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  1. Liverpool Bud

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I refer to my post back in 2015
  2. Liverpool Bud

    Pre Season Friendlies

    When will they be released? who do you want and where? as always on an annual basis I’d love a n/w of England tour games v Tranmere / Chester and Southport although id settle for a trip to Sunderland!
  3. Liverpool Bud

    Victory March From Bankhouse

    Wonderful scenes well done to the organisers and everyone who took part Any estimates on the numbers who got involved?
  4. Liverpool Bud

    New strip,more stripes for the premiership

    Get the new strips on sale and capitalise on the feel good factor!!!
  5. Liverpool Bud

    New strip,more stripes for the premiership

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if we were a club with just a touch more foresight and business acumen Even though we are heading for the Premier League we still sometimes operate like a small outfit in the commercial sense Rea confirmed on another thread that when the Astro pitch was laid at Ralston there was no contingency plan to allow for depreciation or money put aside each year to pay for the re laying of the pitch at the end of its life span - instead the begging bowl is handed out to the fans via the Smisa monthly spend. just supposing in January someone in the boardroom had the foresight to think ‘we might actually get promoted!’ and in response to thought - let’s get next seasons strips signed off and into production! the fans will be coming through the turnstiles in their thousands and many of them will want to get their hands on the latest / next season replica kit. can you imagine how many units could have been shifted? Perhaps any remaining this season kit could have been sold at half price further boosting the coffers with a bit of imaginative foresight a season ticket / new kit package could have been competitively prized to further tempt the punters But alas I go on holiday in July and I’m sure the prospect of me wearing the kit of our newly promoted hero’s is thin ( unlike my waist!)
  6. Liverpool Bud

    Dundee Utd v St Mirren, 10th April 2018

    I’ve just purchased arabzone all you got to do is download the VPN app i use turboVpn fro apple store once diwnloaded - just click on a country then go back on the arabzone site When it comes to option to pay use pay pal Arab zone then emails you link to the game everyone at the game please make some noise to liven up the atmosphere I’m my front room in Warrington!! COYS
  7. Liverpool Bud

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    I’m confused surely when the club make a capital investment like the purchase of an all weather facility they factor in the depreciation cost and the cost to replace it ? without knowing the details of how Ralston is funded or the associated cost for community groups - is there not a fund built into the finances of the organisation that already have covered this? i can’t believe any business model would be short sighted to have not considered the long term implications of this my gut feeling is although the replacement of a 4g pitch is important- it should not be at the cost to the fans ?
  8. Liverpool Bud

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    This game has 4-0 Saints all over it that combined with a Morton draw and its party time
  9. Liverpool Bud

    Music Gigs

    Was at Belle and Sebastian on triple A on March 12 at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester I’ve been privalaged to see most of their Manchester gigs since 1996 but enjoyed seeing them in this venue with its excellent acoustics ( home to the Halle orchestra) saw Embrace at Manchester Ritz on Saturday- they were excellent- the smaller venue suited the intimacy of the gig - some good new stuff alongside some epic classics Next up Pele / Ian Prowse in Chester on Thursday night - full band playing Sport of Kings and other Pele /Amsterdam classics its in Alexander’s Chester a smaller venue so expecting a big sound in an intimate venue
  10. Liverpool Bud

    Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    As a regular to that region I suspect your mate spoke Catalan or risked being chased out of town in my earlier days of attempting speak basic level Spanish I was instantly corrected- cue use of translate to Catalan via Google
  11. Liverpool Bud

    Where Will We Win League?

    Is now the time to book my tickets for the Morton game ⚽️
  12. Liverpool Bud

    Saints league position on the day you were born.

    Season 70/71 one game played one point amassed 14 th in the league Ayr were top after scudding someone 4-0 on the opening day of the season
  13. Liverpool Bud

    Samson - The Modern Day Les Fridge

    For me his penalty save v United in the televised Friday night game was the moment I thought we can go on and win the league
  14. Liverpool Bud

    Trophy Day

    The sooner the tv companies announce their schedules the better I’ve got a few free weekends and I’m desperate to pop up to Scotland and see the darling buds lift the trophy!
  15. Liverpool Bud

    Saints Memorabilia

    Thanks Shull ordered!