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  1. Saints Memorabilia

    Thanks Shull ordered!
  2. Saints Memorabilia

    Does anyone have a spare copy of the program for the Dundee United game on 28th December this season i picked the halftime music which I’m sure you all remember and enjoyed! But there was no programs left to buy at the turnstiles I entered or would you suggest I contact the club?
  3. Whisky Drinkers

    I’ve picked up a bottle of the Lidl Glen Alba 25 year old sherry cask gets a good review on the respected Master of Malt site il be back with an objective review when I crack it open
  4. I heard this too but I also heard the board may or may not have met last night to put out a statement saying Jack is leaving or jack is staying I hope that clears things up for anyone who is hard of understanding
  5. The Rugby Thread

    Disciplined 2nd half - great kicking by laidlaw at key moments slight scare towards the end but a tidy well deserved confidence boosting win ahead of the Calcutta cup
  6. I'm Listening To....

    Listening to the band Pele ahead of their 25 yr anniversary gig in Chester- anyone remember them!? had a legendary gig at King Tuts in ‘94!!
  7. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    801 bus from North Bridge by Waverley train station takes 1hour ten mins and drops you off at Almondvale retail park
  8. Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    I run our Staff football team this year our annual tour is to the Catalan region we fly to Barcelona then on the Saturday we travel to play CD Malgrat de Mar couldnt play Borgonya as we play in Saints stripes on twitter as @pnpstaffFooty every second year we come to Scotland and play at Dalgety bay against a Kinghorn select who normally horse us! if you play for a team and want a game in Widnes drop me a line!
  9. The penalty save v United few weeks ago was a watershed moment in our season to have gone 1-0 down could have been detrimental but the belief from the players and fans after Sammy’s save meant we’ve kicked on and proudly sit 8 points clear at the top of the league
  10. The game will be on the weather will have blown over the USH will have done it’s job BT Sport want it played 800 United fans will have traveled ( I’ve got my fingers crossed!)
  11. Thanks very much for the info - much appreciated
  12. Quick question that I can't find the answer to on main site does anyone know what time the ticket office will be open at the stadium on Friday? il be arriving from Warrington around 2pm and I thought before checking into my Glasgow based premier inn I'd drive down to Paisley and pick up my tickets for the match There are two reasons I can't order them online for this fixture 1 I don't know how many il need to Friday based upon which of my travelling party choose to attend the match 2 As it is my first fixture of the season id like to get to the ground in daylight and see and get my picture beside the founding members boards! any help /info would be appreciated
  13. Merry Christmas EveryBuddie

    Seasons Greetings the all fellow Buds
  14. WTF - there is a snow icon on my weather app for Glasgow on Friday il be genuinely gutted if I've traveled north from Warrington for my first game of the season for the game to be postponed ah fxxk it - who am I kidding il just go to the pub!
  15. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    League winning mentality and great character shown today well done to all concerned!