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  1. Still cheaper than a taxi fare for a 20 minute trip into Glasgow from my house. [emoji379]
  2. Not so simple sadly. The rules are "charges for admission shall be arranged by the competing clubs. If they are unable to agree, the charges which are normally made for the regular fixtures of the club at whose ground the match is to be played, will apply" so if we hadn't accepted £20 it would have been £26 same as Hibs.
  3. Paisley, Uk City Of Culture 2021?

    Glasgow we're European City of Culture in 1990. So long ago or am I just getting old?
  4. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    I passed Castle Greyskull this afternoon and there was a big van parked outide from a door entry systems firm. I think they are installing a revolving door in the manager's office?
  5. St Mirren Contract thread

    You're basically talking about bringing back transfer fees when players are out of contract and there is hee-haw chance of that happening. It contradicts UEFA / FIFA rules and current employment legislation. A line had to be drawn somewhere and and the current age level suited all parties. I'm sure agents and FIFPro are probably actively lobbying to lower the age at which compensation is due never mind increase it.
  6. St Mirren Contract thread

    Given that we scraped through by the skin of our teeth last season any agent worth his money would advise Reilly to only sign for one season and put himself in the shop window. What contract the club offered him then or offer him now it's out of our hands.
  7. You couldnt make it up -Sevco /Tic taking the p

    You're wrong - quite a bit more I think if you include appearances, bonuses and a few perks. Have a look at the wage bill on the accounts.
  8. The Conglomerate . .

    Not sure what you mean by this as there is a Morrisons and a Sainsbury's within two minutes walk of the Wholefoods shop (if this is what you mean?).
  9. Audio Books

    Nae bother at aw!
  10. Audio Books

    If she's got a phone put them on a MicroSD card. If not buy a wee MP3 player and stick them on there or get one taht will take the MicroSD card.
  11. The Conglomerate . .

    Are you sure that's not the story from abou 10 years ago when they last tried to move into that building?
  12. A buddie on scot squad

    The lad who plays the Community Officer (who has lost a lot of weight recently) is from Paisley. He worked for the Cooncil for a while.
  13. One Likely Lad down......................

    Of course he hated Newcastle - he's from Sunderland. [emoji460]️
  14. Brexit Negotiations

    No, it's just the way the hard right are stirring up trouble. The amount is exactly what the UK committed to pay towards ongoing budgeted projects a couple of years ago.
  15. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    I think what the Corbynites are panicking about is she is getting to air her political views to millions every night and she won't be "on message". They undermined her at every turn when she was leader and now she's going to get her revenge. A woman scorned ...........