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  1. Great thread. It's a generational thing. People stuck in the past don't get it. No worries.
  2. ^^^^^^^ Aye, it's amazing that you're 89 years old and can still drive a taxi...................you are 89, right? Your music collection is mostly dead people, that says lots.
  3. Flippin brilliant Mr Barry Gibb. I know almost all of the words. Faraway Bee Gee.
  4. Just watching the Bee Gee...............................love a Sunday afternoon slot. All the classic sing a long tunes.
  5. Aye, and in the right thread as well.
  6. Wow.
  7. Not strictly true as he's went from world ranking of 305 in 2014 to 66 last year. Not threatening to win any slams but on the way up. Maybe more drugs required?
  8. Utter apologist nonsense.
  9. ^^^^^^^^ Aye, everyone loves a drama queen. While there is a small number who focus on negative issues you are massively overstating this issue. There is also an equal amount of people who never criticise, and pour scorn on anyone who does as, and I repeat, when there is a valid reason. You only see things the one way. People have contacted the club and, to date, feck all has really changed, unless you see the "bring a pal" idea as a major concession. The "boards first season" is a lame excuse. They are in charge and, as such, are responsible for the decisions they make. Feck me, it's not rocket science. Yeah, they have made a mistake, I can live with that as we all do but, IMO, the bigger feck up is not realising it and making no moves to correct it.
  10. Radiohead headlined last night. Not my cup of vodka but plenty seemed to enjoy them. Katie Perry & Foo Fighters tonight, amongst others.
  11. Move to Lochwinnoch.
  12. It's Betty, she's burst.
  13. Britain's Dan Evans was found with traces of cocaine after a drugs test. Utter waste of space. He's been given umpteen chances over the years, letting everyone down with his attitude and lack of professionalism. Bin him, send out a message to others. Back to the tennis, some great matches this week even without the top seeds being in attendance for very long. Todays semi finals should be a good watch.
  14. This'll go down well with some.