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  1. We gave Hugh Murray a new 1 year deal in similar circumstances where it looked like he might not be offered an extension until he picked up a bad injury and it allowed him to get fit and find a new club not longer after he was fit and play on for another few seasons at a lower level. If we hadn't given Shuggie a deal and he found himself without a club with a long term injury he might have struggled to get a new club with a bad injury when the transfer window was open.
  2. At no point would I ever class myself as a hater of Jack Ross. I wasn't a fan of Alex Rae's style of football but thought he was fired too early in the season, and when he was fired I thought we should have gone for a more experienced manager as well. I also never have subscribed to the school of thought that the squad assembled last summer was so bad that it was unrealistic to hope that we could compete with and match the likes of Ayr United, Dumbarton, newly promoted Dunfermline etc. So I will happily admit to being a Jack Ross doubter during the first 3 or 4 months of his tenure, and that doubt was based on results being terrible and our inability to win any key relegation battles before the New Year. Even in debate with the likes of Drew I often stated that I hoped Jack Ross would succeed and go on and become a St Mirren manager who kept us up in his first season at the club and then got us back to the SPL after that. And also long before we left the foot of the table I posted saying that after he brought in his own signings that I thought results and performances had improved enough to suggest that even if we had been relegated he was worth standing by as manager in League One. There is never any harm in fans getting carried away during the close season in a wave of optimism about the following season and it has been good to see us sign up a number of the existing squad on new or longer deals and bring in some new signings early on before the window officially opens as well, but I don't think it does any harm either to ask whether anyone can remember such a feel good factor for the future when to date it looks like we will have a similar defence to last season (which was seen as a weakness for much of the season) and when most of our signings so far have been part-time players.
  3. Not sure there were ever many "Ross haters"
  4. We are in a similar-ish position to the previous close season... we finished the season in the kind of form which would see us up in the play off places after spending the bulk of the season aiming to avoid relegation. The team's resurgence was built around a more cohesive and attacking style of football and Jack Ross has galvanised the support with whom he has become a hero in contrast to how Alex Rae and his team performed their own great escape the year before. We've sold another one of our best players in Mallan an d could also lose Morgan during this window once it opens. So far our signings have been: Ross Stewart, 22 year old goalkeeper signed from Albion Rovers - could be an improvement over O' Brien Jordan Kirkpatrick, 25 year old midfielder signed from Alloa Athletic, nominated for League One Player Of The Year. Gregor Buchanan, 27 year old defender signed from Dumbarton, stepping up to full time football quite late in the day (similar age to when Agnew tried the transition) Ross Stewart, 22 year old forward signed from Albion Rovers and described by James Fowler as a "work in progress". Evan Horne, 18 year old midfielder signed from Dunfermline U20s (possibly for our own U20s) Cammy Smith, 22 year old striker, signed from Aberdeen after a good loan spell with us.
  5. I won't claim to know too much about any of our signings so far. Jack Ross did well enough in the January window to suggest he can spot good prospects at our level. If we are wanting to challenge for the Championship title and get promoted to the SPL over the next few seasons here's hoping that Jack Ross has a few quality Stephen McGinn / Adam Eckersley / Harry Davis type signings to join the young part timers stepping up.
  6. Agreed, never has there been such delirious optimism around players all stepping up from part-time football with Albion Rovers, Dumbarton and Alloa or U20 football. The last manager to go down that type of young players stepping up (more from U20 development teams) was Ian Murray.
  7. Campbell Money Steve Clarke Jackie Copeland Norrie McWhirter Iain Munro Paul Lambert Billy Abercromby Billy Stark Peter Weir Frank McAvennie Frank McGarvey Subs: Billy Thomson, Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Alan Logan, Tony Fitzpatrick, Frank McDougall, Doug Somner
  8. Hmmm. How many coaches do we need? I'm hoping that on the goalkeeper front that O'Brien will not be our first choice keeper next season - he had a few good games but most games he seemed to spill saves and catches when there didn't look to be any pressure
  9. Just logged on and replied before reading the rest of the thread.
  10. Aye, Stevie Thompson never ceases to talk about how much he loved playing for Barnsley... or would that be Burnley?
  11. Precious few players stay long enough at a club to earn a testimonial now. I am as happy viewing Ralston as a place where probably hundreds of kids will train and develop going through the different age groups and for most of them won't end up being professionals but will have been well coached and be good players and have got a decent level of fitness and then the cream of the crop at Ralston will end up playing football professionally, hopefully with St Mirren if they are decent, or finding a team a level below us if things don't work out at the club (eg Thomas Reilly), and the absolute cream of the crop will go on and play at a higher level than St Mirren play at (McGinn and McLean being good recent examples). For me, whether or not we got as much money as we would have liked it was thanks to Ralston that Kenny McLean played for 4 or 5 seasons for us, John McGinn played with us for 3 seasons, and in the last 4 or 5 years Ralston has brought through other first team players like Marc McAusland, John Baird, Sean Kelly, Jason Naismith, Kyle McAllister, Kyle Magennis, Thomas Reilly, Stevie Mallan, most of whom played with us for 3 or 4 seasons as first team regulars and I am happy that as a club that rather than go down the route of filling our squad with loanees or journeymen that Ralston has meant that every year for the last 6 or 7 seasons that young local players have become an important and sometimes sizeable part of our first team squad. While I share your disappointment with the fees we got in the end for Kenny McLean and John McGinn as far as I am concerned we gave them both their break at first team SPL level and once they broke into the first team we gave them better deals and longer deals and in this day and age it is hard to keep players on long contracts, especially when we were never an established SPL top 6 club who could be certain of being comfortably clear from relegation battles most seasons. Players and their agents hold most of the aces nowadays. The return of Stephen McGinn should also serve to remind us that even when we lose exciting young prospects from Ralston cheaply to clubs able to offer significantly better wages than we can that the goodwill earned by developing and nurturing a talented teenager and giving them their break and allowing them to move on (rather than freezing them out the team until they sign an extension) can reap rewards further down the line. Who knows if in future we might see a few Ralston products like McLean, P McGinn or J McGinn, McAllister and Mallan (and Morgan) return to play for the club that gave them their start in the game for another few seasons?
  12. Regarding the price, if Mallan played all season in the form he displayed in the last dozen games then £500k would be a steal. If he played all season in the form he showed from July to January then £50k would be a good bit of business for us!
  13. To help source and bring through a chunk of the first team by spotting and nurturing local talent?
  14. I'd be gutted if Barnsley are in for Stephen McGinn as well... or Lewis Morgan.
  15. Please fill us all in on how the old board profited from selling players on the cheap.