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  1. Craig Thomson

    Thanks Ian x
  2. Craig Thomson

    I have a season ticket in the family stand which is great. This was away at Livy, no family stand. I chose my vantage point pretty carefully. As far away from the singing section as I could.
  3. Craig Thomson

    I would have hit like if you'd said " I f**king survived "
  4. Craig Thomson

    I highly doubt the referee supervisor briefed the fans around me who were foaming at the mouth whilst shouting obscenities at Craig Thomson. And on they note, why do some people not show some consideration whilst sitting directly behind youngsters? Guy behind me who I won't name, well kent face at SMP and respected saints fan sat directly behind my 7 year old son. The whole match he shouted and bawled at the top of his voice at the referee. Every swear word you could imagine was used whilst spitting all over my wee boy. We deliberately sat away from the singing section, who do a great job btw. I have no problem with them but I know there might be some boisterous behaviour so I don't sit beside them. No doubt my boy will be in there when he's 18 but at 7 he's still a bit young for all of that. I know we're at the football, I know you can't wrap them in cotton wool but FFS, we got 90 minutes of non stop foul abusive language. This is from a pretty normal middle aged man, not pished out his tits showing no consideration for the 7 year old he's leaning over the top of. Or several kids round about him. Sorry for the rant but I wish some people would just think about who's around them before the open their mouth in that way.
  5. Craig Thomson

    Noticed today in the Spurs Chelsea game the exact same thing happened. Player injured as the result of a bad challenge. Player who committed foul is booked. Injured player receives treatment and is then ordered off before being allowed back on. Nobody goes mental, crowd react pretty normally and the game continues.
  6. Craig Thomson

    Fair points and after watching the highlights it reminded me that both our 2nd half goals came from free kicks given by the referee.
  7. St Mirren songs

    To the Premiership, we're on our way. How we get there I don't know, how we get there I don't care. All I know is Saints are on their way. We're on our way, we're on our way......
  8. Think you should've gone to spec savers It's so hard to analyse it from 2 still photos, it's done now. 3 points and we move on to next week.
  9. Also worth adding that the young lad Smith was fantastic in the second half at right back. Thought he played very well defensively.
  10. Couldn't agree with this any less. His foot is kinda sideways??? You then say he's clearly missed the ball. He's clattered the opponents right leg. There's no lack of control. FFS. Evan the gaffer has said the Saints players who were near by and Irvine himself think it was probably a red card.
  11. Always hard to tell from stills but it doesn't look like a good challenge. Top photo shows he has went toes pointing to the sky, studs showing and looks like he missed the ball. 2nd photo highlights that it was a lunge as he has continued through in between the Livy players legs. Not sure if it's red or not from the stills but certainly looks dangerous and I'd say it's fortunate he didn't catch the Livy player square on the shin if his standing leg. Thomson may have got this one right but he still had a shocker of a game.
  12. Craig Thomson

    Interesting to hear Jack Ross come out and say that a few of his players and even Gary Irvine thought it probably was a red card. Said something a long the lines of " The frustration of losing possession resulted in him stretching with the studs showing, you always run the risk of a red card". Pretty much my interpretation of events.
  13. Babysitter for the weekend so heading for hospitality. Looking forward to it. 3-2 Saints.
  14. Last week being a derby game we stupidly went for it when we went down to 10 men and a goal down. This week we sat back as it was 1-1 and had something to defend and fight for. Livy smelling blood left themselves a bit open on the counter and it played out perfectly for us. Last week we should have sat in and tried to keep it to 2-1 for as long as possible and go try pinch a point in the final 5-10 minutes.
  15. Craig Thomson

    I'd love to see it again. As I said on the matchday thread it looked to me like it was out of control lunge leading with the studs. Guy beside me thought it was 2 footed but I said it was definitely only 1. I felt he made an arse of the first challenge and tried hard to recover the situation that had ran away from his control. As a result he lead with the studs dangerously. Regardless if the ball was played or not you can't lunge dangerously with your studs. I'd love to see it again to hopefully correct my initial assessment so we can successfully appeal the red card as I feel Irvine on the right side of our defence is an important part of the jigsaw.