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  1. Paisley Pubs

    Love this - "A 20% discount is available to those living in the PA postcode area." Someone from Tiree gets the discount but someone from Penilee doesn't. Seems fair enough...
  2. Baker Street Paisley

    Potential fares...
  3. I'm Listening To....

    Ah, that makes sense. There's normally a video in this thread so I thought you'd been to a gig.
  4. I'm Listening To....

    Wrong thread?
  5. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    Option 2!!! Can we vote?
  6. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    How are they planning to achieve that? Lights?
  7. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    Not a chance without lights. Looking at that, it'll be chaos for traffic wanting to head back towards Renfrew, across the two lanes then round Uncle St/Abercorn St.
  8. Antonio Carluccio, pan bried

    Is he pan bried because he died or pan breid cos he's deid??
  9. Flying Uber

    Never been in a bunker, my commie leanings have always been in full view...
  10. Flying Uber

    They could when they do an airport run...
  11. The Politics Thread

    Boris and honourable in the same sentence - is this a first?
  12. Dunderheid Dan's Lawn Tennis Thread

    You sure you didn't google it?
  13. The Politics Thread

    We're talking about how clever oaky thinks oaky is, asking others what adjective they'd use to describe him merits a whole new topic in itself.
  14. The Politics Thread

    I don't think Stephen Hawking's half as clever as oaky thinks oaky is...
  15. Adam Sandler for Paisley

    The one in Elderslie, you mean?