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  1. Terrible news that Connor lost his long battle with leukaemia. Far too young RIP buddie.
  2. What a surprise it would be to see the West Lothian plastic franchise pushing the boat out to spend money they haven't got.
  3. Seen that on twitter, not looking so good this early in the season to have so many injuries. It seems there are more trialists playing in the Ross county game, the lad Miller plus a few more, let's hope we don't get any more before sat.
  4. This lad Miller might well get a short term deal considering the mini injury crisis that's rapidly developing. Maybe a deal similar to Hilson while Magennis recovers.
  5. McCann could easily have taken off the number 17 who seemed to kick anything that moved all night in the so called friendly. Im surprised we don't have more injured players given the extent Dundee players were going at it most of the game.
  6. Renewed both my ticket and my boys on sat morning. When I added the Dundee game on for free I was informed that both my seats were already sold to someone else so it looks as if there could be a decent crowd.
  7. You need to curb the drinking wee man.
  8. There is a street just around the corner from my house named after Davy Lapsley. Lapsley Avenue just off Neilston Road.
  9. Airdrie fans are saying that the threat of insolvency is very real. They are not selling season tickets because of this, and you would have to think selling their best asset for 75K is probably only papering over the cracks in financial terms. Im guessing most of Scottish football will be aware hence the price tag announcement in yesterday's press. It looks like Airdrie might have to accept less than 75k given their precarious position.
  10. If clubs like Plymouth are interested then 75k is nothing to the likes of them, I can't see him coming to us if bigger outfits are in for him.
  11. Away you go with your positive attitude.
  12. Airdrie fans on the pie & bovril site are saying a few Scottish Premiership teams have been watching along with Derek Adams also been seen at games watching him.
  13. The chances of any Scottish club paying a 75K fee for a league one player are slim to say the least. 25 to 30 with a sell on clause is somewhat more realistic.
  14. Billy would a very decent signing at this level. He would be a major asset with his experience and very unselfish style of play. I would be delighted to see him back.
  15. East Kilbride.