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  1. Morton genuinely can't afford to get promoted. How much work would Cappielow need done on it?
  2. No but then there was a DUFC fan twitter page saying that even if we lost Ross and our season collapsed the most depressing thing about being an Arab at the moment is he still couldn't imagine them taking advantage of any collapse at St Mirren!
  3. BBC Sportsound also confirming Jack Ross has announced he is staying.
  4. You keep asking people to post proof that Jack has spoken with Barnsley. Maybe our board met today since they always meet on the 3rd Thursday morning of the month and decided to begin contract discussions with Jack since they still have not been contacted by Barnsley and since Jack has still not met with them?
  5. Cover your eyes Ronnie: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-mirren-offer-jack-ross-12032935
  6. Presumably Gus McPherson was the highest paid manager in our history, since he was with us for 6 years and had 4 seasons in the SPL and no doubt got a contract extension after the Setanta deal was signed, and it was reported that Danny Lennon was appointed on a lower salary when he took over.
  7. Things which weigh things slightly in our favour : Jack has told guys like Lewis Morgan to wait until the right offer from a bigger / richer club to wait until the right club and offer come along; St Mirren have given him his first crack at full time management and he has said he wants to get us back into the top tier of Scottish football; the board stood by him when the atmosphere and the club improved while results got worse (6 straight league defeats in his first 6 league games); he has been well backed in 2 transfer windows and allowed to hang on to Lewis Morgan and has already been given 1 improved deal in less than 18 months with us.
  8. Barnsley might well know him fairly well given they scouted Mallan for a while before signing him and Mallan has stayed in touch with him since moving.
  9. The BoD can probably afford to make Jack our highest paid manager. If we give DUFC 2 wins for their games in hand (by no means a certainity) we have an 8 point gap, likewise if livi win their game in hand, an 11 point gap with 12 games left to play. Livi could cut that to 8 points if they win on Saturday but its still a big ask. The BoD are probably basing a new salary on us being back in the top flight and income received from transfers.
  10. One thing which is clear is that Tony hasn't come out of this week looking good - whether that was because he was bypassed and left in the dark or because he tweeted without telling the rest of the board or he agreed to put on some bravado in the media while being aware things were moving in the background.
  11. The club has never felt a need to update shareholders ahead of other fans before the new owners took over. Worried about your share price?
  12. I'm hopeful he will stay. I am sure he will have impressed when being interviewed and I am sure he would be confident of his own ability to stop Barnsley being relegated. I think he will want to get us back into the SPL for a start, and he might also fancy staying for 6 months to 1 season to prove he can keep a promoted team up. Not sure if he would be too fussed about trying to turn us into a top 6 side against the odds though.