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  1. I like John Robertson, and usually what he has to say, but that interview! almost at the stage of "take the 4 St Mirren goals out of it and we win that game 2-0" Loved the big TOP OF THE LEAGUE cheer
  2. John McGinn

    I think we are due a fair few hundred £k when O'Brien and McNamee make a few more appearences.
  3. Lewis Morgan

    dont like the way this is f**king heading
  4. John McGinn

    shhhhhhhhh ffs!
  5. John McGinn

    there are 17 pages on Hibs. net forum about the possible transfer out of JohnMcGinn. They hope Hisb hold out for a proper fee or NO DEAL. I do too.... £2m minimum.....we get £660k and keep Morgan....every one's a winner.
  6. joined Dundee Utd to get a winners medal, so he said anyway!
  7. what was the basis of her cheats allegation?!
  8. delighted to be reading all this and looking forward to being there for the next game.
  9. Wee Raymie Balloch

    I am touched by this....didn't know Raymie, or even of him, but my middle name is Balloch and my mother Mary Balloch and Grampa, Willie Balloch. There are not many of us around.
  10. Darryl Duffy

    oh aye!
  11. Darryl Duffy

    I see above from Stevie88 it is Chris Kane. I think Duffy is a better one season signing than Kane.
  12. Darryl Duffy

    who is Kane that QOS have signed? ....seems to me Duffy is exactly the kind of player we need and will suit St Mirren down to the ground. I cant believe negativity towards the signing. Things are looking good for the season ahead.....of course all this optimism is just softening us up fr Morgan being sold on the 31st August ....hope I am wrong. If not, surely we can say to any buying club that we dont to sell and it will take £500k+ before we would even consider it.
  13. great to see such a strong, competent win to open the season,even if Falkirk did have the better of it early on ,that's football, that's how it works. Falkirk are not a bunch of amateurs, they are a good full time professional football team. Games between good, full time professional football teams ebb and flo......final score is what matters. also, a joy to see Stelios's mad Greek style celebrations when he scored!
  14. Dunfermline away 16th September

    over on Saturday morning, back on Sunday afternoon....all fits perfectly!