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  1. Have we negotiated a sell on fee for him?
  2. Would rather we signed Dobbie from Queens but that would cost a fee.
  3. Bearded guy could be a Greek guy that the agent has had over
  4. Interesting to see Erhahon on the bench. Tipped to be a seriously good prospect
  5. Maybe call it the change stand and put in red and white seats?
  6. "If we achieve 1000 Adult/Concession season ticket holders in the West stand, the Club would guarantee that the whole stand will be for St Mirren fans, with the exception of Cup games, where it may need to be segregated." Copied from the Season Ticket sales page on the Official site. There have been more U turns Gordon Scott is going to have to be fitted with reversing sensors
  7. Am I missing the point that the club said the West Stand would be segregated for Cup matches? Surely if they aren't going to open the North Stand for the Airdrie game and given the history of hassle with Airdrie then they must be in the West Stand?
  8. Can Davis play up front?
  9. Got into the car earlier and before I could switch over the Clyde phone in said Shiels had an eye for goal. Had a little chuckle.
  10. Thank feck Harry Ramsden didn't want to sponsor us with Basher and Yards up front.
  11. Great News to have made the shortlist
  12. Decent from a dead ball as well. Welcome to the club.
  13. Bring back the sin bin
  14. With modern technology (all be it Stadiacard seem hell bent on making it difficult) and so many fans who don't go to every game having had to register for cup final and away tickets could we not look at having a smart card that you are able to load individual games onto and you can choose your seat each time you add a game? I realise there may be some pitfalls but we can then offer say 2, 3, 6 game deals for non season ticket holders. I am sure Motherwell do something similar.
  15. One bright spot is that he will be with us to Christmas at least now and we won't be fending off offers for him on deadline day