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  1. But we can avoid spreading unnecessary fear, panic, terror. The quick attachment of the words "terrorist attack" simply serve to sensationalise an isolated incident and potentially fuel reprisals imo. Better calling it what it was... A random race hate crime.
  2. Aye... Big difference between a racist nutjob and a terrorist who would generally be part of a cell.
  3. Nobody on here has said suggested or even hinted at that. The nature of the attack is what sets it apart, nothing to do with the race or ethnicity of victims or perpetrator.
  4. Because the terror alert throughout the UK was raised due to the chance of increased coordinated attacks. Last night would certainly seem to be a racist attack...but I do think it is very differemt from a coordinated terrorist attack.
  5. Big difference. Recent ones involved more than one person and would appear to have been coordinated.
  6. But it was one nutjob in an isolated attack. How is that a "terrorist" attack? How does that isolated London incident by a nutjob warrant increased police protection at every mosque in Scotland?
  7. Have a soft drink insteed!
  8. Yer a regular Fanny!
  9. What a Coup that would be.
  10. In the mane, stop horsing around!
  11. Saw James three weeks ago in EK. A musical genius that should be selling out big venues. Such a good songwriter and so engaging. That voice is sublime. Last week I saw Underhill Rose, Jonas and Jane, Darden Smith, John Alexander, and the Paisley songbird Jill Jackson. Next week is The Danberrys in Kilbarchan... Then gig 50 of the year... ... Paisleys finest... Carol Laula in Oran Mor. If you havent heard Carol in a while please just go... Her last album was her finest in decades. Her support The Wellgreen harmonise like the Everleys meet Simon and Garfunkel whilst singing songs by Wings! Love them. Thursday night. Carol Laula in Oran Mor.
  12. With no legislation passed in Hollyrood in the last year, devolved powers remaining unused, and ejukashun in rapid decline, they may well have been better places concentrating on Scottish policy or amending it rather than trying to defend it.
  13. You may also notice that in the last few months she never once referred to it as "the will of the Scottish people" (which it had been till this point in her rhetoric), but as "the will of the Scottish Parliament". Technically correct as SNP were by far the majority in the Scottish Parliament but a telling change of language.
  14. Craig Gordon was at fault for both goals. WTF didn't he just carry on and catch or punch it for the second?
  15. If I may... You are taking that personally and over reacting. He never once stated any support for the policy. He simply stated that using the reference The Rape Party was excessive and inappropriate. I tend to agree, not that any jaikits need hauding! eta... As you normally respect his posts, I always respect yours and look forward to sharing a pint on the Metropolis of Rothesay some time.