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  1. Sadly I don't think my alimentary canal could withstand another visit today.
  2. Morgan in for Sutton, is only change today. St Mirren: O'Brien, Irvine, Baird, MacKenzie, Eckersley, Magennis, Mallan, McGinn, Morgan, Smith, Loy Subs: Langfield, Webster, Quinn, Storie, Stelios, Todd, Sutton
  3. Went in about 3.15 yesterday afternoon. No queue. Many beers and two spicy bratwurst later, I left about 9.15 in a pretty relaxed state. Excellent afternoon/evening had by all. Wasn't so great when the virginmedia guy turned up at 8.00 this morning.
  4. Big Country playing Paisley Town Hall on Friday 17th of November.
  5. Been on sale for a month or so now. I'm going to see them at the O2 abc on the 6th of May. Might yet buy a ticket for the lagoon. 1200 capacity, so I doubt it will be a sell out.
  6. https://www.paisleybeerfestival.co.uk/beer-list Beer list for Wednesday to Saturday is out.
  7. If you get a chance, watch Colombia with Simon Reeve. Extremely emotive and thought provoking. Brings home yet again just how much brutality and suffering some humans are willing to inflict on each other.
  8. No it doesn't. It shows that they were better at taking their chances on the day and scored more goals than us. We could play this game all day. However, since it was a combination of lots of different factors, one of which may have been tactics or could have been tiredness or could have been poor finishing.
  9. Amazing what the green eyed monster does to throw up unfounded shite. They thought they'd easily attract Loy over us. They didn't. They thought Shankland would be the answer. It wasn't. They thought they were going to get second place. To be continued....................
  10. Horrible tackle from Brown. No attempt to play the ball, only to "do" Boyce. Straight red every day. However, the dive was embarrassing and Schalk should get a lengthy ban.
  11. I liked Dilo too, but he didn't play very much before his off field meltdown. Kello was great when we first signed him, but eventually turned into a bomb scare. Samson was a very good 'keeper, but I always felt that he was one step away from making a howler.