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  1. BuddieinEK

    Peace In Korea

    I preferred the Marxist Brothers (sic).
  2. BuddieinEK

    Music Gigs

    I saw The Magic Numbers last year and loved them.
  3. BuddieinEK

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I would have said the same about Steve Clarke and Killie... So never say never.
  4. BuddieinEK

    Saint's Premiership Era

    Yup. The question still stands.
  5. BuddieinEK

    Saint's Premiership Era

    What did Ricky McFarlane do wrong?
  6. BuddieinEK

    Disappointed in it all

    Would have loved him to stay longer but was always prepared for this. Everything I witnessed in Fergie I have just relived... From reviving a dead team, via galvanising the fans and players, to winning promotion to the top division. The one big difference is Fergie had two bad years before the 18 glorious months that left their mark on me for life. Jack had five months of fan rebellion whilst he worked behind the scenes and then it all clicked. In both cases, patience was needed. Same at Man Utd where Fergie was one game from the sack. I despair at the modern demand for instant success. I think we inadvertently lose out on so much more! We binned Gus because he was merely keeping us in the top league. We binned Danny because he had "taken us as far as he could" and the board wanted someone else to "take us in a new direction"! Success! Goodbye Premier League... Hello Championship! Jack has earned his chance at s bigger club in a bigger league earning a bigger wage... ... but will he be given time and support? Just as importantly, will we, the fans, learn from this and show patience and support for whoever is appointed. After all... Jim Clunie didn't do too badly! Got us into Europe. After we binned him and appointed our physio as manager, radical indeed, Ricky actually did incredibly well for us. Be open minded folks. As the wise old prophetess Doris once said, Que Sera Sera!
  7. BuddieinEK

    Music Gigs

    Last night at the Quay Sessions... Daniel Meade then REEF! Listening to the broadcast now on Radio Scotland. OMG can the REEF boys rock.... that was a bit sublime... and aye... I raised my hands up!
  8. BuddieinEK

    How many seats do the bigots get ?

    Because like this, someone else brought it up and I simply replied! Kind of happens on a discussion forum! [emoji15]
  9. BuddieinEK

    How many seats do the bigots get ?

    That was about a different matter completely.
  10. BuddieinEK

    How many seats do the bigots get ?

    As I said, the decision had already been made. I accepted it but in appropriate threads have voiced my displeasure that trying to boost the home crowd wasn't at least tried first. Isn't that what a discussion forum is for? Emailing the club, as today's statement proved, would have achieved absolutely nothing.
  11. BuddieinEK

    How many seats do the bigots get ?

    I didn't email about this. The decision had already been made so no point. I didn't get a reply or acknowledgement to my previous email which was about ba different matter and was actually a very positive one.
  12. BuddieinEK

    How many seats do the bigots get ?

    Totally missed the point... WHY did we not even try to increase our own support first, building on the increased support and optomism? Not even touched on. The press release simply appeases the people who were already fully in support of the decision.
  13. BuddieinEK

    Speculation Thread

    FFS... Is a tissue not enough?
  14. BuddieinEK

    The End Of Season Play Offs 2018

    Damn... My bad. In that case... County down and Thistle to win the play off. Hard luck Livi.
  15. BuddieinEK

    The End Of Season Play Offs 2018

    Congratulations Livi. Delighted to see Arabs lose out! Hopefully Livi will beat Ross County in a play off. Keeps Thistle up for good crowds. Gets rid of County for the journey and lack of support. Lets Livi up to make sure there is a team we are guaranteed to finish above!