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  1. Not for me... Not if Langfield is staying on as coach. Loved Sammy but he was just as prone to errors, and his time at Killie and Motherwell has been error strewn. Fans of both teams were very critical. I think Jack will find better alternatives on a lesser budget.
  2. Boooooooooooo 'mon the Kilby!
  3. Woohooooo.... £30 profit. I only placed the bet cos they gave me a fiver bet for free! The other £2 is on EK for tomorrow.
  4. So... Anybody else punt £3 on Dundee United to win at 10/1 when 1-0 down? 4 extra time minutes from £33 return, much as I wanted the Bairns to win.
  5. How is your Thai bride settling in anyway? Got her season ticket yet?
  6. And it is his favoured position. Beside McGinn he could really become a treasure in there. So could Todd right enough. Happy to leave it to Jack, James and Captain Marvel.
  7. For example... ... ...
  8. Ooooohhhhhh.... Football was so exciting last season I thought we already had the Horne! Now it is official. Welcome on board. Enjoy the ride.
  9. Time to face up to the truth buddy... Poz disnae want you beside him and is happy with his reserved seat! [emoji12]
  10. Brazilian Ladies? Bound to be a close shave!
  11. ... at arithmetic than you? [emoji12]
  12. hell yeah! I'm up for that!!!