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  1. Think he's too similar to McGinn. We're too one paced in there at the moment. Also thought the middle 2 were tiring against the part timers which is worrying
  2. What big guns? Jack sent out a fairly strong side
  3. Sorry mate. I only have one. Both me and my dad went to the pub to get two(unbeknown to each other) which is why we had two extra. Someone has taken one
  4. Only one spare ticket left now
  5. Got two spare tickets for the bus to Morton on Saturday. Daft dad double ordered
  6. League Prediction

    No predictor league this season?
  7. Harry

    Steven's sister?
  8. Sad news indeed. My heart goes out to everyone involved. Rip Connor
  9. 1877 Club

    How much is a membership?
  10. Mixing Of Family Stand

    Can we still call it the away stand if it doesn't house away fans?
  11. Mixing Of Family Stand

    Put them in hospitality
  12. Mixing Of Family Stand

    To be fair though, if the team had shown the same passion as they two, we'd have won
  13. Speculation Thread

    Assuming Lewis doesnt extend his contract, would we still be entitled to a development fee for him if he runs down his contract? Would the amount be negligible in that scenario?
  14. What has hapened to Stelios

    I'd play him every week
  15. Saints Poll

    48 in Sept. First game when I was 4. Went with my papa who was a die hard as my dad was playing football at the time. When he couldn't go in his later years, I use to visit to tell him all about it. Dad, brother, nephew and niece are all season ticket holders. Daughter was but wants to go out with pals now(14) Wee nephew was brought up a gun but after his dad left uncle Alan turned him into a buddie