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  1. Stelois's fotos are like a question of sport. Is it Tony Jacklin?
  2. Oh and the jags kit is a cracker
  3. I know we were pish but it's the first time I've seen the strip and that is never a st mirren strip in a million years. That's what's to blame for our poor performance in my tiny little superstitious mind.
  4. I'm supposed to be a grown man but jeez I was nearly greetin' at the end of that. What a turnaround at our wonderful club
  5. It's been a long time since I have been so nervous ahead of a game. If we manage to survive this will rank as one of the greatest achievements this club has seen. What a shame it would be if we just fell short given the miraculous turnaround and the togetherness between team and supporters. I'm still trying to wangle a flight even although I'm working Sunday! We have now got two cup finals and we certainly have the players who can handle the big games. Come on the buddies we can do it!
  6. As Raith have Hughes at the helm I would expect them to be well equipped for games such as the nature of the ones coming up. I just hope that Jack will have the boys well prepared for what could be a shitfest if Raith get a result against hibs.
  7. Bbc alba picking a pundit who hates us was a master stroke. Ryan Stevenson was so predictable in his assessment of the game, putting saints down as much as he could. His bitterness was quite entertaining. He has never covered himself in glory, only tattoos. If the stories of him throwing away his runners up medal from 2013 are true then that shows the integrity of the man. As for the game; support was unbelievable and first half we could have been out of sight. Second half United changed a couple of things and we looked tired and bereft of ideas. The fact that we can now compete with teams way above us in the league must Instil confidence for the run in.
  8. My only worry is the mental toughness required at parkhead might just take its toll on the players fitness. Let's hope the boys can do us proud. Would a point be a disaster?
  9. Lennon quoted as saying his team were tired after beating hearts so let's hope we are fit enough to take advantage. Beating Ayr was a terrific result but if we win this the confidence levels will surely rise. We can stay up without the agony of a play off if we believe in ourselves and keep putting pressure on the team directly above us.
  10. Hiya Jimmy, I'm in town on St John's rd. I too was one of the buddies on the black and white easy jet special for the league cup final!
  11. Born in Glasgow, brought up in ibrox. Followed the buddies home and away from1976 until I came here in 1984. Always love the fact that I was saved from a miserable knuckle dragging existence. Actually I've no knuckles left, I've chewed them off following the buddies
  12. That's what I thoght too.
  13. I remember the optimism Ally McLeod generated prior to the 1978 world cup and I was among the 30,000 plus eejits who went to hampden just to see the team off. Unrealistic? Maybe, but the feeling of optimism will stay with me forever. Who cares that we didn't win it, the journey was unforgettable. Go Tony Fitz !!!
  14. Asked by a Glaswegian interviewer if he would continue performing, Sir Cliff replied "I have to make a living doll".
  15. Thankfully I'm not subjected to this shite down here. However I have a nice solution to the contentious issue of marches; let them march wherever and wherever they want, but they are only allowed to play nursery rhymes.