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  1. Double figure odds will see me place a £50 quid bet which will pay for my flight to Singapore next summer !!!
  2. 600 sold in the west stand is great but anyone got a current overall total?
  3. Excellent- double bonus of the v thistle game on the Saturday at 3 pm - only issue is il have to haul my arse of the sun lounger and amble along to a beachfront bar with draft San Miguel and BT sport
  4. Can he cut grass ? Would be a brilliant addition to the groundstaff
  5. This club is a disgrace - getting quality business done early - signing players with talent and a desire to get better - having a strong squad before June - a full pre season to get the new players to blend - not waiting to August just before the window closes. this is not the St Mirren way - I demand to be miserable again !!!!
  6. I know Davies is injured for a bit but I'd like to think he would be worth a gamble? I'm sure he will get offer elsewhere but maybe a one ur deal could be mutually attractive? and how important do you think is to the promotion train next year or are other options available?
  7. I seriously considering treating myself to the new seasons top which breaks a number of my self imposed rules !!!! Have I missed a release date ? Or is it imminent?
  8. I'm going for Thompson munro Godfrey Clarke Copeland Stark Bone Sommner Mallan thompson mcgarvey subs aber torfason millen mcowdowell mcdougal money
  9. You should be so lucky !
  10. So is linkdin
  11. Following the Great Escape and current feel good factor associated with the club thoughts turn to preparation for th new season. What we need is the ultimate road trip of pre season friendlies. lets ignore ultimate shit fest per season matches versus Dumbarton and the like. The club deserve to give the fans the opportunity for a proper old school away day / weekend trip. il kick off the suggestions with a Thursday night game v's Shrewsbury Town - A Saturday afternoon game v's Tranmere Rovers and a Tuesday night game v's Blackburn Rovers what is your dream set of pre season friendlies ?
  12. Excellent work sir I look forward to chapter 3
  13. Will shull be starting a match day thread ?!
  14. Who is looking forward to the end of season play off's Are season tickets valid ? is there a spare seat on a bus? will the drum be allowed into the stadium? will Div being doing periscope? who gives a shit - because we are staying up!