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  1. As has been said elsewhere, our home form has been excellent in 2017. Expect it to continue with a 2-1 win for the Saints.
  2. Didn't see him coming for any. Too busy picking the ball out of his net![emoji3]
  3. I don't believe there would have been anything easy about catching the high ball in those conditions yesterday. Samson did well and had a few important saves. He'll be fine.
  4. Yeah but for the half hour or so with 11 men I felt we were the better side. We looked solid defensively and got forward we'll down both sides.
  5. Back three worked well today, especially as only 1 was a CB. I think this could work for us going forward with McKenzie/Davis in there and it allowed Stelios to be........well Stelios. Shull this is fitba' talk mate. You can just skim.[emoji23]
  6. Great result. We started brightly and got ourselves in front and if Reilly had looked up when clean through Smith would've tapped in for 2-0. Then they equalise, Thomson steps in and we're up against it. I'd have taken a draw at HT but 2nd half we were brilliant. Everyone played their part, even McShane, whose two deliveries led to the goals. Great strikers goals from Reilly and we could've added to the score as Morgan tore their left back up for arse paper. We gave them all the possession they wanted but they couldn't bother us at all. Brilliant away performance, especially in the second half.
  7. Club shop

    Anyone know what the club shop opening hours are? Can't seem to see anything on the website.
  8. 33 shots on goal with 21 on target. EK had 2 shots with 1 on target and we only win 2-1 with an injury time clincher. Funny old game.
  9. Not sure I agree with that assessment. We could and probably should have won that game by five or six goals. Their keeper had an unbelievable game and they also had another four (at least) off the line and that s before we count the last ditch blocks and crosses fired across the goalmouth. I've seen us play shit and get turfed out of cups by lower league opposition and have none of that. It's the cup. We're through to the next round. EK take the plaudits for a backs to the wall performance where they punched well above their weight. I seem to remember the champions struggling to knock a few past them too.
  10. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Can he play at centre half?[emoji23]
  11. Morton v Saints 12 August

    I didn't think we'd win the league after the Falkirk result and I don't think today's gubbing means we're a shite team. We should be able to finish top 4 with our squad but they need to apply themselves every game. We'll be strong at home but I think away games are going to be a challenge if we can't start to defend properly. Thankfully, Eckersley and Davis will make a difference.
  12. Morton v Saints 12 August

    Wasn't at the game but if McKenzie has been poor then thats a continuation of his form so far his season. He's a big player for us and we need him to get back to his best. ETA Dundee Utd won with 10 men today so no excuse.
  13. Darryl Duffy

    At least the badge hasn't fallen off his strip![emoji23]
  14. Darryl Duffy

    You came back for that?