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  1. Unfortunately the red tape is what's holding his knee together.
  2. You obviously haven't read the forum rules. This is no place for being sensible and balanced.
  3. Who, Elvis? I suppose he has been a good servant to the forum, with his cheery banter, but all good things must come to an end. He had lost that bit of unpredictability so probably best for all concerned that he moves to another fans forum, albeit at a lower level where standards aren't so high. Adios, elvis, best of luck in your new job.
  4. Livi played the game very well, they are a strong physical team who gave us no time on the ball. The worrying thing is we didn't know how to adapt. Also thought Irvine and Stelios were poor tonight, but with Eckersley injured we have no other options there. I'd be tempted to look for additional cover or competition there. Positives were O'Keefe and Kirkpatrick, who looked decent when they came on. It might be helpful if the other new players weren't written off as duds after 90 minutes? Three of them scored on Saturday and those who were there were generally impressed. Sometimes players have good games, sometimes they have bad games. It happens. No need for bipolar reactions.
  5. To answer DWBud's question, would we rather have these fans behaving like that or not have them at all, I'd rather they learnt how to behave properly. The behaviour described is totally unacceptable and reflects badly on the club. I'm wondering if there's a role for the SLO, if we have one, to meet with the young gents and explain standards of behaviour expected when following the Saints, or indeed, when in public?
  6. I imagine they wouldn't be able to compete with us financially. Only way I can see him going there is if we drop our interest.
  7. He's decent, central midfielder with a good shot on him. Lots of mid table championship sides like queens and Dunfermline were also in for him.
  8. You are absolutely right. And what May has done is cut the living standards of millions, pay freezes, benefit cuts, austerity by the bucket load, while making our country unsafe and cosying up to one of the most backward, murderous regimes in the world, Saudia Arabia. So yes, judge her on her actions (though the fact she has the presentation skills of a socially awkward scarecrow don't help).
  9. I think she told them she had to put up with this massive pain in the arse since her daughter got married ...
  10. Not injured, was a regular last season, his wiki page hasn't been updated since November, that's all. I'd take him, right sided attacking midfielder, scored a cracker against us a few years ago in the SPL, and the winner recently at Tannadice.
  11. Oh FFS, he is on holiday you fecking moron, he has the right to have a break.
  12. The infamous Willie Todd.
  13. Excellent news, and there must be appreciation of him making this statement when he's on holiday. Can we all now let him and his family enjoy the rest of their break?
  14. His Grandad used to run the club and we all know how that turned out.