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  1. class of 76-77

    Speculation Thread

    Stokes is definitely traveling with the squad to the Spanish training camp.
  2. class of 76-77

    St Mirren Fan Passes Away

    Very sad RIP Louise.
  3. class of 76-77

    Alan's first signings

    It’s fairly obvious that some posters will never accept a manager who they didn’t want appointed from outset. It’s a bit daft to slaughter the manager and his signings before a ball is kicked. Let’s wait and see what experienced players he can sign, to supplement the young and hungry players coming from the Vardy academy. This formula has worked well for other teams at this level, and it’s Stubbs reputation that’s on the line if it doesn’t work. So he’s hardly going to sign players that he doesn’t think will cut it at this level.
  4. class of 76-77

    Alan's first signings

    24 years old.
  5. class of 76-77

    New Assistant Manager

    Exactly, if we want to take another clubs assistant manager then we have to pay the compensation. Donald Park is a shoe in to replace Brian Rice at Inverness, having worked with Robertson previously.
  6. class of 76-77

    Sunday sun

    It actually says that we’ve surpassed last season’s total and sold over 3000. That’s more believable considering we sold just over 2750 last season. It’s a very impressive total given that the early bird scheme doesn’t finish till next week.
  7. class of 76-77

    Alan's first signings

    Going back to Hearts apparently and way out of our price range.
  8. class of 76-77

    The Simple Digital Arena

    If it brings in extra revenue for the club then it’s fine by me.
  9. class of 76-77

    So Farewell Then Buddie

    RIP Jim.
  10. class of 76-77

    Speculation Thread

    Yes that’s correct, I suspect it may have been JR who made the enquiry about him but that’s all changed now with Allan Stubbs at the helm. He might well have his own targets.
  11. class of 76-77

    Speculation Thread

    Some newspaper speculation that we are interested in Halkett the Livingston centre back, who is out of contract. Good player, he would be a welcome replacement for Harry Davis if we have the chance to sign him.
  12. class of 76-77

    Dominique Malonga

    Last played for Swiss side Servette in 2017 making one appearance according to his wiki page.
  13. class of 76-77

    New Manager Latest Odds

    50 players in two seasons used up and then binned by McIntyre. That stat is now going to follow him around while he seeks employment. He might well go on to secure another job sooner or later, but for clubs operating at our level that’s not a good look for your future employer.
  14. I think it’s going to be really interesting to see what players Stubbs can bring on board. He likes to play an open expansive type of game, so we should see some very decent signings.
  15. class of 76-77

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Yeah Caldwell has been in for his interview, of the final four mentioned Caldwell would be 4 th choice for me.