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I'm Listening To....

Bud the Baker

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I couldn't give a flying monkey's fat arse aboot being cool - I like what I like and thats that and if somebody doesn't ike it they can catch one of the aforementioned monkey's and kiss it's arse!!! :D

Well said......you're totally right.....what you like is what you like...who cares what anyone says

BUT FFS...... Paolo Nutini???????????????......WTF.............C'mon doll get a grip


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Electronic-Get the Message.....Choon cool.gif

Mickey Ramone & me had a fall out over that track. I said it was better than anything The Smiths did. He said that the lyrics were bloody awful. That may be so but it HAS got Johnny Marr doing a guitar solo.

It's a song and a half, big chap, and I will never get sick of it. One of the best I've ever heard.

Oh no, wait a minute.....it's Getting Away With It that I meant, Get the Message is bollocks. :)

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