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  1. yep, if we beat Raith then we should hope Ayr get a point from Hibs, giving Ayr something to play for in their last match with Raith. If we DONT beat Raith.....f**k that, hope Hibs beat them 6-0!
  2. that was quite some time ago! but thank goodness for it and for tonight....gotta take advantage on Saturday....knock the stuffing further out of Raith Rovers.
  3. that's the first 'other' game that has gone our way for quite some time.
  4. un f**king believable
  5. for fuxake....see what yeez did.
  6. this is no time for bantering and joking about the game...deadly serious till Hibs f**king reserves win. Then bantz and joke like fcuk!
  7. good news indeed
  8. yes, all to those who said "it doesn't matter what others do, only what WE do"...of COURSE it does and always did. We have to hope Hibs win their next 2 matches. If they dont...well, they just better.
  9. that last 2 minutes had f**kn Hammarby written all over it......not pleased, not pleased or happy at all. I do still think we will be playing in the same league next season, even if via the play off....would take the play off place if offered. Clearly is does and always did matter what other teams did and not only about what we did. I could hardly believe the over confidence shwn by many when we got to 8th.
  10. I hope the moment of the season is yet to come. I truly truly do. It will eclipse all the others.
  11. I would certainly be feeling a lot more relaxed abd comfortable about things if Morton had beaten Raith and Ayr lost to Dundee Utd.
  12. yes, all of that is true. But I would rather Ayr, Dumbarton and Raith lost all their remaining games.
  13. I agree with St Ricky. Of course it is in in our own hands but at the same time Morton,and others, beating Ayr, Raith and Dumbarton would help us hugely. we are all St Mirren supporters....we have been here before, we are perfectly capable of mucking it up. Without the totally unlikely wins and draws Dumbarton and Ayr secured we would be safe more of these please!
  14. good on yi son. Well done. Now I hope Morton win all the rest of their games this season.
  15. come on StMirren. Feeling happy and emotional. We need this one......looking good.