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  1. Wee Raymie Balloch

    What a performance from the players on a day where almost every saints fan in the stadium got on their feet pay their respects to one of our own. Raymie's wife and daughter must have been humbled to see such a show of respect, from both sets of fans. Much respect to all.
  2. Wee Raymie Balloch

    I grew up in Glenburn not far from Raymie and can remember my brother Gerry playing football in our younger days with Raymie. Met him at the tail end of last season and we spoke about all things St Mirren and his charity bike runs. A selfless wee gentleman who was a credit to himself and his family. Massive buddie and will be very sadly missed by all who had the privelage of knowing him. RIP wee man I'll be paying my tribute to you on sat.
  3. Andy Ryan

    It would appear that JR must have trust in Reilly Sutton and Duffy to score goals, or that the club have reached the budget limit and chose not to pay a fee for the player.
  4. Andy Ryan

    Andy Ryan signs for Dunfermline undisclosed fee involved.
  5. Speculation Thread

    Why ? Can you not give the lad a chance before shooting him down.
  6. Speculation Thread

    I wonder if we'll see a new face this week.
  7. Brian Graham

    Hilson is quick direct and looked the part pre season. Definitely has the ability but a slight concern over his injury record. Hopefully he comes back fit and well to give us another good option.
  8. Speculation Thread

    Jack and James on a 3 year deal can either do a job up front
  9. Speculation Thread

    I'm reliably informed that it won't be Brian Graham
  10. Speculation Thread

    Stewart Gilmour has stated in the recent past that Ralston costs a fortune to run for a club of our size. He made a very good point when pointing out St johnstone as an example of a club similar in size to ourselves, pointing out that they don't have such a facility and therfore this revenue saved is spent on the first team playing budget. When you consider where both clubs are at present then it's maybe something we should be looking at. An all weather surface and a grass pitch at Greenhill road would save the club a fortune in running costs.
  11. Andy Ryan

    Apparently Ryan's agent already has one or two of his clients already at Livingston and that's his likely destination, according to Livingston fans. He didn't do himself any favours with his performance yesterday but it can be difficult to judge a player on the strength of one game.
  12. Andy Ryan

    The very best of luck to him if Livingston are willing to pay stupid money they don't have. Then again Livi have previous for spending large amounts of cash they don't have, cheating bastards. On today's showing there is no way that Airdrie will get 45k for Ryan.
  13. Speculation Thread

    If given the choice of signing Loy and missing out on a few of the squad fillers we've already signed then I would have gone with Loy. Quality over quantity for me. Of course some of the players I'm referring to might well do a job given time, but Loy is a known quantity who would have been an invaluable signing imo.
  14. Speculation Thread

    There's very little chance of us paying Airdrie 45k for a player reputedly earning £1300 a week in the third tier. More likely that as others have suggested that we get a loan signing. Brian Graham would do a job for any club operating in the championship.
  15. Andy Ryan

    Livingston fan on pie&bovril claiming that Andy Ryan is on £1300 a week at Airdrie, and that he wants Livi to match his wage if they want to sign him.