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  1. Danny

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    See your point but he didn't half blot his copy book next season
  2. Danny

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Could be right but I didn't say which managerless club
  3. Danny

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    You forgot Alex Smith wins Scottish Cup - sacked! Jim Clunie- highest league finish ever - sacked Not sure Alex Rae should be in that company though Makes dismal reading
  4. Danny

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Earlier this week David Hopkin turned move to Carlisle Now it seems he hasn't committed to Livingston who "hope he'll stay" https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44238473 Expecting an offer from a club due to lose its manager?
  5. Danny

    Sammy signs new 2 year deal

    OK I confess I'm not Danny I'm really Zoot
  6. Danny

    Open top Bus and Party

    Sorry to have to agree with Elvis but me and my mates have been in the Buddies lounge twice in the past two months. On both occasions we were "asked" to put our scarves away and my son's boy told to cover up his Saints T shirt We don't go there anymore
  7. 12th in a 16 team 1st division
  8. What a stupid comparison Fergie got a team promoted then won leagues cups and a EuropEan trophy before he got the top job.
  9. Danny

    St Mirren songs

    The snow the snow we're top of the league in the snow
  10. Sammy to Shull He who laughs last laughs longest Cos he's got too much class to say GIRUY as would be justified
  11. Danny

    W7 Fans & Banners

    Think we all agree on three things 1 The banner was unacceptable 2 The club had every right and probably a responsibility under SPFL rules to react 3 The season long ban was an over reaction Perhaps a message from the fans as above will covince the board to reconsider the penalty An online petition to the board asking for a review while clearly stating the above might be better than gnashing of teeth wringing of hands and boycotts
  12. It's the price of the pies that riles me!