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  1. Scott McLean. Shite and always injured.
  2. Harry Davis

    Indeed. It's really affected our progress so far................. Anyway, Davis is in the PDE today saying he will be in full training at the end of this month. i.e. September.
  3. Another one gone. And a merge required.
  4. Falkirk sack Houston

    Indeed. Let's hope it's major surgery they need for their squad and not just a managerial change.
  5. Craig Samson

    Another assured performance from Sammy. Long may it last.
  6. A definite upgrade on Irvine. What's not to like?
  7. The Great Politics Thread

    You never disappoint!
  8. The Great Politics Thread

    Are you sure? They don't appear to worry too much about their councillors views in that area, so their members would most likely get off scot free too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-41038305
  9. Falkirk sack Houston

    They also seem to think that they've got a squad that should be, and I quote, "scudding other teams in this league". I think their squad is inadequate in a lot of positions.
  10. QoS Game

    JR confirms it in his post match interview.
  11. QoS Game

    Sadly for Josh, not for a confirmed re-dislocation of his shoulder it won't.
  12. QoS Game

    Indeed. He didn't need them anyway as he got the decision correct.
  13. Eckersley 2 games. Buchanan 1 game, so will be available next week.
  14. Lewis Morgan

    Aye it's strange that we signed him as cover for Reilly.
  15. QoS Game

    Will possibly need an op to tighten up his shoulder joint.