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  1. Must be a case of mistaken identity. They said the guy scored two penalties.
  2. He's wasn't playing out of position. He was playing in his new position, as our manager sees it. Ideally he might have had an easier start, but our personnel situation deemed otherwise. It happens everywhere in life, when people are put into more difficult experiences than they're accustomed to. Some individuals rise to the occasion and others crash and burn. From the look of his second half performance, hopefully Darren is talented enough that he'll learn from the experience and prosper from it.
  3. It's O.K. The electro magnetic waves generated by Wi Fi are like radio waves, which are essentially a low-energy, non-ionising, non-harmful type of wave. So, since hardly anyone uses a transistor radio nowadays, the drop in waves from these appliances will compensate for the rise in Wi Fi usage, even if radio waves/Wi Fi were dangerous. Anyway, back in the real world............... Whether or not this research is wholly accurate or not, you can also factor in the prevalence for females in the developed world choosing to have babies when they're older. Due the fact that the "health" of the female ovum deteriorates as a woman gets older, it's more difficult to either get pregnant or to carry a pregnancy for the full term. So combined with the alleged decrease in sperm count, there could be a double whammy.
  4. Fortunately our manager is thinking along the same lines as yourself. We won't be playing fringe players etc. We will be playing our strongest team according to the manager. Which to me makes total sense.
  5. I didn't think he did particularly badly, compared to most of the other players. He won't be the first player to change his position as his career develops and he won't be the last.
  6. A reasonable question. Let's speculate. It is the speculation thread after all. Extensive repairs to the training ground. Deals for Eckersley, McKenzie, Smith, Samson, McGinn, Stelios, Davis and McShane. I doubt that these 8 will be on peanuts. Add on Quinn, Sutton and Irvine, who we've been saddled with due to prior contract agreements. Again , they'll be on substantial money, no doubt. Deals for our other signings, plus, as has been speculated, a couple may have required small fees for in contract players. Money to make for loss of JD deal. Although that may well have been offset to some degree by our new sponsorship deal. Employing Langfield, Webster and Clarkson as non-playing coaches/staff. Employing sports scientist and data analyst. Certainly some of these costs won't be huge, but they all mount up. However, increased season ticket sales could have boosted our coffers. I'm sure that there are other costs that I've omitted and since the majority of us have absolutely no idea what the day to day running costs of the club are, some of these costs could be fairly substantial. Also, just to be clear, I'm not making excuses, I'm simply making suggestions. I'd also like to add that we are competing with Falkirk, for signings, but we lost out on Loy, due to a business consortium paying his wages and a fee to Dundee. Falkirk, can't afford to sign anyone else of note either, unless they offload Sibbald. There's no way we should be competing with Dundee United. But that's another argument.
  7. Couldn't agree more with BTB and Pondsman. If the players have any sense of pride, and respect for the fans and the manager, they should be completely fired up for this game. I still have a modicum of optimism left, hence the reason why I will be going along on Saturday to lend my support towards a 6-0 victory for the good guys. However, I will reserve the right to boo loudly and shout "26 players you've signed Ross. Tick.Tock.", at HT if we're not winning.
  8. Darryl Duffy (33), training with us apparently. Has been training with Ayr and ICT previously. Also, JR in the PDE stating that "squad-wise we are still not going to have anyone else available this weekend".
  9. As long as it's good news.
  10. Oh dear! You'd think that someone so embittered towards the club would get his facts right before launching in to yet another borefest of a tirade and making an arse of himself yet again.
  11. I only mock the afflicted. You seem to be of sound mind.
  12. I take it that you didn't watch the women's cricket, otherwise you'd be blind by now. Incidentally, the final yesterday was brilliant.
  13. You'll need to wait until Whydowebother speculates that we might be signing someone. That's your confirmation.
  14. Good to see the chief attention seeking bore is annoyed every time I like a post he doesn't. All it takes is the press of a key.
  15. I'll be there, hoping for a much improved performance than we've seen so far, and a couple of new signings.