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  1. Oft Ronnie... Don't take it so.personally bud. I for one really appreciated the heads up as I might have to swap shifts so can take some precautionary measures in advance. That said, like the others and no doubt yourself too, I very much hope it won't be needed and we avoid the play offs.
  2. Drew is going down! Nothing new there! [emoji12]
  3. I would think 1 IN 4 = 3 to 1 against?
  4. The way Brexit is being used as justification for another Indy referendum, one would be forgiven for thinking that every single Scot had voted to remain part of the EU. 1.7 million voted to remain. 1 million voted to leave. A sizable majority granted, but as a percentage of the electorate hardly the way it is being portrayed. Let's be totally honest about it... despite losing at the last referendum, Independence has never left the table... NS has hinted at a second referendum at every opportunity and has been very clever in her manipulation of voters on both sides of the country... for example voting on Fox Hunting in England and Wales just to piss off the electorate outwith Scotland!
  5. No problem whatsoever in people believing in it. The minute the results were announced we had people complaining the vote was rigged and demanding a new one. A wee decade of stability and concentrating in using our devolved powers to the full whilst campaigning positively for more devolved powers throighout the UK... That would be my preference.
  6. The only reason? It has never left the table since the results were announced.
  7. Two years ago today I posted this. I believe it still to be as relevant today. Interestingly, It created much discussion, a lot of criticism, and a few cases of "unfriending"! I was brought up in a time when your vote was a private thing. Something you just didn't discuss. As the great prophet Dylan said tho... the times they are a changin'. This is a good thing... many more people are politically aware. But many more have as much apathy as ever, and that is understandable. I have said nothing in public to date... but I am genuinely concerned. Of course I know that this will be sheer heresay to some of my friends... possibly end up in some unfriending.... ... though I hope not. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Cards on the table time... I still don't know who I will vote for... but I know who I can't vote for in a General election. SNP. I have voted SNP at a local level a number of times. At a local level, their representatives are by far the best and most effective. Streets ahead. At a national level, I am totally in awe at their campaign over the last decade. Their use of social media and public interaction has been genius and actually quite refreshing. The current campaign is also incredibly well structured. Vote SNP and our Westminster MPs will make the baddies accountable. Genius. If SNP stood for what is best for Scotland full stop, I'd join the party myself. But it doesn't. It will always have an ultimate aim of breaking up the UK. I'd much rather reform it, redistribute the powerbase, and increase regional autonomy. More SNP MP's will result in carnage in Westminster... they will do all they can to create anti-Scottish feelings throughout the UK, then using the anti-Scottish rhetoric within Scotland to enhance the campaign for independence. Just watch... that has already begun. Genius. Dangerous... but genius. Nicola Sturgeon can pull it off too... the perfect public speaker and infinitely more likeable than her predecessor to non SNP voters. Despite the denials, a vote for SNP IS a vote in favour of independence. Even if you don't want that or believe that to be so. It will be used as such.
  8. As have I Drew. If that is not the case then the alternative is that your kids think that is best and despite believing differently you will forsake your democratic right to let them make what you believe to be the wrong decision. No?
  9. Agreed
  10. And if we lose 6 to our 2 or 4?
  11. Apparantly not! Honey he shrunk the keeper!
  12. I did not refer to his ability at all. I just fail to see how you can justify linking it to his height.
  13. Aye... That's why Andy Goram was a dud too then?
  14. Too small? Seriously? You honestly think that is a justifiable criticism? Too small?