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  1. I stated elsewhere that the highlight of my season was sitting in between 2 very proud parents that night.An absolute screamer from Kyle and last minute winner from Stephen.What i,d give for more of the same on Saturday.
  2. Steven is wondering who Stephen is.
  3. Lovely words and i can assure you they will be appreciated in the Magennis household.To have a family member pulling on the jersey every week fills us all with pride and the lovely thing about Kyle is that he is so level headed and will never be a billy big time(his big brother would not allow it).Hopefully Kyle will be part of the championship winning team next season.That really would be the dogs danglies.
  4. Theres no denying that Josh has deffo played his part in the resurgence of our magnificent team.He,s Saints daft but that will not surprise anyone who knows our family.Steeped in black and white for generations.We Are St Mirren.This love will last forever..
  5. Sorry i wasnt on or i would have.I see David G has done it for me.Cheers David.
  6. Looks like Jack has stolen Gordon Scotts chin.
  7. If Kyle was to get the Tam McGarry young player of the year award i and the rest of the family would be immensely proud.He,s loving his football and i am delighted with the progress he has made so far and excited about whats still to come.
  8. It wont be long before Amelia is going potty.
  9. Due to not even being able to do the warm up last year i have retired from playing.This year there will be options for assistant managers and director for a day.Details will be revealed when Claire returns from holiday.In the meantime please post on here if interested.
  10. Looks not too shabby JJ my good friend.I was in Buddies in September and they were showing the football.We are heading over to Islay in July.Hopefully you are over at the same time.Have a great holiday.
  11. Seen a kid witha Celtic strip on.I nearly had a coronary. In true Davie Moyes fashion.The parents should be slapped. My grandson loves the camps and i am more than happy to pay the going rate.
  12. He is captain for Keflavik and enjoying life out there.He is learning the language and looking forward to the new season.Playing the game he loves in a country which football wise is booming.Whats not to like.Cant wait to go out there to see him.
  13. Not worried about Hibs away as wee Lenny will be jumping about complaining that the St Mirren manager is a feckin genius.
  14. I,ll hit you over the head with the drum.Youll wake up in hospital with percussion.