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  1. I'm sure I read somewhere that they stand to net £750K if Andrew Robertson is sold by Hull to a bigger club, so their financial hit might not be as bad as expected.
  2. Did I say that there were? There are a few who are still so furious that they were proved wrong who just can't admit it and keep posting in the same vein. It just makes them look even more like the five year old kids who have had major tantrums.
  3. I see the already humiliated Ross haters are out in force today. [emoji6]
  4. That's my non match day shower gel.[emoji28]
  5. Did I read that the f**king buffoon Davidson is claiming that Scotland is unattractive to immigrants? Obviously she doesn't go out much in Edinburgh. Apart from the receptionist who booked us into our hotel, I haven't spoken to a Scottish national since I got here.
  6. I generally try to follow the same pre-match as the previous game unless we lost. I find having a couple of rolls and bacon followed by a Tunnock's wafer cream to be the luckiest breakfast combination over the course of a season. I also try and wear the same clothing combination. However, the clincher this season was when I started using my expensive Xmas gift shower gel. IIRC we only lost the Dundee United game when I used it. The game I forgot to use it was the midweek Raith game. There are other things I try and do, but the list is too lengthy. P.S. If anyone wants the shower gel it's called endymion from Penhaligon in Covent Garden. It's eye wateringly expensive - but I'm worth it and so are The Saints. [emoji41]
  7. Fruit loop accusing others of abuse, whilst abusing others. Meltdown imminent. [emoji2]
  8. Whatever way it's painted, Reilly had a 'mare of a season at Dungvermin last season. A very meh signing, if it happens. Feel free to bookmark this and bump it as he scores his 20th goal of the season.
  9. I was referring to my lack of knowledge regarding Jordan.
  10. Both young, very promising players. Based on the fans of both teams, and not much else, they look to be decent signings.
  11. I really wanted Hutton to be a success with us. He wasn't and he's now moved on. Thankfully our fantastic performances over the past couple of months have all but erased his somewhat less than sparkling early season performances from my mind.
  12. Indeed. We should be thankful that the board appointed a manager who seems to be so highly rated by so many players that they want to come to our club instead of others. I shudder to think who we could have ended up with instead of JR.
  13. He will have a huge part to play next season, so , if true, this is fantastic news.