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  1. Nothing a defensive midfielder playing behind them wouldn't sort. That may be what we do for instance at Tannadice. If we take McGinn out that team, you will really notice the difference, and not in a good way.
  2. Oh FFS. Yeah we have real problems with McGinn and McShane in midfield. McGinn in particular has been the most important part of our transformation. Think back to where we were a year ago before he arrived.
  3. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Brilliant, now all eyes on Dunfermline.
  4. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Fantastic, another and we can hopefully relax a wee bit.
  5. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    COYS, missing this due to having torn ligaments in my knee, hoping for an early goal or two to settle the nerves.
  6. January 2018 Transfer Window

    Is that a hint that he used to play for Motherwell? I love these guessing games.
  7. Fair enough, I've not seen any of the incidents replayed yet. Still think compared with the clown we had at the Dunfermline game he was OK, even if he was a bit lenient with some of the tackles.
  8. I thought he was OK. If that had been Collum today, we'd have had Morgan sent off and lost a penalty right at the end.
  9. Very true. Also felt police made an arse of emptying the car park, sending cars left into a housing scheme rather than right onto the main road. Agree that a draw was about right. Also glad we finally got a decent ref for a change.
  10. Naw, I'm going to the panto tomorrow afternoon!
  11. Give Reilly a new deal.

    QOS were third before yesterday's game. He also scored against Morton, though I don't think they were top four at the time, and scored two v Livingston, who have spent most of the season in the top 4.
  12. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Fantastic comeback and result. Right elvis, here is what you need to do. Buy every Sunday newspaper tomorrow, apart from the Sun for obvious reasons, go to the sports results page, and... Shove this result up your fecking arse!
  13. Just need to close down Kyle Hutton every time he gets the ball. Not because he's any good, but because he'll panic and fall over if we do.
  14. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    Fantastic result Saints, especially with other results going our way. Thought we might lose ground today, instead we've gained