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  1. Speculation on the pie and bovril forum that the striker Ross Stewart has signed. Or the poster could be confused with the already signed Keeper ....
  2. If we are in for the lad with the same name as the keeper, then he's had a previous spell playing at youth level with us.
  3. Thank f**k for that.
  4. I don't see why not, O'Brien had less experience and he went straight in at number 1.
  5. Are you sure.
  6. Im just guessing about Stelios, I would love him to stay but I've heard that there is interest from England. I'm not sure if he's indicated to the club that he won't take up the years option on his contract.
  7. Sorry Guys I'm basing this on Stelios leaving, I just thought if Watson was available he's proven at this level to be a cracking player if he can stay fit.
  8. I'm using Watson's loan season with us as a guide. He was immense in that season, brilliant defending and a real goal threat. Player of the year.
  9. A better player than Gary Irvine but a tad injury prone. He would be an ideal replacement for Stelios who looks like he won't be coming back.
  10. It's in the Sun so it must be true.
  11. Airdrie fans on the pie & bovril site are saying that the lad Ryan can easily make the step up to the championship and score goals.
  12. Destined for Junior football, possibly the worst of all the signings made by Rae when he was at the helm.
  13. I can remember both lads, they lived in glenburn from what I can remember but haven't seen them about the town, or at any games for a good few years.
  14. I was waiting patiently to see who would post this response after making the original mistake.....
  15. Apparently we are in for Albion Rovers keeper Ross Stewart, along with Kilmarnock.