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  1. What a stupid comparison Fergie got a team promoted then won leagues cups and a EuropEan trophy before he got the top job.
  2. St Mirren songs

    The snow the snow we're top of the league in the snow
  3. Sammy to Shull He who laughs last laughs longest Cos he's got too much class to say GIRUY as would be justified
  4. W7 Fans & Banners

    Think we all agree on three things 1 The banner was unacceptable 2 The club had every right and probably a responsibility under SPFL rules to react 3 The season long ban was an over reaction Perhaps a message from the fans as above will covince the board to reconsider the penalty An online petition to the board asking for a review while clearly stating the above might be better than gnashing of teeth wringing of hands and boycotts
  5. It's the price of the pies that riles me!
  6. Kenny McLean

    I don't get this indignation that Kenny McLean is doing Saints out of a sell on fee. What is he supposed to do? Accept less money to stay at Aberdeen when he can get more somewhere else.? Refuse to move to a bigger club or even league and further his career? The lad did well for us stayed on when he didn't have to and we agreed to sell him. We got some dosh for him. End of. He owes saints nothing more. I wish him all the very best and will always remember a good player who gave his all for Saints when he was here.
  7. Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    Deserved He was great on Saturday
  8. Fake Saints shirt on ebay

    Check out my avatar for the genuine 1970 home kit with its round collar as worn by Ally McLeod and Archie Knox
  9. Our Compere

  10. Who Was St Mirin ?

    I've heard that when the team were named somebody got it badly wrong Apparently Mirren is the female spelling of the Celtic name Mirin Don't tell the opponents or we'll be labelled a team of lassies! Also I've seen references to a Cornish St Meryn Coincidence given the celtic links between Cornwall Wales Ireland and Scotland?
  11. Great strip

  12. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    And we missed apenalty at 0 0
  13. Andy Ryan

    Good point after all even East Kilbride could score against our defence!
  14. Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    Misery guts 3 Happy Clappers 5 is my prediction ETA Forgot to report Shull sent off after 46 minutes for trying to change sides at half time