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  1. Yes.
  2. Stone Roses tonight. Unreal, what a night.
  3. Agreed, hate that's song. Pile of wanky pish......... ................................ zxxxx.............................
  4. It's never easy mate. I've 2 adults 2 children. Mine of the kids is my nephew and stays at a different address. For some reason this is always really difficult for them to process, easiest way is taking smart cards to ticket office. Even then, they could only issue 3 out of the 4 on the spot for some bizarre reason. Had to collect my Nephews card about 3 weeks later.
  5. Exactly. Beyonce who's not exactly festival material according to most headlined a few festivals in recent years.
  6. Was fantastic at The Hydro earlier in the year, one of my favourite gigs of the year.
  7. First genuine chance I've had to get down to renew my season ticket. Ticket office closed today...
  8. Charcoals was decent, a bit in the spicy side. Hottest bhuna I've ever had.
  9. Red hot on Rowan Street is every bit as good as Indian Scene. If I was getting a takeaway I'd go there before Indian Scene every time. Balbir's is ok, nothing special. Same goes for mother India. Shish Mahal is miles better than both. Heading to Charcoals now for the first time, looking forward to it.
  10. Indian Scene on the Glasgow Road is brilliant for sit in, nowhere near as good for a takeaway for some reason. Favourite Glasgow curry houses are Shish Mahal for traditional stuff. Koolba for more modern type stuff. Both excellent quality. Someone recommended Green whatever its called near Braehead in Renfrew. Once was enough, saltiest pakora I've ever had in my life. Main meal was ok except the served me lamb instead of chicken. Easy mistake.......
  11. The first goal Gordon should have saved comfortably. I wonder is the sun played its part in it as Hart had a cap on down that end in the 1st half. 2nd goal he should have came and collected the ball on the 6 yard line but as mentioned earlier, had we picked a better pass we could have went on and scored a 3rd. Even if we had kicked long toward the corner flag we would have seen the clock out. We weren't good enough IMO against a poor England side. Too many players had a poor game. Thought Armstrong was rank throughout. Played his part in both England goals and poor on the ball. Robertson constantly turning back and passing back when the team were advancing forward. Anya, struggled to play in the right hand side. Gordon made poor decision throughout the game. Would have been been amazing if we had turned them over but wasn't to be. To many individual poor performances.
  12. Woooops....
  13. This morning was full of middle lane drivers. What the f**k they thinking about? Left the house at 3:10am. Seen about 20 cars in the M8 between here and Glasgow. At least 12 in the middle lane overtaking nobody. One of them doing about 50mph and wouldn't move to the inside for someone towing a trailer. The guy towing the trailer was in the inside lane, moved into the middle lane as he approached the numpty, sat behind him for a bit and they refused to move over. The guy towing the trailer has 3 options and the only legal one is to sit behind the idiot and continue at 50mph. He overtook him on the outside, can't really blame him. Should have breezed past on the inside.