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  1. A bit gutted I'm missing this, but it clashes with the Santa parade. They've scored 42 goals in seven league matches so need to be given respect. Fortunately for us, I think they'll try to attack, as we don't do well against sides that sit in. This will be not nearly as easy as some think. I reckon an entertaining 4-2 win for us.
  2. When I read the title, I thought that a bunch of football hooligans had decided to go to cause trouble.
  3. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Oh FFS. From looking at the starting line ups I reckon we are stronger. Need to take the game to them.
  4. Harry Davis

    Baird and Buchanan have both done fairly well, but for me they don't work that well as a partnership, as neither of them have the confidence to dominate and lead. That's what Davis and McKenzie bring, only one of them back will make us more solid, though both back would be even better.
  5. I'd be more worried that Rangers go for McInnes and Aberdeen want JR to replace him.
  6. Best Wishes Stephen Donaghy

    Hope he recovers soon, thoughts with him and his family.
  7. Last two subs more defensive, think JR might be happy with a point here.
  8. I totally love Elvis, with his unremitting negativity. Anyway, back to topic, strong looking side. The way to beat Falkirk will be with pace, three points would be great, one would be OK too given the fantastic start we have had.
  9. I had fond memories of Hartley Hare as a wean. Didn't realise he was such an ugly, menacing looking fecker.
  10. Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Welcome back young man. Can't make this as in Blackpool, hoping to keep track on the interweb and hoping even more for good news. Anyone have the full team?
  11. Well done, that was much better. Now, for next weeks homework, try not to be a total bellend.
  12. Where does one start? Perhaps a class on when to use full stops and capital letters?
  13. Anyone who doesn't believe in Scottish independence will change their mind listening to Stuart fecking Pearce.