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  1. The Saint Newspaper - Issue 2

    Save me a copy please for when I travel up from Warrington for the Dundee United game on the 28th please!
  2. The Rugby Thread

    It's a hooter or klaxon at Widnes Vikings
  3. After tonight's game I'm really looked my forward to making the trip north for this trip looking forward to catching up with some buddies for a pre match pint also bringing my wife - step daughter and her fella to help swell the crowd! COYS
  4. Aberdeen v St Mirren Scottish Cup Round 4

    Great opportunity for our young and talented team to play without fear and pressure and put on a performance!
  5. Darryl Duffy

    Seems to be a total ghost but would be happy to be proved wrong
  6. Chairman's statement

    https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/club-news/1271-smisa-2-quarterly-spend what do Buds feel about Gordon's statement im nailing my colours to the mast and I'm in agreement ? I was surprised to see it in the list of options for the October spend but as Gordon rightly says it will be down to the members to decide
  7. Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    I was thinking just the same thing - could be a good bit of business for both clubs and player
  8. Let's All Laugh At Sevco/ Celtic Thread !

    Pedro sacked .....
  9. Little bit more information on my previous post http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/news/10493365.HJ_Stadium_capacity_could_be_extended_beyond_20_000/
  10. Interestingly I stumbled upon this recently warrington Wolves have. a Barr built stadium it held around 13000 on completion it is a good model to show costs - expansion and capacity Warrington Stadium rents out office space to NHS and has in operated club shop it now has a mega big advertising electronic screen along side the A49 http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/rugby_league/super_league/warrington/9412710.stm i hope this life no works as an illustrative example when they decided to fill in two corners A quick surf on the web shows the local paper mentioning figures of 1.2 to 2 million investment to create extra seats and hospitality areas
  11. Liverpool

    Ok ELS Ive lived in Liverpool and the surrounding areas since 1988 what do you want to know? consider me the black and white army equivalent of Trip Advisor city expert! where will you be based what are you looking to do will you be looking to escape the surrounds of the city centre Ask Away !
  12. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Jack Ross must go ....... To the fridge to grab a beer
  13. There are loads of saints fans who have the perfect face for the radio !
  14. Best wishes to the management - squad and all the travelling supporters today think it could be a dour and frustrating game today head says 1-1 . Heart says 2-0 Saints A penalty and an Og will bring home the points 500 travelling buddies
  15. I'd like to see a statement of intent from the board for this fixture / mismatch Season tickets VALID One Adult and up to four kids £10 under 16 free Community groups / schools / ub40 / forces / students - free tickets on application whats the worst that can happen?