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  1. Danny Mullen

    Isn’t Hilton only signed until the end of the year anyway? Pretty sure that’s the case and Mullen will take his wage spot. Good bit of business if that’s the case. You really love trying to piss on Jack’s chips don’t you?
  2. Lewis Morgan

    Who gives a f**k? Certainly not Stevie as he’s set for life. Don’t forget, we’re the fans, to these guys it’s a job and they need to maximise their income as quickly as possible. If Morgan goes to Celtic in Jan and is loaned back to us to fire us back to the SPL then fair play to him and thanks to them. Good deal all around.
  3. Dundee United V St Mirren

    The nature of yesterday’s defeat was bad both in terms of our performance and the context of the result and Utd catching us.
  4. Dundee United V St Mirren

    It’s a moot point anyway. We need to improve on the road or the title will be a tough ask.
  5. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Not sure I agree with the possession bit. According to the stats we had significantly less possession and shots on goal and, in fact, I thought we were the team playing on the counter. Utd bossed that game from the start and the only time we took over was the last 15 mins of the first half when Morgan was moved to the left. They were delighted to see the HT break but when the restart came we were back to Morgan on the right. I didn’t understand that at all. There is something in this team’s make up that’s stopping us expressing ourselves away from home. That’s bad defeats at Morton, Dunfermline and Utd and we’ve got to find a way to be a bit more robust in these games. 10 goals conceded in those three and it’s not all to do with the back four. Our squad is as good as any in the league but we’re going through a patch where our best player’s (Morgan) form has shaded and nobody else is stepping up. The decision to move Magennis inside yesterday and stick Cammy Smith out wide was a strange one as Smith has been arguably our best player in recent weeks playing in behind Reilly. Young Kyle is nowhere near back to his best and while he undoubtedly needs games how long can we carry him until he gets back to full fitness/sharpness? The other worry yesterday was Liam Smith. After a great start with us he’s been pretty poor in the last three games and I can’t believe Stelios wouldn’t give us a better option at right back just now. Still, top of the league at the beginning of November and we can stake as good a claim as any to the title at this stage. Expect Falkirk and ICT to make a run as the season goes on so there will be a lot of tight matches and points dropped. Can’t see anyone streaking away with this so we’ll just have to be patient and hope that we get some of the injured back and the better players find their form again.
  6. Five and a half minutes of Jack's views on the game and you pick up on one word to spin your usual negative pish. "Only a win next week is acceptable?" "Squad and management lacking the attitude to mount a challenge?" We're second in the league FFS! It must have been really difficult for you over the last few weeks as we've played well and banged in goals. You just couldn't wait for the opportunity to get the boot in could you. What a fanny.
  7. Transfer deadline?

  8. Long may it continue. Let's keep flying under the radar and hope nobody even knows Morgan is playing for us until we're promoted.
  9. Hasn't happened often in this stadium but then we haven't played like that often, if at all.
  10. Whether people like it or not the guys in the corner of the west stand make for a great atmosphere. Helps when the team play well but they certainly play their part.
  11. As good as Morgan is (and he's vital to our success this season) there are probably many more like him, Mallan, Magennis etc down South than we know. We get really excited by a young player coming through but England is a big pool and there are a lot of young, talented players likely pushing for first team spots. Morgan has pace and goals in him but he's still got to show he can deliver consistently over a season. Hopefully he gets the chance to do that with us this year.
  12. Would've taken any sort of performance today to get a result but to play like that from goalie to striker was very pleasing. Back three could well be the way to go from here on out as it allows us to play Cammy in his best position and if Stelios and Smith continue their form there wouldn't be any team in this league that could contain us going forward. McGinn and McShane were rock solid, Reilly was a pest all day and Morgan was utterly unplayable. However it was the defence that pleased me most. If anyone had said a few weeks back we'd be facing Utd with a back three of Baird, Buchannan and Eckersley I'm not sure the confidence levels would've been high but they were absolutely outstanding. 2 weeks until our next league game and we'll likely have Magennis, Davis, McKenzie, Todd and Hilson all back in contention but who could you drop from that team today?
  13. Thankfully you're not our manager then eh?
  14. So people who disagree with your opinion on Samson aren't entitled to their own "honest" opinion? Stop being such a fud about this.