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  1. Billy O’Brien

    Would never read a free copy let alone buy that rag. JusticeFor96
  2. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    It was down the other end but looked like a penalty to me. We were denied a stonewall penalty early in the first half when Baird was bundled in the box, the referee let them kick Morgan all over the park, particularly in the first half. Dunno about breaks you get when you’re at the top, Brechin got plenty of refereeing decisions today. I’d say the referees are just shite. If Brechin had managed a point today it would have been deserved. They were very unlucky and caused us all sorts of problems. Quite a few communication mix ups in defence today, especially between Samson and Baird. On another day they could have scored 3 against us. Huge 3 points in the end on a very difficult pitch.
  3. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Dublin as well ffs!!! Belfast was bad enough.
  4. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Game on
  5. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Just on twitter there that there’s a 10:15 pitch inspection.
  6. Billy O’Brien

    Disgraceful headline which I see they’ve now deleted.
  7. Billy O’Brien

    Did he give an interview? Looks like quotes from statements giving at the fatal accident enquiry at Stockport Court? It’s terribly sad news, heart goes out to everyone close to them.
  8. I was in hospitality that day and after the match he was advised that he would be better heading to the supporters bar. Surprised he’s moaning about this as it was his choice. I didn’t think he made a great impression, he made it very clear he was only here to promote his book.
  9. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    After only 8 home games we don’t have a side who have won all their home games. Why should we expect to have a 100% home record? Dumbarton actually have a good away record, winning more points on their travels than Dunfermline losing only 2 out of 8 games. We were poor but maybe we should start giving Dumbarton a wee bit of credit that the thoroughly deserve.
  10. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    With a name like Stelios? Speedy boarding on another level
  11. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Now we know the truth. Stellios was booked on the 4pm flight from Glasgow to Belfast. Not so stupid after all....
  12. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    It was yesterday, the video footage wasn’t available until today and I expressed my opinion after seeing the footage. Poor wee Stellios, can imagine he will now hate the club and hand in a transfer request after reading online that a fan thinks his red card incident was a stupid challenge....
  13. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    I don’t think he’s a bad person either, he’s my sons favourite player and has seemed really nice guy anytime I’ve spoken to him. I said it was a stupid challenge and IMO he deserved the red card.
  14. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    I remember a lot of games. I remember a lot of poor refereeing decisions against us. Nothing that can excuse the stupidity of Stellios yesterday. I was a stupid challenge that gave the referee a decision to make.