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  1. Quality thread.
  2. He fell out with Levein at hearts so won't be them. He is a dundee fan and Hartley is on a shoogly peg just now which is a worry. Get him on a new deal ASAP, this guy is something special.
  3. A new contract is needed for this man as soon as possible. An absolute gem.
  4. Time to get a statue of Jack Ross built outside the sradium, i'll happily polish it once a week for f**k all. What a manager and what a guy.
  5. What a remarkable job jack ross is doing and it won't be going unnoticed at bigger clubs, enjoy him while he is here. What a manager.
  6. I went but they weren't showing the game at all, quite disappointed with it, seems most of the st.mirren memorabilia has been taken down, you would hardly even know it used to be a st mirren pub if it wasn't for the name. I met another buddie in there though and we ended up having a few beers and watched the game on his tablet.
  7. Got 3/1 with bet365, huge.
  8. We are playing piss poor today, big improvement needed in the 2nd half. Why are we so shite at penalty kicks ffs.
  9. Got there number so going to fone them today and ask. All inclusive beer is going down a dream here, to the tonsils lastnight singing the Andy Dorman song in a celtic pub while the celtic game was on so that went down well.
  10. At the airport lounge just now heading for tenerife so will hopefully catch this game in the buddies bar. I wish Jack Ross was flying my plane, what a guy.
  11. Hopefully we can keep Jack Ross for a couple of seasons, if we can then we'll be back in the premiership in no time. Enjoy him while he is here, we have a gem on our hands.
  12. Excellent update from the chairman. Good to hear that he is impressed with what Jack Ross is trying to do and the style of football we are playing, he can clearly see the bigger picture.