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  1. FTOF

    Jack Ross - SMTID?

    Seems that the green eyed monster is alive and kicking on this forum.
  2. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    I think that you may have misplaced this.
  3. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    To be fair, we're getting a new manager and I'd rather that he signed players that he wants rather than players that the previous management team had identified. Both Paul McGinn and Kellerman could be decent signings, but it can't be great knowing that the management team that signed you up has left the club, as the new manager might come in and prefer his signings over them. TBH if it means that we missed out on Nicky Clark and O'Ware then , we've won a watch IMO.
  4. FTOF

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    If the possible sale of Magennis is made common knowledge, there will be more, and possibly bigger, clubs than Sunderland interested.
  5. FTOF

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Stop it you.[emoji1] My choice would be Simo Valakari.
  6. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    Hardly ideal I agree, but if we were to get £1 million, it would soften the blow somewhat.
  7. FTOF

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Indeed. £1 million in the bank!
  8. FTOF

    Speculation Thread

    £1 million for Kyle Magennis. I like it.
  9. FTOF

    New Manager Latest Odds

    You're probably correct. However, as good as it is to be back in the top league, other than our 2013 cup win, being in the top league , in more recent times, has been pretty depressing, with almost every year spent avoiding relegation by the skin of our teeth. With the names I've seen so far, I reckon we'd see a continuation of that. If the BoD can show a bit of ambition, and get our version of "The special one", maybe we could be competing to get into the top six, rather than shitfesting our way to last day survival.
  10. FTOF

    New Manager Latest Odds

    These would be lazy appointments IMO. Given the team performance and what we've achieved in the past 18 months, the board should be looking for someone with similar qualities to our departing manager. We're not going to get a carbon copy, but I'm sure there are managers, that we can afford, who fit the bill. It might take a bit of hard work to find them, but I'd expect our BoD try and continue JR's legacy, even if it takes a bit of time to get the right person. None of the above, or other names I've seen mentioned, fit the bill IMO.
  11. FTOF

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Indeed. Boo f**king hoo Jack has left us. I'm just glad that the number one whiny bitch is in the wank tank and I don't have to read his enraged tear stained drivel.
  12. FTOF

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Una Stubbs. Anyway all this idle speculation is pointless. JJ has spoken. If he wants the job then Robbie Neilson is a cert.
  13. FTOF

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    He has a point. Our chairman and the majority on here said about January/February 2017 that even if we had been relegated we would have kept and backed him this season. No he doesn't. If we'd been relegated he'd hardly have been lauded as a success. Unless you know a different meaning of the word "success".
  14. FTOF

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Hopkin may be a decent manager, but as stated earlier who he's associated himself with at Livingston rules him out of the running for me.
  15. Yes. It's on punctuation. You should try it some time at the end of questions.