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  1. You're doing better than me, I have a kids birthday party that doesn't end till 4 in Linwood, so I'll be lucky to get there for the last half an hour. I think we should campaign to get Alba to show it and move kick off to 5.15.
  2. Good result, just pity about the other ones, still 14 points from the last 7 games isn't bad.
  3. Well done Saints, let's try and finish the job now!
  4. Thanks for your support, hopefully you're a lucky charm!
  5. Dont worry, there are many people in line for a game before Webster returns - Fjelde, Gordon, Sutton being moved back, Irvine moving to the middle, somebody from the under 20s, Paisley Panda, Phil the announcer, the ball boy behind the goals, or my granny who's been deid for 30 odd years, so no panic, no panic at all.
  6. Since the new players have signed and McGinn has been made captain, we have 8 points from 5 games. Ayr have 7 points from the last 9 games, Raith have 4 from the last 8. If that form continues we will end with 35 points, Raith on 33 and Ayr on 32. It's still very possible we could finish 8th.
  7. I thought it was only over when the fat lady sings, not the fat bloke?
  8. Total nonsense. This new team is a much more mentally tough lot than the bunch who were together before the window. We've had one bad result and need to bounce back on Saturday. I'm a lot more confident this team can do that.
  9. might have known it would be hardie. Come on saints, at least get a point ffs.
  10. I'm nervous too, six points from this and Saturday though and we could be off the bottom of the league. COYS
  11. Excellent performance so far. No matter what happens now, very proud of this team.
  12. That was probably the best Saints performance in years. Total commitment, teamwork, some fantastic play, absolutely battered the team at the top of the league. Very proud of the team.
  13. I like your confidence and think this is the positive way we have to approach the remaining league games, that we are capable of beating any team in this division. For all the doom and gloom merchants ahead of Saturday, which Ayr players would get a game in our side? Devlin, perhaps Balatoni, and I reckon that's it. We have better players and should be winning.
  14. Of course, the fifth mechanic may take his time but then realise there are, say, ten parts of the car that don't work, and replace them with ten parts that do. Might be best to wait and see if the car runs better after that, don't you think?
  15. I seriously think the more sensible forum users should carry out an intervention on some of the people on here. Last week, JR was the messiah for realising the team wasn't good enough and making wholesale changes, which nearly everyone agreed had improved the quality. Now, after one away draw where admittedly we didn't play great, he's a naughty boy again. I can only hope some people aren't as fickle in real life as they are on here, cos they'd be a nightmare to live with.