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  1. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    I must have missed the bit where The Gretna, The Third Lanark, and The Airdrie were re-admitted straight away as SFA and SFL/SPL members and continued playing at the same ground, with the same board members running them.
  2. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    While clubs like Airdrie, Gretna and Third Lanark also went out of business before I must have missed the bit where those clubs did so after owing over £100m and via deliberate cheating in every single game for around a dozen years won 17 titles and 'earned' tens of millions of pounds in prizemoney as a result of being allowed to cheat (making the fact that Rangers managed to leave a trail of debt of over £100m all the more remarkable given the fact they were playing to packed houses at Ibrox and earning from the Champions League and Europa league every year in that timeframe). No one doubts that the SFA and SFL / SPL acted correctly in the cases of Airdrie. Third Lanark or Gretna. Even fans of The Rangers would accept rules were overlooked strictly speaking to allow them, as a new club, straight into the bottom tier of the SPFL. If anyone points out The Rangers fans don't accept rules were bent to accomodate their club they are of the disposition that tries to maintain they are the same club. When the new Rangers were promoted from the Championship did they not sell season tickets on the basis of 'help the club chase title no. 54' or whatever number of titles it is? As far as Rangers and their board and fans are concerned, "Rangers no longer is exist" is not a statement they believe or accept. Why should GLS speak up rather than follow sheep like Petrie and Milne? Regan, Ogilvie still run the SFA, Doncaster still runs SPFL, and Dave King, Paul Murray and Alisair Johntson still run the board at the new Rangers. Not one of them should be governing at 'Rangers' or the SFA or the SPFL. Given that Rangers are still run by several crooks or got the previous version of the club liquidated after not paying £100m in taxes and are running up more debts again do you really think Doncaster, Regan and Ogilvie are up to applying the rules when the newco go bust again at some point in the next season or two?
  3. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    For those that are asking what has this got to do with St Mirren, I would say we are a member of the SFA and were a member of SPL when this was going on. Rangers have been found guilty of using EBTs as a way of paying players and staff without being taxed on national insurance and income tax on those payments for 11 years. By paying over 50 players in this way for 11 years and by having side contract letters all those 50 players were incorrectly registered ON PURPOSE by the club. St Mirren got a £25k fine reduced to £12k for having 1 ineligible unused sub in 1 cup game and the penalty for that offence was later changed (while Rangers were still using EBTs) to mean that in future any club making the same honest mistake would lose the game. Dunfermline were knocked out the cup after winning a tie for falling foul of the same rule. Rangers broke the same rule deliberately for 11 years in every league and domestic cup game and won 17 titles in that time. The prize money, TV money and sponsorship money won at other SPL / SFA clubs expense will have run into tens of millions of pounds. The money earned from competing in the Champions League and Europa league while fielding ineligible players also runs into tens of millions of pounds. The only fine Rangers got for 11 years of deliberate cheating in every game was £250k and I can't remember if they ever paid it! St Mirren's penalty for an accidental rule break in 1 game with an unused sub = £25k reduced to £12k on appeal versus Rangers deliberate rule break with over 50 players over 11 seasons in every competitive game (around 500?) - 10 times more than our original fine for winning 1 game against Annan! Our penalty most likely wiped out any profit for winning the tie and facing Gretna in the next round. Rangers fine of £250k for 11 years of cheating and winning tens of millions in prizemoney while cheating. While I have some sympathy with those that say we should move on and let Rangers keep their titles and leave the fine at £250k - Rangers were a club who were liquidated owing over £100m in unpaid taxes and other debts and several of their old board are in leading positions on the new club's board and they continue to run up huge debts - there is talk yet again of them needing injections of new lending to see them until the end of the season while signing some players on £30k per week. I would be all in favour of stripping them of titles since we are talking about cheating on an industrial scale for over a decade. But my biggest sense of injustice, as a St Mirren fan, is the feeling that the SFA and SPL (as it was then) let Rangers play by a different set of rules to all the other member clubs and failed to govern Scottish football in a fair manner. Rangers have been liquidated with over £100m of debts while in the SPL? Let's see if we can let their newco back in to the SPL the following season with a points deduction (unlike Gretna who were booted out the SPL and SFL for owing much less)? That's not acceptable? Let's try and see if we can float the newco into the Championship so they can be back in the SPL after 1 year? There is a lot of evidence which has been published showing that Rangers should never have been allowed to play in the Champions League in 2011 and did not qualify for a licence from the SFA that season - no audited accounts and an unpaid HMRC bill (the wee tax case still had not been paid despite the club agreeing to settle). The SFA gave Rangers a licence to play in Europe this season while no fully accounts had been published and while they still fall foul of financial fair play rules and have a convicted tax cheat as their chairman and a board member when they were liquidated owing over £100m. The issues for me that I feel have to be sorted for the benefit of Scottish football going forward are: Stewart Regan lied on 2 occasions to UEFA to give Rangers and The Rangers licences to play in UEFA competition when they were ineligible. Campbell Ogilvie is still SFA president despite having received and never repaid an illegal EBT from Rangers and despite being club secretary at Rangers and drafting player contracts and side letters for their EBTs. I can't think with Regan and Ogilvie would not want the SFA to co-operate in any new review of how the SFA, SPL and SFL dealt with Rangers and their EBTs or liquidation. As a member club of the SFA we should be seeking the immediate resignation of Regan and Ogilvie and urging the SFA to comply with the new review otherwise it looks like the governing body of Scottish football does not care about Rangers cheating for over a dozen years (if we include the scheme used in the wee tax case as well as the big tax case) and about the SFA granting Rangers a licence THIS SEASON to play in Europe (the lols almost compensated for it). I don't care whether Rangers or Celtic have more 'genuine' league titles. I don't think Celtic would have done much better in the Champions League in 2011 and doubt Hearts would have gone far in the Europa League this season either but do care that when ANY CLUB cheats in Scottish football that some of our top officials in the SFA are happy to break rules of governance and help 1 club cheat by involving themselves in the cheating and then will not be questioned about their actions. Time for SMISA to get GLS to act.
  4. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    I thought the referee has the final decision to make? He over-ruled the linesman for the second ICT goal.
  5. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    Maybe someone on the St Mirren Supporters / Fans facebook group could suggest it.
  6. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    So you disagreed with him ruling ICT's goal after 1 minute out for offside then?
  7. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    We should offer him a new contract. Not sure about the official attendance today either. ;-)
  8. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    Not sure if Jack Ross and the board have already considered this, but with his contract up in the summer, maybe we should offer Lewis Morgan a new deal on improved terms?
  9. St Mirren v Inverness CT. SPFL Championship 9/9/17

    Buchanan according to BBC
  10. Julian Broddle - A Former St Mirren Player

    Substitute 'former' for 'great' in the title and it's more in line with my memory of him. We had plenty of genuinely great players during the Ferguson / Clunie / McFarlane eras and in the 87 cup winning team but very few even decent players in Broddle's time with us. An average player in a team which got us relegated to the wilderness for the best part of 15 years. According to his Wiki page his new autobiography is already a "bestseller" too.
  11. Tunnel panel ideas

    One Town - One Team - One Game Left To Save The Manager's Job (copyright Top Cat) St Mirren
  12. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    All the colt teams knocked out within 2 rounds... Hamilton with a supposedly brilliant youth set up thumped at home by Cove Rangers.
  13. Jamterts

    I agree about that as well, new stand is over budge-t and late, they've had to pay of Cathro and Levein has already on the payroll and I don't think the board could agree on any of the candidates who had applied (and still wanted to be considered after they had been interviewed).
  14. Jamterts

    He has done well at the Scottish clubs where he was manager before. Having him as DoF seemed to be one of the main things putting experienced managers like Billy Davies off applying and after the way Cathro's appointment backfired, it sounds like the Hearts board wanted an experienced manager in to steady the ship. I'm guessing that the ideal outcome for Levein and the board is that Hearts finish top 6 and maybe get into Europe over the next season or two and Levein moves back upstairs and gets to appoint his own choice to succeed him. With no games at Tynecastle until November and having fired their manager before the league campaign started I can see why their board went for a Hearts 'legend' who has managed them before. If it doesn't work out it could be an opportunity to thank him for his services during the fans takeover and in helping get them back to the Premiership and taking charge of the team while Tynecastle is re-developed and lose the DoF position at the club and the other board members would have a bigger say on who is appointed as manager in future.
  15. Levein Craig

    I think he might do a decent job and get Hearts roughly where they are expected to be, he did OK first time around and did well at Dundee United. It looks as if his presence as director of football put off experienced candidates and after Cathro's stint in charge the rest of the board wanted someone with experience. Levein's ideal scenario is probably to do well for a year or two and then choose his successor and move back to director of football and board member for as long as he wants. If it goes horribly wrong it may be an opportunity if some of the Hearts board want to bring his time as director of football to an end.