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  1. And it's not even silly season yet
  2. There's a 1 in 2 chance I'm going to bring the padlock out for the first time this year! And a 1 in 2 chance of a FFS from Drew
  3. The referee was an absolute disgrace yesterday. We were well on top when he should have chopped the goal off. It was a foul and should never have stood. The timing of this had quite an influence and knocked us out of our stride for a while. I'm convinced we would have won the game had he made the correct call at this point. Have gave many dubious decisions against both teams. I also felt McKenzie was lucky to stay on the park. He shouldn't have been booked for dissent but he was involved in 2 aerial challenges after this, one in particular where he clearly lead with the arm. Knowing he was on a booking I think he could have easily walked for the 2nd one. I don't think the ref was a cheat in any way, he's just very poor at his job.
  4. I'm sure the only Dundee that will be on the mind of Jack Ross is our game against United on Saturday.
  5. I agree, I don't mind helping out but I simply don't have the time I once had. Work hard and family time is more important than browsing the forum. I don't visit the forum daily but the days I do visit I always try and tidy up things. To be fair, the forum isn't that bad and has a level of self moderation. Members rightly shoot down people who step out of line and genuine people recognise their mistakes, apologise and edit.
  6. Complaining about the stewards heavy handedness AFTER you had a go at 3 of them.....? Wasn't it Paisley police and St Mirren stewards? He should complain to St Mirren if he has an issue. Most of the support was fantastic but there were a few down the front overstepping the mark and not to forget several on the pitch, even in the second half when the goals were scored at the other end. If the fans want to behave like arse holes then they should expect to be treated like arse holes. As for Phil, I think he did a decent job but all things come to an end. Best of luck.
  7. The hall of fame boards, are they in all 3 home stands? I honestly can't remember seeing any of them so I would never consider sponsoring them. Cut current sponsor off or print artwork with Paisley 2021 logo and stick it over the top.
  8. As I've said before on here, this is why I only pay the £10 per month. The money should be accumulated for bigger ideas.
  9. Suggestion for the next proposal. Nets for shooting practice at the family stand. I've seen these at plenty of other clubs, the nets are temporarily in place for shooting practice before the game. There have been quite a few kids hit and we're lucky that none have been seriously injured. When your sitting in your seat watching then you are prepared for the stray shot but walking along the concourse or heading up the stairs an unexpected ball whacking a child would probably knock them over and those steps have sharp edges. Wouldn't like to f**k my head in them. May not seem like much but I'm sure anyone who sits in the family stand will confirm that it's slightly entertaining at times but definitely more than the odd wince or two.
  10. The Morgan injury was right in front of me. Looked like one of those ones where the ball was struck by both players at the exact same moment and the force of the ball sprung his ankle. Hopefuly it's not too serious as he's been outstanding.
  11. Dreadful first 30 mins today, really nervous and we struggled on the fake grass. Changed shape and moved Magennis infield to give extra man in the centre of the park and it really helped. 2nd half we were dominant and got the ball down and played some tidy stuff. Mallan, Magennis and McGinn ran the show in midfield. MOTM had to be Lewis Morgan though. Great direct play, thought he was outstanding in the 2nd half. Grat support who are 100% behind the team and Jack Ross. Even when players made mistakes they were cheering trying to lift them, tremendous backing today.
  12. Just a wee heads up for anybuddie heading to the game tonight. I'm working in Glenrothes this morning and there's road works (temporary lights) on the Kincardine Bridge. Allow another 15 mins or so.
  13. Was closed this morning down to Loanbank Quadrant so managed to get in from the Harmony Row side. Yes, got in to work.
  14. My work is round the corner from there. Might have a long lie in the morning...
  15. The positivity around the place is remarkable for a team rock bottom of the league. Brilliant perfmance from everyone, players, coaching staff and fans. Absolutely brilliant, let's do this !