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  1. Thanks Shull - predictive text - edited now!
  2. I really wish I was going to the game today but sadly I'm unable to travel to Dundee from Warrington- I just feel there is a real positive connection between the fans - the players and the club. im predicting we give them a tonking on their own patch 2-0 lLoy and Mallan crowd 7456 safe journey to all traveling Buddies
  3. What was interesting watching that was there was hardly any fannies wearing non black boots!
  4. I agree with many of the sentiments expressed in the thread. i think Jack has great self belief and if he leads us to the great escape I think he will be in a strong position should richer suitors come calling. i would expect Jack to be with us at the end of this season and beyond. I am keen to see how he conducts himself in the close season as he negotiates longer contracts with our starlets - bags off some deadwood and high earners and then unearthes us some more gems in the 'Davies mould
  5. I think Stellios has done enough when required to be offered a gig for next season - think he offers something different and has a good engine in him - both attributes that will stand him in good stead for our push to win the championship!!!!
  6. Good effort by the wee man supporting his team
  7. Seems like Tranmere fans are embracing the Drum for their end of season push for promotion.
  8. I don't care if this is a Diddy cup - I've just woken up and I'm excited!!!! come on let's get straight into them !!! im on a social media blackout on accounts of my impending sickness on Monday!
  9. Arrived up in Hamilton from Warrington -all set for the final Tickets safely stowed -scarf ready to go! off out from the hotel bar to explore the delights of the Hamilton night life Jumping the 10 o'clock train over to Motherwell in the morning to meet up with some fellow Buds for a pre match beer Enjoy the build up Buddies and let's get right behind the team from the start tomorrow!
  10. Have you posted on Pie and Bovril or on any Arabs fans sites? Or is this exclusive for Saints fans?
  11. As a further endorsement I too was at that game and can concur regarding the drunkness of the support As above I too was not the streaker my mistake was wearing my tangerine orange Saints away top - much to the amusement of the Saints in jaggy thistle social club
  12. Will tickets be available on like me from the official site?
  13. Enjoyed watching this from the Sofa - thought the team showed some real quality - had our chances but believe we should have enough to begin to climb the league
  14. Was there not a comprehensive article about it in Black and white Magazine some issues back?
  15. Great effort Div - enjoyed your efforts