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  1. Although for someone who seemed upset at a ref saying you're a good team and playing well and you'll stay up Jack's message was exactly the same - if we play like that in the last two games we will stay up.
  2. He seems to have moments in every game where he rides his luck either coming for crosses he can't possibly get or leaving ones he could, and he also seems to spill one or two shots in most matches just when you think he's done well and has everything under control. He's had a few very good games but also quite a few where he has got away with a few blunders and others where he has been punished.
  3. Surely using your logic then with 2 games to go, we know where we are and what has gone before cannot be changed (the referee yesterday)? O'Brien made a huge blunder to give them the indirect free kick for the second goal and he also picked up a back pass against Dumbarton and wasn't punished on that occasion.
  4. I'm back to feeling less optimistic about finishing 8th or better now! We've gone from sitting 8th a few weeks ago to seeing Raith and now Dumbarton overtake us in the last two weeks and Raith now have a game in hand against a Hibs team who have just lost a Hampden semi final a few days beforehand. Also the manner of the goals today... dodgy decisions leading to the first goal, stupidity setting up the second and then losing the game in the 90th minute having made it 2-2 in the 86th minute meaning that after going away to Tannadice, scoring twice and having more possession, more shots on target, more corners we end up coming away with nothing, and now Ayr are back to picking up points regularly again when they were looking dead in the water a few weeks ago.
  5. Losing 6 games in a row would be a bigger influence on us going down or the "6 pointers" we lost for most of the season or an inability to beat Dumbarton once in 4 league games.
  6. Er, wasn't he one of Alex Rae's many rubbish signings?
  7. Yeah I genuinely don't mind that quote being brought up. I did think it was looking extremely unlikely we could go from being the team with the worst form in the league to the team with the best form in the league and worried that even then we may have left ourselves too much ground to make up - 4 points in total by the start of December must be close to a Championship record! I also worried that our inability (until the last month or so) to win the 6 pointer / head to head games with our nearest rivals might cost us dearly. Despite 4 tough games being left to play I fancy our chances or reaching 39 or 40 points - a total that seemed unthinkable not just in December but also in much of January and some of February too!
  8. Thanks for quoting my post from the start of last December. I couldn't remember where or when I had said that and I'm still happy to stand by virtually all of that post (apart from the bit starting we are basically down now!). 36 points to finish 8th will not be too far out, but may not yet be enough to secure that position given Ayr need 5 points from 4 games to reach that total, Raith need 3 points from 4 games and Dumbarton only need 1 more point from their remaining games to hit 36 points. Despite what oaky suggested I could not be happier that the minor miracle I alluded to has almost come to pass with 4 games remaining and I have been to most of our games supporting the team and the manager and have usually been one of the first posters congratulating the manager on the appreciation thread when we have picked up a result and whereas some posters are still saying we should decide on the manager's future at the end of the season I posted around 1 month ago that I was satisfied that there had been a big enough improvement in results, and performances and enough of the January signings had made an impact to suggest Jack Ross should be in charge next season even if we did go down. The post DLBud quoted highlights the remarkable achievement by the management and players over the last few months - it has taken league-winning-form to get us off 10th place and into our current position with 4 games left that our safety is now in our hands despite how tight things remain between the bottom 4 sides.
  9. bbc interview with kenny crawford
  10. And fair play to you Drew as well for being one of the biggest cheerleaders for Jack Ross. I did always point out that I hoped he would succeed, and that my guess was teams like Ayr, Dumbarton and Raith were heading for around 35 points or more by the end of the season and we'd need to better that to stay up. If we achieve safety it will be a stunning achievement given we only had 4 league points at the start of December and how far behind teams like Ayr, Dumbarton, Dunfermline we found ourselves for almost half the season or more!
  11. Congratulations to Jack and the players on their 6th win in 10 league games where we have had only 1 defeat and 3 draws. Looking like we may yet hit promotion-winning-form and stay up without being involved in the play-off if we can keep the form going for a few more games. All the more impressive for keeping the wins coming after losing 2 key players in Davis and Morgan to injury and having Eckersley suspended tonight.
  12. Well done to Jack and the team. Looking like they will finish the season in promotion-winning-form to steer clear of relegation / play off places after all.
  13. 30 seconds added isn't much for a 2 minute delay between the penalty being awarded and taken or for 2 goals and 3 first half bookings plus a few injuries.
  14. I think a few Dumbarton players got treatment for falling over and one of them hurt himself kicking a St Mirren player, he also stopped play to check Irvine ws ok although by the time he did so Irvine was back on his feet. There were 2 goals and a long delay before the penalty was taken (BBC live text updates had the penalty being awarded on 39 minutes and saved on 41 minutes with Dumbarton players being booked during the delay).
  15. I thought he was a bit unlucky to get a red card yesterday. The second yellow card came in injury time and a few Dumbarton players had been let off with similar challenges and that was the same as his first yellow... both were bookable offences but I thought the referee was very poor yesterday in terms of being even handed (or maybe just keeping up with play). I think there was only 1 or 2 times in the 90 minutes where a Dumbarton player fell to the ground looking for a foul where he didn't give it and lots of timewasting was never dealt with even with a warning and he finished the first half (where there was a stoppage for an injury and for the penalty) before the 45 minutes had been played.