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  1. Celtic 1-0 Rangers, good goal., 10 mins
  2. I doubt many in the St Mirren end, as it happened right in front of us, doubted it was a foul.
  3. I thought they would.
  4. Still an honest mistake surely? Bordering on cheating suggests a deliberate decision, think you're way off the mark there. Inept, poor, etc maybe.
  5. WHAT a rollercoaster.
  6. It's astounding the massive changes after one game. It'll change after this weeks Raith game no doubt.
  7. Aye, but it's easier to remember the bad ones.
  8. Two brilliant semi finals yesterday, 11 goals, wonder if today's games will match that?
  9. Eh?
  10. What's the latest odds SS?
  11. LotsofManagers Lane?
  12. Did anybody go?
  13. Renfrew 3-3 Yoker. Hard to tell how things will end up with so many teams having lots of games in hand.