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  1. Had a feeling we would lose this 1 after seeing how easy Inverness cut us open through the middle last weekend. Sooner Magennis and Harry Davis are back the better.
  2. Superb day out for me and the wife today, went to see IT at the odeon then off to see st mirren park to see us tear it up again, Lewis Morgan is unbelievable, booth footed, rapid, glides by players as if they aren't there, even the wife who doesn't know anything about football turns around and says "number 10 is good eh". Currently having a pint in the brewers Fayre at Dumbarton, happy days
  3. John McGinn

    Stephen McGinn is s better ball player than John. Very surprised Hibs didn't accept 1 million odd for him, never a 4-5million player in a million years.
  4. Gavin Reilly has the cigar out at present, back in your box please champ.
  5. Jack Ross Must Go.

    I didn't start a thread after Danny was in the job 3 months saying Lennon must go though, absolutely cringe worthy and his vendatta against JR is embarrassing. Cheers.
  6. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Does anybody know when JR is leaving? Asking for a fried (TopCock)?
  7. Aaron Mooy

    Not surprised, could see had the lot when he was with us, just a pity our management team at the time couldn't see it. Other than that rocket against Rangers he spent most of his time in Paisley on a exercise bike sadly.
  8. Can't score against a pub team yet we want to be challenging for promotion. Im really not convinced by some of JR's signings so far, Davis and Magennis will make a difference but we won't be anywhere near promotion.
  9. Dunfermline will finish above us this season, they have recruited well and will be challenging.
  10. Speculation Thread

    Unless Sutton is on a decent wedge and this is going to allow us to bring in another 2 strikers, got to trust the manager on this 1. The guy we bring in today won't exactly break the bank.
  11. We still have Davis to come in and Magennis will be back soon as well. Things are looking good
  12. Jack Ross Must Go.

    Tick Tock.