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  1. So Farewell Then Sean Hughes

    Used to love Sean's Show back in the day. Sad news, was a good entertainer.
  2. Just start acting aggressively, shouting and swearing, teach him how to really behave at the football....
  3. Not a good performance from us but Brechin were much better than I expected if I'm being honest. If we put a performance like that in 12 months ago there's no way we would have won the game so I'm delighted we can grind out a result like that. Fans need to be more patient, positive and supportive when things aren't great. It's a long season and getting on players backs will not help anyone.
  4. Pleased with this, I'll now make the Toon game that weekend as well.
  5. Disgrace

    I though there were 4 turnstiles (2 pairs) open that night. Don't matter much now right enough.
  6. Disgrace

    I didn't realise there were issues, I was in the ground about 20 mins before kick off, waited no more than 5 minutes to get in. Take your point though, we won the game so no moaning followed.
  7. Disgrace

    That would be because it was pay at the gate....
  8. Disgrace

    You're the only one talking about turning up en masse a few minutes before kick off and making the ridiculous comparison to a music gig.
  9. Disgrace

    Shite comparison. As you said, music fans have a main event as there's almost always one or more support acts to entertain people before the "main event". It's perfectly reasonable to be at the turnstiles 30 minutes before kick off and expect to gain entry in ample time before the ONLY event starts. This was a stadium over 40% short of capacity FFS.
  10. Disgrace

    Music gig is a shite comparison. They would have turned up with a pre-purchased ticket for an allocated seat.
  11. Disgrace

    No fire exits were tied shut. It's a tamper tag to highlight that the door has been opened at some point. They break with no effort, same tags you find on a fire extinguisher. Agree with the rest of the post though.
  12. Exactly how Morton played against us and we continued to play a high defensive line when we should have dropped deeper in 2nd half. If we had, Baird wouldn't have got sent off and we'd be level pegging and on ascendancy.
  13. 3-5-2 worked ok away to Livy but last week it was a struggle even though we won, surprised we stuck with it today. Better teams will teams drag our central defenders wide and the exploit the gaps. We don't have many defenders available now but we need to get back to 4 at the back asap. Bad result but we're 1 point off the leaders with back to back home games coming up. Happy with our position right now.