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Windows 10

murray street

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Anybody registered for this which comes out at the end of july?

You get it free if you have Windows 7 or 8.

I am running it on a virtual machine and it does not

look or feel much different from 7 or 8.

You know you are getting it when you have a white windows

symbol at the bottom right of your screen

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Ok, got the new Windows 10, took an age to install, seems to have slowed things down a bit but I'll give it time to settle in.

Like most of these things most people will probably not use much more than they already use, and I'm in that bracket but I'm going to make it my aim to learn how to use a different feature/app every day.


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Can I ask why. Getting a new pc delivered next week with the free upgrade. Does it cause problems?

It's running fine with me, quite a few new features which sometime scares some people. whistling.gif

The new browser, "Edge" seems pretty smooth.

Takes a bit getting used to but, overall, at this stage, an improvement from Windows 8 for me.

The link below gives a pretty decent review...............


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