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  1. People are on current St.Mirren threads. This is a former manager thread. Try looking in the right place.
  2. Scotland are decent going forward, but very poor at the back. 1-1 Naismith.
  3. Believe me, I did my bit by moaning about how shit rugby is.
  4. If 67,000 people can get their shit together for a rugby international that kicks off at 12.30..................................
  5. Fortunately he's no longer here to tell.
  6. It generally helps when a player is played in his preferred position.
  7. You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better diddums.
  8. You've obviously blanked out your own spectacularly entertaining meltdown that earned your place in the excellent sin bin. The word hypocrite springs to mind.
  9. Nobody could be stupid enough to measure our chances of safety on league position alone. Oh wait.....................
  10. Clearly being one point below the second bottom team isn't any better than being ten points below the second bottom team.
  11. Mmmm. Have they changed the meaning of acronym? Although it is easy to get intialism and acronym mixed up.
  12. I'm not sure why anyone would even bother with the opinion of a poster who thinks it's "hilarious " to post as an animal.
  13. Except for those that are still in the huff.
  14. Indeed. In schools pupils already speak to the people who were going to be named persons without parental consent.
  15. Goals.