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  1. Sorry to be pedantic but we were not the no.1 form team in the Championship in the second half of the season or even February to May. We moved from being the worst by a mile (much of it under Jack Ross by the way since Alex Rae only had 6 league games) to one of the best form teams in the last few months (weren't we still behind Hibs and Falkirk for form in the last 2 rounds of games)? As for this season I'm hoping we get off to a good start and find ourselves midtable by the January window... flying under the radar in terms of being seen as title contenders but still there or thereabouts as opposed to a flying start and losing our manager and best players in the January window. At the end of last season I think most fans wanted Jack Ross to try and keep the squad that finished last season together and overall I think that was a decent suggestion and he has done well to persuade most of that squad to sign up for this season... not too bothered about many of the players who exited (aside from Mallan). Let's give JR and JF and the squad some time to settle in... we've never had a summer transfer window I can remember where we fixed every weakness in the squad. Hopefully most of last year's team can perform at a similar level and some of our other new signings will turn out to be gems and come the end of the season we can be in the mix at the right end of the table for a change.
  2. Just checking that the Rory Loy who fans keep comparing Gavin Reilly with is the same Rory Loy we had in on loan last season and who was frequently described by some fans as lazy, disinterested and scared to put in a tackle or challenge for headers? I thought that Rory Loy did pretty well for us but I did also think that Jack Ross did well enough in the January window at finding enough good players to improve the squad that if Loy didn't sign for us this season I'd be relatively hopeful that he could sign someone equally as good or better than Loy in the summer window.
  3. She's a Buddie too - her hubbie DL hails from Morton-land though!
  4. All things being equal I prefer not to get too excited by our close season transfer dealings (which will seldom be remarkable) or pre-season and league and cup results until about October. Unless we are off to a Tom Hendrie like promotion charge or the early warning signs are ominous... here's to our first start of the season in 4 years where we don't break records for all the wrong reasons!
  5. And this time last year David Clarkson was looking fit after pre-season and was banging in the goals in the pre-season games and League Cup group ties...
  6. I'm not seeing a huge amount of difference between the original IOBS barb "Children are safe from you" or my paraphrase of it "could be unsafe to be around children".
  7. Should that be your spelling error rather than you spelling error? The there is that sentence designates the place there (hospitality) rather than picturing IOBS walking around hospitality telling fellow fans they are effing weirdos. He replied to faraway saint in 1 post which began "Children are safe from you... " no idea what IOBS was getting at with that comment and I'm sure faraway doesn't either.
  8. There was me thinking the Open Day was a family occasion when it was about building a feel good factor and a bond between the fans and the club ? If you can't see how having a pop at fans who you think should be excluded from the ground (because they don't agree with you on a fans forum) and follow up that up by saying another poster who you have never met could be unsafe to be around children and that i am an effing weirdo then there is not much I can say other than to wish you a happy online experience and say I'm pretty sure that when you and your wife book hospitality at games you don't go walking around hospitality calling strangers there effing weirdos.
  9. What a bizarre post.
  10. I thought Rangers fans took exception to accepting their club was liquidated beginning in 2012?
  11. The Hawk received something like £485k in an EBT from Rangers, I'm sure he'll be glad of the opportunity to give the NHS, education, emergency services a fairer share of that now that the ruling means the EBT was never really a loan and was an attempt to 'avoid' tax.
  12. I don't see Alex Neil ending up at St Johnstone when he has said he would like to manage again in England. Aberdeen or Hearts or the two best supported teams in Glasgow might tempt him at some point as well. Tommy Wright would be a good choice for Aberdeen if McInnes goes... St Johnstone have tended to go for managers outwith the SPL not sure if they would go for Peter Houston or Jack Ross and don't think Ross has enough experience yet to tempt the Dons.
  13. As a member club of the SFA and SPFL it would be good if we would quietly and behind the scenes raise some issues over the continued criminality on the board of the international Rangers. As far as I am aware they have been awarded another UEFA licence by the SFA without having enough years of full audited accounts available and without meeting the financial fair play regulations... not that I think Hearts were all that keen to take their place given their run under Cathro and Tynecastle being a building site at the minute. Rangers will be getting money from competing in Europe plus TV deals and sponsorship next season which should be going to another Scottish club, just as in the past they got titles, trophies, prizemoney etc while using illegal EBTs with a teams full of incorrectly registered players. During the Whyte fraud trial we learned that the SFA gave Rangers a licence to play in the Champions League whilst knowing they had an unpaid tax debt outstanding and seemed happy to grant the licence on the understanding that Rangers had no money to pay the tax debt until they got access to next season's spoils for competing in Europe. Yesterday STV ran a story about some of the legal discussions at the start of the trial which were not allowed to be reported on until after the trial concluded, including the news that Dave King (already a convicted criminal for tax evasion) had paid around £20k for information hacked from Craig Whyte's computer with a view to using the material to potentially bribe Craig White: https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1390627-rangers-chairman-dave-king-bought-hacked-whyte-emails/ Alistair Johnstone who had been chairman of the now deceased club was also disclosed to have signed off illegal contracts to Rangers board members and staff and has now joined the board of the new club: https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1390717-ex-rangers-chairman-bypassed-law-with-martin-bain-deal/ Given what was said about Rangers and Murray's other companies trading for a few years while "technically insolvent" during the trial it does seem very odd that Stewart Regan appears to have no problems with members of the old board who traded while insolvent and left tax debts behind them (Dave King, Paul Murray, Alistair Johnstone) still being viewed as "fit and proper" people to be directors / chairman of a football club when at least two of them are also sid to be involved in paying for information from a hacked computer... and when Regan is interview for his response to Craig Whyte being found not guilty his response is that the SFA will look into recovering the £200k fine handed out to Whyte (now bankrupt) and stressing Whyte will never be allowed to be involved in a Scottish football club in future. It is time for member clubs and their chairmen to finally bring Regan and Doncaster to account for the governing authorities unwillingness to see Rangers play by the rules everyone else plays by - all clubs lost out from reduced TV money and sponsorship due to the old club dying and having to start again. I'd love to see Gordon Scott raise this and set events in motion behind the scenes and then get back to the more important matters at St Mirren FC next season.
  14. Was Buchanan not a part time player at the age of 27... next year's Ben Gordon perhaps?
  15. Dundee United will now be hoping some of their ex-stars like Stuart Armstrong and Andrew Robertson move over the summer and bring in funds from sell on clauses.