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  1. I'm Listening To....

  2. I'm Listening To....

  3. Music Gigs

    O M D - Glasgow royal concert hall, brilliant opening, then one or two sound glitches culminating with the mixing deck packing in! Glad to say it was fixed after a fifteen minute delay, no problems after that, finishing after 11:00. Well done lads for another fantastic show .
  4. Music Gigs

    Ian Prowse and Amsterdam, great as ever last night @ the Admiral bar.
  5. I'm Listening To....

  6. I'm Listening To....

  7. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    888 at Dumbarton
  8. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Attendance of 2048
  9. I'm Listening To....

  10. Music Gigs

    Martin Stephenson & The Daintees, excellent as ever at Oran Mor.
  11. Tile Bar Supporter's Club

    11:15 a m For Edinburgh.
  12. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

  13. Lidl etc for Wallneuk Road

    Renfrew road in May 1967 ;https://canmore.org.uk/collection/597323
  14. I'm Listening To....