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  1. Interesting. Could be he's got wind of something else.
  2. Awww, shame. 89, not a bad innings. Thought he was good as James Bond, bringing humour and his own style. RIP sir, a true gentleman.
  3. Your reaction is understandable but the attached link, while aimed at children, provides a lot of good ways to look, discuss and deal with these issues. https://uk.yahoo.com/style/talk-children-terrorism-manchester-attack-090356325.html
  4. Channel 59 my slimy friend.
  5. Aye.
  6. Agreed. I've reported this newbie, not the sort needed for the forum.
  7. Again, the emergency services showed they are superb. Very quick response time, the number of ambulances & police that were on the scene very quickly shows the bravery of all involved as it's not uncommon for further devices to be detonated in these scenarios. Oh, also the people of Manchester have been superb. Looking after people, taxis giving free lifts to people and getting on with life this morning despite the horror that happened.
  8. You might care to explain your posts before showing, what came across as, a disturbing view. Maybe in your head, your first post made sense, not to me. Point scoring? I'll leave that to you.
  9. Sorry? Are you saying that innocent people should be "shown exactly" what a terrorist has done or are you assuming they were involved? Don't you think they already know what has happened? Don't you think they feel shame and hurt, more than Joe Public? FFS!
  10. You have to wonder what goes through the minds of these people to walk among innocent people, many children, looking into their eyes, their smiling faces and detonate a bomb. Such a tragedy for the people killed and injured and the families and friends, still trying to locate missing family members or friends. Also such a shame that racists jump onto this to spread their version of things. Just read a sickening post on Facebook, had to resist the urge to answer as their is no point. No easy answer I'm afraid, absolute cnuts exist in every walk of life, the authorities can only do their best. Sad, very very sad.
  11. That's me fecked then!
  12. Latest news indicating 19 dead, 55 injured. Fecking b'strds.
  13. Great first post, spoilsport.
  14. Squad named for the big England game. No St Mirren players, unbelievable Geoff.