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  1. Shame. Seem to recall he always seemed to pick up a nasty injury close to transfer windows. Kept him with us a bit longer. Hope its not as serious as is feared.
  2. There can be no f*cking about. We need to win against this mob.
  3. I suspect Foley will play centre back but it's clearly not his position. Once again our lack of defenders bites us in the arse.
  4. Playing well. Cammy having a poor game so far. Seems off the pace.
  5. Good game. Great goals.
  6. I know. Keeping well away from the keyboard tomorrow. 'Mon the 'Well !
  7. Another great goal. All over.
  8. Hope Dundee score and Robbie Neilson has a squeaky bum final 10 minutes. He has been too happy looking.
  9. I don't think Paul McGowan is cut out for this joint striker/ number 10 role. Maybe too similar to Adam to play midfield though.
  10. This is a right good game.
  11. Nice goal Danny!!!
  12. Here we go. Wee Danny on!
  13. Yep. What do I know 🤐
  14. Game just kicked off and Hearts 1 up already. Hearts have a cracking squad. Sore to see big Popescu in that team. Early signs are Charlie Adam is very slow🐌.
  15. Yep. I was thinking Tait, Shaughnessy and Foley = we are screwed!
  16. Survival is fine for me this year. Stay in the top flight and stay in business. Flynn back, McCarthy back and no more crazy suspensions from Tait and Shaugnessy and we have a decent team.
  17. Regardless of how disappointing much of our play is this season there is no way we should get rid of Jim. I have no doubt he is giving it 100% and is St Mirren minded. We have had too many managers in recent years and there are still a load of imposters out there looking for work.We need to stick with it and hope that Jim has enough about him to keep us in the top flight and give us a good cup run.
  18. I think it has to be Fraser, Mccarthy Shaugnessy and Tait - any one of those 4 missing and we go to pieces.
  19. Very likeable QoS commentators. Knowledgable and fair. 10/10
  20. QOS commentators talking up their left back who has looked good - qualified by the fact its only us!
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