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  1. I'm criticising but not calling for the managers head when the league campaign hasn't even started ya plum.
  2. The guy is an absolute weapon to be fair, when you have ex professional players and pundits saying that Jack Ross is 1 of the best up and coming young managers around then I know who's word I'm going to take. TopCat is having an absolute howler.
  3. I don't believe for 1 minute that Gavin Reilly is a football player, no chance. 5-0 down against Partick f**king Thistle.
  4. Plenty for me, I've seen enough.
  5. This is a training exercise for Partick, absolutely embarrassing.
  6. The boy Whyte is having an absolute howler over on the right.
  7. Rotten, 2nd to every ball, Reilly isolated up top himself, we are miles off it. That team has not a chance in hell of challenging for the Championship. Only good thing about the game so far is the reception the poor wee boy got on the 19th minute.
  8. I checked us yesterday and we were 3/1 then 16/5, we are getting better odds as it gets closer to the game. 7/2 is worth a tenner mate, I hope
  9. 7/2 is huge.
  10. Once fit Harry Davis will cigar this league, should be playing at a much higher level. Tremendous signing.
  11. Awful sad news, RIP wee guy
  12. A fit Davis will be signing of the summer in my opinion, fantastic player.
  13. New contract this week?
  14. The buddies are on fire, took us minus 1 today, easy.