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  1. Gone are the days of them standing outside the pub with a can of coke and a packet of crisps. Remember standing outside the Hole in the Wa and the Wee Barrell on many occasions.
  2. Since AWP still does the Motherwell merchandise we should have got him on board and everyone collects it on Saturday in Motherwell at the ground before the game.
  3. Campbell will hold a dinner, but in reality we should be pushing these tickets big time especially with the added footfall for cup final tickets. Do a 2 game package or 3 games if you had included the cup final. But Saints and marketing doesn't really happen. We will give away 2000 free tickets and the atmosphere will be like a morgue.
  4. Probably too late as both games are already on the website, but there was an opportunity missed to get a package put together. Again we need to get an atmosphere going for the Ayr game and that should mean Ayr in the away stand and Saints fans in the whole of the West stand making as much noise as possible.
  5. Think we need to persevere with Loy and Sutton as a partnership. Whilst Loy didn't score he was involved in all 3 goals. First one he was fouled and then won the header at back post, second one he was fouled and Mallan scored from the free kick, the third it was his shot that was either mishit or blocked and ran to Morgan. Feel that Loy offers the best chance of goals from open play and has the poachers and strikers instinct of being in the right place at the right time as a natural goalscorer and regular game time will help him and benefit the team.
  6. Darren Whyte from the 20's on the bench or Webster?
  7. What he said. Big man was in line to become top goalscorer too. Has been immense in recent games. Hopefully see him in the stripes next season
  8. It is also the crap that you have to be registered to smfc tickets so that they have a record of who they have sold them to which is time consuming but as there wasn't likely to have been many walk up sales for tickets for Utd surely they could have sold final tickets to at least 715?.
  9. Train to Airbles? Jack Daniels (if it is still called that) for a few before kick off
  10. Only one game on the 28th. Great them being in the squad but would rather they get a weeks rest before the two home games coming up against Ayr and Dumbarton
  11. We are just over a week away from a national final and looking on the official website the ticket office is closed on Saturday morning. We should be trying to assist people not put barriers in their way/
  12. Smith reminds me of McGowan when he first came to us. Both linked play up well in the number 10 position but the two of them lack the goals that are going to take them to the next level and as can be seen by Gowser a bottom 6 SPL team is his level, as good as Smith has been in spells of some games he too looks as if he lacks the goals and killer pass. Were we better on Saturday when we went to 442 with Loy through the middle or are we better 4-4-1-1 with Smith off Sutton?
  13. Anyone know when or if Rocco Quinn is due back. Could be useful coming off the bench in the last few games of the season to close games out.
  14. Apart from a few Oh when the Saints it was crap compared to Ayr and Hibs
  15. That wasn't a pass the ball just hit him he was too slow to deal with it