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  1. London Dump Uber

    You need a dictionary, shull, you don't understand what massacre means...
  2. London Dump Uber

    By making up stuff about who voted for the budget, you mean? Or not understanding that something issued as a summary in 2017 doesn't mean that the issue wasn't being addressed 2015? That kind of doing?
  3. The Great Politics Thread

    Of the tweets from SNP MPs it quotes, you mean? The tweets dated July 2015? Is that the date you're talking about? Are you really this stupid? Rhetorical question, btw...
  4. The Great Politics Thread

    Do you mean this one? http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/division.php?date=2015-07-14&number=44 SNP all voted against. This one maybe? http://www.publicwhip.org.uk/division.php?date=2015-03-23&number=179 SNP all voted against. Your turn.
  5. The Great Politics Thread

    La plus ca change...
  6. The Great Politics Thread

    Or pester until he actually answers?
  7. The Great Politics Thread

    Here it comes, he didn't actually mean "supported" it...
  8. The Great Politics Thread

    My opinions on these matters are well documented and I have expressed them at length on many occasions. When things get raised and responded to in a civil manner initially, and counter questions are posed, but all that comes back is deflection and whataboutery, when that happens (what you consider to be) sniping is all that's left.
  9. The Great Politics Thread

    I did attempt, but got nonsense back, no acknowledgement of getting it wrong. Classic Stud, lesson learned. Then a telling off from "teacher" - sorry, Sir, I won't make any such attempt again.
  10. The Great Politics Thread

    Classic deflection. Make a post implying that the SNP figures are crashing back down to the level they were at in 2004, get proven entirely wrong then claim that wasn't at all what was meant. Scrub that, classic StuD.
  11. The Great Politics Thread

    Classis deflection. You do know that Swinney never had anything like either of those sets of figures, don't you?
  12. The Great Politics Thread

    Really? https://yougov.co.uk/news/2017/06/06/voting-intention-scotland-snp-41-con-26-lab-25-1-5/
  13. The Great Politics Thread

    La plus ca change and all that...
  14. Massive Fire In London Tower Block

    Cos it doesn't show in the post of yours I quoted.
  15. Massive Fire In London Tower Block

    Are you even remotely aware of what 'ironic' means?