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faraway saint

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Fraternal felicitations fellow FFFuddies - from sweaty, sultry Singapore. This place is wram and wet - just the way I like my women! Unfortunately most of the women I know are just the way I like my beer - cold and dry!

Anyway, to more pressing matters. WTF is going on with Saints? When I left to go on this trip the KTF brigade had us going for a top 6 slot - now we're hanging on by the skin of our teeth. What's gone wrong? The cup run might just be a distraction we don't need - enjoyable as it was to stuff the green bigots, I'd rather have had 3 points at Sneckie any day.

Bye for now folks.

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As self appointed chairman I agree on abusing certain elements of other supporters, but bad language will not be tolerated, got that ya mean tightfisted fcuking cnut? :P

I'm sorry, it willnae happen again ye neverfarenoughawaychairmanofallf*ckwitfudfaces :lol:

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