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  1. I dont know if its been mentioned elsewhere but there is a massive walk in Alloa this Saturday with 8000 taking part plus the knuckledraggers.I reckon it wont be the place for a spot of lunch prior to our game and advise our support to arrive just before kick off and get out straight after the game.Stay safe everyone.
  2. Open day.A fantastic event aimed at bringing fans and players closer together.Over 20 family members were at the Dundee game the other night and the same number and more will be at the open day.St Mirren Park is our home for family get togethers and its heartwarming to see my grandchildren,great nieces and nephews greet each other with kisses and cuddles when attending games etc.I would like to thank everyone who is involved in organising events like the open day and wish them every success whether it be Smisa or the fans council.We,re all in this together.We,re on our way.
  3. Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Tams passing and as i will be in Arrochar i am posting this today.The past season has been very difficult without the wee man at my side but can i just thank the many St Mirren fans who at games have quite simply put a hand on my shoulder or a knowing nod in recognition.The fact his name is still chanted at games and the young player of the year award being named in his honour shows the high regard he was held within our support and has helped Mary,Steven and the girls come to terms with their loss.Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers. I humbly ask that you take time out and raise a glass or 2 to remember Tam who was quite simply the greatest guy i have ever known. We,re on our way Tam We,re on our way.
  4. Kyle should be fit for tomorrow.I would expect the big guns Magennis and Burke to be rolled out for this one.Go Kyle.
  5. Can you believe that one of our players played in the first ever win over Brazil at any level.So proud of him and he was outstanding in the first half.He had a strain in the second half and had to be replaced.Pleased to say a large number of family members were there to witness the game.
  6. It is factually correct though.Obviously the past board get paid quicker but does this mean the fans buy out from Gordon happens quicker.
  7. His day off was on Sunday and was back at his desk yesterday.
  8. Tomorrow shapes our destiny and we,ll be on our way The first step on to better things for it will be our day 1800 Buddies, will shout and scream and roar The scenes of sheer emotion when the Paisley St Mirren score Tears of joy will flow i,m sure as the day unfolds The fans will be ecstatic,the youngsters to the old My thoughts will turn to my wee mate,i know that he,ll be there Kicking,heading every ball,he,s always in our prayers And when the game is over and the celebrations done The Saints fans will be counted as 18 hundred and one. God Bless Tam McGarry.We are St Mirren.
  9. There is also interest from down south and i hope thats where he goes.Not too far for a wee visit either.
  10. I Item 4. Various parts were required to get the plant up and running.When this was done it threw up other problems and if anyone is technically minded out there namely a 3 port valve.There were also problems with the gas pressure on the incoming supply.These problems will be rectified and the undersoil heating will be fully operational and fit for purpose.
  11. What a player you would get if you crossed him with Stuart Armstrong.
  12. I would love to hold on to all the kids till January at least but i reckon we will lose at least one.Stevie Mallan is now 21 and deserves his chance to move and make some serious cash out the game.He,s done enough to go straight into a championship team and not be lost to an under 23,s team playing in front of 500 on a Tuesday night.His value must be double what it was in January and i,m sure there will be a few more clubs interested now that he is an under 21 internationalist.If he was a little disappointed by not getting a move in January he must be delighted now.His stock has risen tremendously which will benefit both him and the club.Thank god a previous manager didnt hang around and destroy him altogether.Oh wee Stevie Mallan.
  13. I stated elsewhere that the highlight of my season was sitting in between 2 very proud parents that night.An absolute screamer from Kyle and last minute winner from Stephen.What i,d give for more of the same on Saturday.
  14. Steven is wondering who Stephen is.
  15. Lovely words and i can assure you they will be appreciated in the Magennis household.To have a family member pulling on the jersey every week fills us all with pride and the lovely thing about Kyle is that he is so level headed and will never be a billy big time(his big brother would not allow it).Hopefully Kyle will be part of the championship winning team next season.That really would be the dogs danglies.