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Daily Record Ratings Shocker


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Their ratings on our Team.

Kello 5


Mair 3

Kelly 3

Newton 3

Goodwin 3

McGowan 3

McLean 3

McGinn 2

Thommo 4

Was Elvis doing our ratings.

The United goalie got 6 for turning up.

Danny Legend got 5 out of 10 so it wisnae Lex, Isa or Billy who scored it.

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Shull, you've got too much time on your hands if you can be bothered typing up that garbage. These are just numbers made up by some wee junior journo that obviously wasn't even at the game. If he/she had been at Tannadice the numbers would be lower than these.

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If we were bigoted paranoid f**kwits then the Daily Record wid be on The List.

Thankfully, we urnae.

St Mirren Fans are generally, decent human beings who dinnae haud grudges.

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