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  1. You could always just bring in the drum stick and use a small baking tray snuck doon the back of your troosers[emoji13]
  2. This for me is the main difference. We now look like a unit as opposed to four individuals and it's all down to leadership. Think Harry and McGinn are the main reasons for this. Would love to see Harry back next season
  3. We should have one late day each week for people who want to roll up to the stadium and pick them up but are unable to do it in the middle of the day
  4. But apart from all that it's easy
  5. Are any of the supporters clubs putting on extra buses?
  6. Easy journey with the M8 shut???????? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Black and White Army mobile app
  7. Why would St.Mirren not have 2 full stands? Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Black and White Army mobile app
  8. Reality is we need around 15-20 points to have a chance. That's allowing for Ayr getting a 1 in 3 points ratio. It's a big ask but it's not like it's we have the old firm in our league. Every game brings then potential for points
  9. He's asked to do a lot of unnecessary work, is back for every corner, show up both lines for every through. However I do think that Loy is wasted playing deep to accommodate Sutton. Loy and Smith might be a better partnership and Sutton could be a good impact player from the subs bench
  10. Does that normal it worse? The boy is in the team on merit just now and one of our better performers each week. How much will relegation cost us. No guarantee his replacement will be better or may need time to bed in which we can ill afford. We would also at least be due a development fee if we waited until the contract end. There was always at least one other window depending for a sale, maybe 2, depending on whether his contract his up on Jan or Jun next season
  11. Falkirk have just slapped a 750,000 price tag on Tony Gallagher, age 17. Played 7 games
  12. Not forgetting the mad panic as fans tried to phone the stadium to see if the kick off was being held up as they were stuck in traffic
  13. Don't worry. I'm sure you've got insurance
  14. If only we had sister positive & negative sites.
  15. Don't know if that's true. They're are a lot of decent fans who have drifted away from the forum because of the vocal negative few. God knows how the manage to follow the Saints when they're so full of pessism