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Bud the Baker

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There's a pub up here called Drummonds that's good for live music. There was an AC/DC tribute band playing there a week back on Friday and me and some pals were looking through the upcoming attractions. Lo & be-feckin'-hold there was Kirk & the boys getting a mention. Just HAD to go along to that, which was last Friday.

Three support bands, SoD doing an hour & a half then an encore, finished about 1 am, a good pogo to some great songs and all for about 12 quid. What more could you want? It was fuggin' excellent. :lol:

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Millport and I went to see Spear last Saturday...brilliant gig so it wiz :) Have you made yer mind up about KJ yet Mr Howard...also on that subject..never new Paul Raven was in Prong...

Sorry, mate, due to the fact that some of the management in our place are thunderously fúcktardistic I couldnae get the time off and shall be unable to manage. Mind you, like I said I'm still corn beef fae the last time, two years back in April.

The Slits - Love Und Romance

X Ray Spex - Art I Ficial

Wire - Outdoor Miner

Siouxsie - Israel

Mmmmm, really need to get out more......

Top quality, mate.

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