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  1. Great strip

  2. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    And we missed apenalty at 0 0
  3. Andy Ryan

    Good point after all even East Kilbride could score against our defence!
  4. Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    Misery guts 3 Happy Clappers 5 is my prediction ETA Forgot to report Shull sent off after 46 minutes for trying to change sides at half time
  5. Our Compere

    Maybe it's cos he's a new signing and needs to bed in
  6. Our Compere

    Twice in two weeks isn't just a mistake it's bordering on incompetence
  7. Our Compere

    His job to get it right and last week he confused wee Cammy Smith with a giant Airdrie centre half
  8. Our Compere

    Might be OK if he didn't keep getting the scorers wrong Twice in succesive games
  9. Harry

    Said on BBC Gossip column last week the Hearts boy will be loaned when he recovers from an injury probably later in August. If true would be strange to sign an injured player to cover for injuries
  10. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    It isn't the manager or the players that's the problem it's the combination of black shorts and black socks!!! We always do badly when there's more black than white in our kits! Get white socks back now!!
  11. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    My all time favourite strip as worn by my all time favourite Saints player (see avatar)
  12. Chairman's Update

    Irony now?
  13. Chairman's Update

    Ever heard a Tony interview?
  14. Chairman's Update

    And you're no jist sayin' that
  15. Andy Ryan

    Airdrie fan told me today they will be bailed out by supporters trust at a meeting tomorrOw So may not be any bargain besement buys avaiable