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  1. Dobbie would get you the goals and he has all the experience in the world, he is however another year older he would probably get slaughtered for his workrate etc. I would take him over Sutton though.
  2. If he had of scored a hat-trick on Tuesday that would still not have been acceptable to him. I think that Fjelde's lack of game time even as a sub would indicate he won't be here next season. Todd I think will get another season as he has only just moved to full time football and has had a few cameos that indicates he may have a bit about him and be a decent squad player especially if Mallan or Magennis move on.
  3. Heart is I'm my mouth anytime he goes down usually clutching something at least once a game. Been immense recently.
  4. Chris Innes got sent off and then O'donnell equalised. My boy was 6 at the time and was asking why everyone was singing Steven Pressley Sri Lanka when it was actually you're a wanker.
  5. Could you use the away end in the top league? Wondered if benches are allowed as the won't have numbered seating
  6. Plans for one on Renfrew Road where tesco were meant to be going in as well
  7. Bit strange leaving with a home game still to go as SPS says more to it possibly.
  8. Anyone know if Quinn and Gordon got anymore game time?
  9. Baird = Cheesy. IMO keep him and I would say he is ahead of Webster, Fjelde and Gordon because Jack rates him and sees him in training each day.
  10. Gone are the days of them standing outside the pub with a can of coke and a packet of crisps. Remember standing outside the Hole in the Wa and the Wee Barrell on many occasions.
  11. Since AWP still does the Motherwell merchandise we should have got him on board and everyone collects it on Saturday in Motherwell at the ground before the game.
  12. Campbell will hold a dinner, but in reality we should be pushing these tickets big time especially with the added footfall for cup final tickets. Do a 2 game package or 3 games if you had included the cup final. But Saints and marketing doesn't really happen. We will give away 2000 free tickets and the atmosphere will be like a morgue.
  13. Probably too late as both games are already on the website, but there was an opportunity missed to get a package put together. Again we need to get an atmosphere going for the Ayr game and that should mean Ayr in the away stand and Saints fans in the whole of the West stand making as much noise as possible.
  14. Think we need to persevere with Loy and Sutton as a partnership. Whilst Loy didn't score he was involved in all 3 goals. First one he was fouled and then won the header at back post, second one he was fouled and Mallan scored from the free kick, the third it was his shot that was either mishit or blocked and ran to Morgan. Feel that Loy offers the best chance of goals from open play and has the poachers and strikers instinct of being in the right place at the right time as a natural goalscorer and regular game time will help him and benefit the team.