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  1. You're getting out in time, there's a trumpet heading for Tenerife.
  2. It will be just like being in Scotland for you. A distance away and you cannie be arsed going. A home from home.
  3. Aye okay, no need for you to start. I've enough flipping rubbish coming from the usual trumpets. You make one mistake, just one mistake.
  4. No you're thinking of a chap called Allan with the first initial M. M. Allan.
  5. He didn't make team of the week.
  6. Going by their recent performances their fans better get used to competing in Mickey Mouse tournaments.
  7. My opinion is if Jack had his squad that he signed in January from the start of the season we would be championship winning contenders right now.
  8. You should have stopped after that.
  9. I agree, however I bet QOS are looking over their shoulders a bit. They can't afford to take their foot off the gas. They could end up in a playoff position if they do. It wasn't long ago we were 8 points off Ayr. Its unlikely however Ayr, Dumbarton, Raith and ourselves are picking up points and if QOS go on a poor run then who knows?
  10. QOS could be dragged into this if they aren't careful.
  11. Are ITC a new team?