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  1. In my opinion the dilemma for Jack will be does he stick with tried and trusted "first 11" or does he use the game time to look at the fitness and attributes of players currently not in the starting 11 i can only imagine the melt down if we are not successful in this match interestingly - what is the lowest crowd at our current home because after Saturdays poor result I think many buddies will give this one a miss
  2. Speculation Thread

    Just done a quick google search released from Rangers under 20 squad one for the future perhaps?
  3. Speculation Thread

    Any confirmation of this elsewhere ?
  4. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Thank you gents for your prompt response
  5. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Morning Saints fans sorry I'm a bit confused - maybe I've mis read or misunderstood the ticketing arrangrments due to a change in family plans I now have a free weekend and I would like to travel from Warrington up to the game on Saturday i normally get the half 9 train which arrives in Glasgow for just after midday - giving me enough time to grab a pre match pint and get to Paisley to meet friends or travel on to the away fixture destination So my issue is ( am I right ?) it will not be possible for me to purchase a ticket for the game if this is so how does this work for people who can only decide they are going to the game on match day - or are unable to order /pay / or collect a ticket from the stadium? if this is the situation who do I direct my communication with?
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    I didn't have you down as a diplomat Shull!
  7. 1-0 Saints and its a last minute winner from Jack Ross who has subbed himself on in the final few minutes of the game to celebrate his new contract
  8. Jack Ross Must Go.

    My initial reaction is brilliant news my gut feeling is JR has a plan and the ability to get players to buy into his vision i think this is the stability our club requires the good news is that perhaps JR won't be linked with every managerial position in the world - and if he is lured away we get a shed load of cash in compensation the flip side is if our sometime fickle support and small boo boy element become the loudest voice and JR has a blip - it will be expensive to bag him
  9. Rocco Quinn

    Wasn't expecting to read this news there is a decent player there when not injured Rocco is the kind of player who may just come back to haunt us
  10. League Prediction

    Think you've hit the nail on the head buddie with this assessment top four would be a good achievement for our squad obviously I'd be happy to be proved wrong
  11. Championship Odds for next season.

    Double figure odds will see me place a £50 quid bet which will pay for my flight to Singapore next summer !!!
  12. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    600 sold in the west stand is great but anyone got a current overall total?
  13. Bet Fred Cup

    Excellent- double bonus of the v thistle game on the Saturday at 3 pm - only issue is il have to haul my arse of the sun lounger and amble along to a beachfront bar with draft San Miguel and BT sport
  14. Squad: Season 17-18

    Can he cut grass ? Would be a brilliant addition to the groundstaff
  15. End of feel-good factor?

    This club is a disgrace - getting quality business done early - signing players with talent and a desire to get better - having a strong squad before June - a full pre season to get the new players to blend - not waiting to August just before the window closes. this is not the St Mirren way - I demand to be miserable again !!!!