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  1. How can he do that when you have LB locked in your basement?
  2. On the surface, that might appear to be a waste - ageing player who wasn't very good for us, injured and now out of contract, most managers would get rid. Ross not doing that straight away is perhaps a sign of how much he invests in building relationships with players, his man management is definitely a major strength.
  3. No no no, this is not the St Mirren way. Signing good young players in May? We are meant to wait till the end of July to save on wages, then sign injury prone duds that no-one else wants. JR hasn't been paying attention to the great history of our club.
  4. Katie Hopkins would probably agree with what he posted.
  5. Brilliant bit of business, I thought he was one that would have been beyond us, to be honest I even thought he might get a new deal with Aberdeen. Signing both him and MacKenzie on the same day is fantastic.
  6. Was Jim Stewart even booked for his assault on McAvennie? It was almost Borucesque. Maybe George Smith is related to Willie Collum.
  7. Yes, it is just you.
  8. This game is etched in my memory, the day when, at 12 years old, I realised that old firm bias was part of Scottish football. Nothing much changes.
  9. Fantastic, really enjoyed that. I also had a few tears at Sunshine on Leith but fortunately I was in the house myself at the time.
  10. Very good start to business, been a good solid signing, had a feeling he would stay as he has talked about wanting to put down roots for his family's sake. Also pleased that Webster is away, had the fear that his recent sub appearances might get him an extension! Just wondering if Clarkson's situation is more complicated because of his injury. Langfield I think will stay as goalie coach, maybe still registered to play bur only in emergencies.
  11. He would be a very good signing but rumours that Hearts and Dundee United are interested. That said, he knows JR from their time at Dumbarton and has spoken highly of him, so who knows, its not totally unrealistic.
  12. To think some people wanted Yogi rather than JR!
  13. If we do end up in the play offs and face Airdrie, should we allow Kyle Hutton to play against us? Or insist on it?
  14. Probably the most nervous I've been before a game ever. COYS, let's make this like our 2009 Falkirk game. Except at home. And better.
  15. If I did that I'd lose my job. Wonder if the SFA held a disciplinary investigation into whether he was of sufficiently good character to be a ref?