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  1. Centre half signing today as well, if it's Harry Davis I'm going to shoot my load then I'm going on a sesh for a few days!
  2. Tremendous business by the club getting Cammy Smith on a 2 year deal, superb.
  3. What a signing he would be.
  4. Love this thread, quality.
  5. He's got to go mate, this isn't good enough. The clock is ticking.
  6. Still no sign of him saying he got it wrong though? He is quick enough to point out to others when they are wrong. Weapon.
  7. No sign of the weapon that started this thread? Oh well, tick tock indeed.
  8. Has Jack Ross been sacked yet? tick tock.
  9. Gary Mac was immense yesterday, won absolutely everything, colossal at the back.
  10. What a day in hospitilaty yesterday and what a performance. I love Jack Ross.
  11. Quality thread.
  12. He fell out with Levein at hearts so won't be them. He is a dundee fan and Hartley is on a shoogly peg just now which is a worry. Get him on a new deal ASAP, this guy is something special.
  13. A new contract is needed for this man as soon as possible. An absolute gem.