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  1. Dibbles old paperboy

    Alan's first signings

    Stocking up the flames of controversy again?
  2. Dibbles old paperboy

    Alan's first signings

    I think we benefitted last season from doing much of our business early and having the bulk of the squad in place for most of pre-season training. Not too sure what to make of Stubbs talking about needing to wait until the World Cup is over before we can talk to some of his targets and English U23 players. It's less than 4 weeks until our first competitive League Cup game and 6 weeks until the league starts. Would like to see us add a few good signings in the next 2 weeks. It's important to keep the momentum going and not be playing catch up after the league season has started.
  3. Dibbles old paperboy

    Glasgow School Of Art....Big Fire....Again

    It's not often you are correct, but you are wrong again.
  4. Dibbles old paperboy

    New Assistant Manager

    No he wasn't... he's the first team coach working under Alan Stubbs.
  5. Dibbles old paperboy

    Alan's first signings

    Is the article being argued about on here not just based on this interview at a press conference? If so, folks can see for themselves what Stubbs said:
  6. Dibbles old paperboy

    The McGinn Brothers

    Nice typo from the Times. There's a reason why no one will really call our ground the Simple Digit Arena!
  7. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Confirmed

    I'm not fussed one way or another about Stubbs' appointment. As always I hope it works out well for the club and him. I thought he came across pretty well on the official website's video interview where he went into more detail on the club, players we already have, recruiting his backroom team and new players than was shown on the clips on the mainstream media outlets.
  8. Dibbles old paperboy

    What is the target?

    Stubbs has announced his target as to be the best we can be, with no mention of points totals or league placings.
  9. Dibbles old paperboy

    What is the target?

    Danny Lennon finished 8th twice and won the League Cup in between those placings...
  10. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Stubbsy must have read your post and decided to think outside the box when talking to the press at his unveiling as St Mirren manager. Barely mentioned St Mirren at all and spent more time talking about regretting leaving Hibs, the profile of Scottish football being on the up due to Brendan Rodgers taking the Celtic job, Stevie Gerard going to Rangers, Clarke doing well at Kilmarnock and he's looking forward to renewing his rivalry with Gerard and visiting Celtic Park and Easter Road again. He has said he got a good feeling about the people running the club... maybe when you've worked at Everton behind the scenes or played for Celtic and Everton it gets harder to be impressed with our dinky stadium and training facilities? On recruitment, he dropped a hint he has lots of English contacts... no mention of the tradition of bring through homegrown young prospects.
  11. Dibbles old paperboy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    You didn't quote what I posted in May 2015 about their defensive record or league performance in 2014-5... just the selective bit of positive balance. From 23rd May 2015: " I have an open mind about whether Murray will be a good appointment. I'm hoping he will but I have not been carried away by the wave of enthusiasm which mostly greeted his appointment. I believe you managed to pick out all the results over the season where you can make a case for Dumbarton competing with Hearts, Hibs and Rangers. Last year Dumbarton conceded 3 or more goals in 19 of their 39 matches, including to Stranraer in the cup. Aggregate scores over the season: Rangers 14 - Dumbarton 3 (over 5 games); Hearts 14 - Dumbarton 2 (over 4 games); Hibs 14 - Dumbarton 6 (over 5 games). So let's write those off since it was a part time club against full time teams with budgets in the top 5 of Scottish football to play with. Queen of the South 9 - Dumbarton 1 Falkirk 7 - Dumbarton 5 Raith Rovers 8 - Dumbarton 6 Livingston 6 - Dumbarton 6 Alloa 4 - Dumbarton 5 Cowdenbeath 6 - Dumbarton 4 Where Dumbarton got their points: 1 win and 1 draw against Cowdenbeath (4 out of 12), 3 wins against Alloa (9 out of 12), 3 wins against Livingston (9 out of 12), 1 draw and 1 win against Raith Rovers (4 out of 12), 2 draws and 1 win against Falkirk (5 out of 12), 1 draw against Queen of the South (1 out of 12), zero points against Rangers, 1 point against Hibs, 1 point against Hearts. Negatives... September was the only full month of the season where Dumbarton didn't concede 3 or more goals in 1 game, and as late as April Alloa (post- Sir Danny Lennon taking over) and Cowdenbeath both stuck 3 by them without reply. Positives... Dumbarton generally did well in crunch games against their main rivals to avoid relegation. Over half their points for the season came in wins in 6 pointers against Alloa (pre- Sir Danny Lennon taking over) and Livingston. They were also even-stevens with Falkirk in their encounters."
  12. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Confirmed

    Murray scored almost as many goals in the league cup last season as he did in 36 league appearances. PS... welcome to St Mirren, Alan.
  13. Dibbles old paperboy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Also on the topic of doing homework on any candidate... Tommy Craig! Ages with Arsene Wenger but our old board didn't seem to bother that he hadn't even won even a handful of games in his time as a caretaker boss and as manager of Charleroi, or ask why no other clubs in the UK had ever promoted him from his role as a coach / assistant manager!
  14. Dibbles old paperboy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I wouldn't have bothered making the post if it was about proving a point about Ian Murray. The point I was making was about doing your homework on ANY candidate. One look at Murray's stats in his second full season at Dumbarton showed he was going backwards and wasn't the miracle-worker he was being made out to be. As for Stubbs... I think he did OK when you look at his record at Hibs. He was around for the toughest Championship seasons so failing to get them automatically promoted isn't a heinous crime and his record against premiership clubs in the cups showed he could have them competitive in the premiership had he stayed and got them promoted. Hibs are probably the 5th biggest club in Scotland so you'd kind of expect them to be finishing top 6 in the premiership or thereabouts based on budget and attendances, and in a Championship with Hearts and Rangers International you'd expect them to be in the play offs. He signed some good players during his time at Hibs (eg the only club that wanted to sign an out of contractJohnMcGinn for buttons) whether or not he brought through many homegrown young players despite his credentials with Everton's academy is unknown.. Other good signsfrom his time at Hibs, they played attractive football and had a decent win ratio in the championship on a budget that dwarfed ours. Like anyone else I hope he does a good turn and signs a few decent players over the summer and has us playing well and has us doing well around the mid-table mark next season... it would be nice to be comfortably ahead of Hamilton and Livingston and if Dundee start slowly I can see the pressure building on Neil McCann.
  15. Dibbles old paperboy

    New Manager Latest Odds

    20 league defeats out of 36 games was the record for Murray in his second season at Dumbarton. the season Jack Ross left as his assistant and went to Hearts youth academy. 9 wins out of 36 league games... and our board thought he's the man to take us forward (he gives a good interview). Here's that Dumbarton season month by month in the league: August: 3 defeats and 1 win (Livingston - the season they had 5 points deducted for financial irregularities)... scoring 3 and conceding 11 (Raith and Queen of the South both score 3 or 4 goals against them as do the comedy version of Sevco). September: 2 draws (Hearts and Falkirk) and 1 win (Alloa) October: 2 draws (Cowdenbeath & Hibs), 2 defeats (Hearts 5-1; Sevco 0-3) 1 goal scored all month and 8 conceded November: 2 defeats (3-0 QOTS; 3-6 Hibs) and 1 victory (2-1 against Livingston) - 5 goals scored 10 conceded December: along with March this was their best month in the season - 3 wins (Alloa 0-1; Raith 2-1; and Cowdenbeath 1-3) and 1 defeat (Falkirk 0-3) 6 goals scored 5 conceded January: 4 defeats in a row (Sevco 3-1; Hearts 1-5; Raith 2-1; Livingston 1-5) and 1 draw (Falkirk 3-3) 7 goals scored, 13 conceded .The next win comes at the start of March. February: 2 defeats (Cowdenbeath 1-2 & Hibs 3-0) and 1 draw (QOTS 0-0) 1 goal scored all month and 5 conceded March: 3 wins (Alloa 1-0; Livingston 1-2; Falkirk 1-0) and I defeat (Hearts 4-0) 4 goals scored, 5 goals conceded April: 5 defeats in a row (Cowdenbeath 3-0; Hibs 1-2; Alloa 3-0; Sevco Comedy Xi 1-3; QOTS 2-1) May: 1 draw (Raith 2-2) Summary of the season: In almost 1/3 of games Dumbarton failed to score a goal in a league where half the teams had part-time players (Cowdenbeath; Alloa; Livingston; Raith as well as Dumbarton themselves). 7 of their 9 league wins were by a 1 goal margin. Dumbarton were the only team in the league to lose all 4 league games to the Sevco Comedy XI that season. 56% of all league games ended in defeat. Dumbarton conceded 79 goals in 36 league games and we paid out compensation to Dumbarton and unveiled Ian Murray as someone who had over-achieved on a small budget in the Championship. One look at their results that season show we had made a huge mistake.