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  1. Jack wanted 2 keepers and Clangers for coaching. It is a case now as to whether this boy is number 1 with another backup or Billy or AN Other with him as back up
  2. Possibly something similar to the Mcgowan deal a few years back. No fee involved but if he was to be sold on then a % of the fee goes to Aberdeen, or it could be that they have simply released him on the basis that he wasn't in the long term plans.
  3. Second career for Div as an agent but where were the white arrows?
  4. Div should have mocked up some official headed paper and knocked back the bid telling them they needed to up the offer to 750k plus add onns
  5. Could be this season or never!
  6. Does he have a gentlemans agreement that he can go in January if an offer comes in?
  7. Gary Holt was driving them with Charlie Miller and Robbie Winters in the back
  8. Stephen Dobbie from Queens if he could fit into our style of play would score goals for fun. 20+ for the season
  9. Covered across to left back at our goal and instead of blasting if forward passed to Morgan and the rest is history!
  10. Will the club shop when expanded be owned and run by St Mirren or will it continue to be run by the guys that took over from AWP when it was at its lowest ebb?
  11. If however he was to attract interest from a Championship club or two then Aberdeen could do very well out of it should they sell. They knocked back 750k for Hayes. Kenny has been getting rave reviews recently and I would think that there will be more cash rich clubs interested in Kenny than Rangers and now England would be the right move for him.
  12. The games where we have won and won well are when he has played. Ayr home & away, Morton away, Hibs home. It makes us more attacking but at the same time more open at the back. Tough call and I think we will stick with Eck and Irvine and make sure we are harder to beat and then look to change it if we need to chase the win later in the game.
  13. Maybe they should have kept Ryan Stevenson in goals.
  14. Dobbie would get you the goals and he has all the experience in the world, he is however another year older he would probably get slaughtered for his workrate etc. I would take him over Sutton though.
  15. If he had of scored a hat-trick on Tuesday that would still not have been acceptable to him. I think that Fjelde's lack of game time even as a sub would indicate he won't be here next season. Todd I think will get another season as he has only just moved to full time football and has had a few cameos that indicates he may have a bit about him and be a decent squad player especially if Mallan or Magennis move on.