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Play Mehmet

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Mehmet also scored a superb winner against Hearts to earn us a cup final; provided an assist for S. McGinn's famous winner against Rangers; scored a penalty to beat Celtic in a cup tie; consolidated our comeback with a goal in the Fir Park Great Escape; scored one and set up the other during our magnificent victory to avoid relegation at Grangemouth. I dare say I could go on.

Compared to the significant majority of 'strikers' we have had at the club since he left, the guy was a colossus for us.

I would have him back in a minute. Even his commitment and workrate was streets ahead of most players we have had at the club in the last couple of seasons.

I very much doubt you could "go on".much more.

I never said Mehmet didn't score some goals. That semi final strike and the ensuing celebration will live long in my memory. In fact I caught that on camera at the time.

It doesn't change te fact that he was, at best, mediocre in the main.

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Mehmet didn't score many goals, Newton was a bit duff in his second spell, Thommo has struggled this season, McGinn hasn't been as good over recent months, Andy Dorman only shone in fits and starts.... etc, etc.

Aye, it's all true. If Mehmet had been banging them in like Alan Shearer he wouldn't have been fcuking around in diddy leagues over recent years. If Conor Newton had been Iniesta, he would never have left Newcastle, much less join the mighty Rotherham (and be released). If Dorman had been Xavi, he'd have 75 Welsh caps by now....

St Mirren players will have limitations of some sort, we must accept that. Could a returning Mehmet or Newton do a job for us in the Championship? Would they, if they did return, be better than what we currently have? I would suggest yes, both would be better than what we have, AND what we are likely to dig up from goodness knows where to wear the jerseys next season. Look at the shite we have spunked wages on recently as a nine-year top flight club with a recent major cup win (and those much-vaunted dedicated training facilities and shiny, clean new stadium).

The current incumbents of the manager's office and boardroom scare the shit out of me with who they might sign now we are a diddy Championship club. I would welcome Mehmet and Newton back with open arms.

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Well said Poz. Mehmet gave his all which is more than can be said of many of our current squad.

As I have said on this forum umpteen times Mehmet himself said he was played in a position he did not like. He never regarded himself as an out-and-out striker but preferred to play behind a striker. He rarely got that chance with us. I'd take him back tomorrow if only for his dance - that alone is a better contribution than some of this season's imposters.

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A lot if people seem to also discount that one thing Mehmet was excellent at was coming into midfield, collecting a ball, then holding it up well until he had other attacking support around him. In my opinion, the only player we've had since he left that performed that particular skill well was Gowser.

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Whit the feck?

Every time we have a problem somebody brings up this p!sh!

Mehmet would make no difference to the downward spiral. Thompson is a much better player and he's not been able to prevent the slide. Though I have to admit his celebrations are less energetic. Just as well as he's scored far more than Billy would have so would have been knackered!

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