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  1. Neil Doncaster Joins The SFA Board

    It was the SPFL's position to fill and the SFA have to accept him. SG is right, he's there to do the SPFL's bidding and remember he's just an employee who does what he's told.
  2. So Farewell Then Stephen Hawking

    Your not the first to say that today. Mind you, I don't think any of us had a clue about what he wrote about (and 10M 0f us bought the book) we just liked him for who he was. A witty, wicked and downright human, human being. Sheldon will be inconsolable.
  3. Were they no magicians? watch.htm
  4. So Farewell Then...Sir Ken Dodd

    Funny as they come and as he said himself "its a beautiful day. Its a beautiful day for sticking a brush up Nigel Mansell's trouser leg and saying how's that for pole position?"
  5. QOS V St Mirren 17.3.18

  6. Latest Scores

    Spurs had no plan B and Kane / Ali were posted missing. Juve were tactically miles ahead of Spurs which puts the EPL firmly in it's place - none of them can defend!
  7. Crossing the ethical line

    What I find odd about this investigation is that 40% of professional cyclists have asthma compared to only 7.5 % of the rest of us. This needs urgent medical investigation ad cycling must be bad for you!
  8. I'm Listening To....

    Never saw them as a teeny-bopper band. Started out as a mod band then moved into rock / r&b and embraced the psychedelic era with huge success with both singles and the album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. They were seriously good as were Humble Pie before "musical differences" got in the way.
  9. Winter Anarchy

    Mind you there's lot of wee round things covered in blood lying all over the pavements.
  10. SPFLChampionship Form Team

    Jings, crivvens, help ma boab!!!
  11. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    Get used to it guys. Teams have worked us out a wee bit and press us very high knowing we don't have an out ball to a target man as such. At one point today Brechin had five players within a 30 yard radius of our corner flag so you don't get much higher than that. Also we need to make sure Morgan doesn't come to a complete stop every time he gets the ball near the opposition penalty box.
  12. Diving Cheats 2017/18

    Has anybody ever watched a game of rugby. Almost every penalty is awarded for a deliberate breach of the rules to gain an advantage. It is the game played by the ruling classes don't you know!
  13. Harrods

    Save the fare. Just go to Flannels in Silverburn. They've got basies at £500 and t-shirts at £155. You could also get a parka at £1,000!!! This is Pollok ffs.
  14. Names Needed At Love Street

    In Paisley! [emoji47]