. Tunnel

  13. Tunnel

    It would be great to have the same sort of murals around the stadium for the fans to enjoy - replacing the JD Sports murals for example. But unfortunately there is no source of income to do so.
  14. Cammy or El Capitano for POTY and Morgan for YPOTY. Magennis and Davis were excellent but only played for half the season so for me that rules them out of contention.
  15. New Striker