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  1. salmonbuddie

    Help ???

    Is that conscious anti-racism? Only asking because unconscious racism doesn't exist, oaky told me that then accused me of being a hand wringing lefty...
  2. salmonbuddie

    Alan's first signings

    It's at times like this I miss the coconut dug...
  3. salmonbuddie

    Club Dismayed!

  4. salmonbuddie

    Stubbs Confirmed

    There's a good reason for me thinking that, FTOF, my old man was 28 in 59, I was 28 in 87 and my son will be 28 next cup final. And if you think that's nonsense, I was 9 in 68, my son was 9 in 2000 and my grandson turned 9 in July last year. I could add my grandfather to the cup thing his army record would show him as 28 in 26 but he added 2 years to his d.o.b. to join early in WW1..and he wasn't a buddie. ETA Might not be the soundest logic out there but it's still better than anything StuD's come up with.
  5. salmonbuddie

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Get your money on it now, it's happening...
  6. salmonbuddie

    Sent from my {phone name here} using the Black & White Army app

    Mine's a FIG-LX1 apparently. Was a Huawei P Smart when I bought it but it thinks it knows English better than me. And it just told me that I should've typed "... better than I"...
  7. You need to fix your post before the sums polis arrive, BtB...
  8. salmonbuddie

    Hats off to the board..!

    FIFY - Yardley's 6' 2"
  9. salmonbuddie

    I'm Listening To....

    That and this are probably my two favourite Jam songs.
  10. salmonbuddie

    Oaksoft In Today's Daily Record

    The Scottish Government have committed to ensuring a maximum 4 week gap between payments for the full rollout, CS, I think you're right about it being nearer 6 weeks elsewhere in the UK so far.
  11. salmonbuddie

    Paisley Saint Mirren

    I usually agree and say that Paisley's part of Glasgow in exactly the same way as Scotland's part of England.
  12. salmonbuddie

    Oaksoft In Today's Daily Record

    People are so stretched they have used up what little reserve they had (including people still working) so they rely on their weekly payment but won't get one for 4 weeks, it's not hard to see why they'll struggle. Short term help is available but (so far) hasn't been fully publicised, isn't well known by some of the referring agencies and isn't easy to access. Watch "My Name is Joe" and you'll get a better understanding of how Kafkaesque the system can be when it comes to accessing these aids.
  13. salmonbuddie

    Oaksoft In Today's Daily Record

    There are people using food banks who are complete wasters (in my experience, anyway) but the majority, and it's a considerable majority, are exactly as you say, people who have got themselves into trouble, for whatever reason. What I will say is the upcoming rollout of Universal Benefits will see a considerable uptake in parcels as people find themselves with no money at all for 4 weeks (in Scotland). Given that a food bank parcel is meant to cover 2-3 days you can bet that local foodbanks will be stretched.
  14. salmonbuddie

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    And proud of it! (politician stylee, again)
  15. salmonbuddie

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    I'm not going to comment on the merits /demerits of the Sin Bin, I'm too worried I'd end up in here if I did. Should've been a politician, me...