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  1. Fake Saints shirt on ebay

    If you enlarge the picture on eBay it looks like it has been hand knitted.
  2. Living On A Island Any Island Within The UK

    Er, isn't the UK an island? It certainly looks like it on the map?
  3. Kille have a new Boss

    Strange considering he rubbished the SPFL not so long ago and didn't fancy working back in Scotland.
  4. Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    See Hearts were scammed earlier this year. See the updated BBC link.
  5. The Apprentice 2017

    I once saw them live (with Leslie Crowther) in Scarborough when I was about 10. Got to bowl an over at them at a charity cricket match. Wonder how much that cost my dad?
  6. Speculation Thread

    Is he not his replacement?
  7. The Apprentice 2017

    No I was commenting on your statement about trhe prize for the winner. Given that Time Team was costing £200K an episode when it was dumped I would guess that The Apprentice costs the BBC about £500K per episode. How much it actually costs United Artists (who make the show) per episode is anybody's guess.
  8. The Apprentice 2017

    Seriously, £250K is chicken feed on a 10 week series. £25K an episode? As one of their most successful productions they probably take in more than they spend making this crap.
  9. Top 5 Worst St Mirren Players Ever

    No he didn't. He played on the stupid rock hard pitch in the Isle of Man pre-season jolly and got a really bad hip injury. The specialist told him if he continued playing he would be in a wheelchair within 10 years, do he retired. I'm sure the club got compensation.
  10. Defend Better and inprove away form

    If we beat Dumbarton we could move up the away table. Or if we had only played 4 home games we would still be top of the home table. These tables need to be analysed with due care.
  11. Lewis Morgan

    You should worry!
  12. Archibald

    I was told by a club official we only got Victor because he wanted to learn English for his appointment as a fifa ambassador for the world cup in the US.
  13. Who Was St Mirin ?

    I think that might be the wrong way round. I was told by my grampa that they chose the spelling so as not to be thought of as a catholic club. Paisley was a centre of liberal presbyterianism at the time.
  14. Lewis Morgan

    Simply because we can't offer him anything like the money he will earn elsewhere. However, did JR not allude to something along the lines of "the player wants the club to be compensated" when he leaves?
  15. Ben Gordon

    Did he not want to go part time because of a good job / studies.