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  1. Just shows you, god got that wrang.........on the other hand if he had said you.
  2. This is a cracking thread.
  3. Just wait till next Saturday.
  4. It's got new owners and there's nothing to show it's St Mirren friendly. Still showed the game but won't be my first "goto" in future. PS they didn't reply to my Facebook request, 6 days and counting.
  5. Good god.
  6. Yet you posted on this thread?
  7. But we're playing good.
  8. All or nothing I'm afraid. 1-1 and the end is almost in sight for wee Gordon.
  9. Aye, I've also never been shouting for JR to go, especially at the time this thread appeared but it's reasonable for the people who run the club to assess his overall performance at the end if the season. None of this "playing well" subjective shit, points on the board are all that matters in our position. Playing like Barcelona can come later.
  10. I would have given credit had we won yesterday but it doesn't change the fact United, on recent form, are very poor. We played pretty decent in the first half and, yes, should have been in front but we were woeful in the second half, as were United so, overall, both teams were poor. I agree a few months ago we would have accepted the play off place and I think that's the best we can hope for. As you say let's see what happens.
  11. We lost to a team that are in freefall, we have little or no chance of anything but a play off place, woo hop.
  12. I know you're dim but have a guess, I'll be in Tenerife. For the love of god.........
  13. St Mirren 1-2 Ayr, season over.
  14. Disappointed, they are average. We played decent in the first half, all over the place in the second half. Chance gone to keep the momentum going. Back to reality.
  15. Second half has been poor. United are shit and still look the better team.