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  1. Looking good guys... Great work.
  2. and yet you are happy to share it!
  3. When Rae was the manager he appeared on sports joirnalism programmes less often than S Thompson esq who talked about The Rangers FC just as much. That really doesn't bother me one iota. They can only respond to the popular discussion topics and sadly for us, in Scotland that tends to be one of two teams whereby a previous affiliation is seen as a qualification. I didn't mind how he spoke re Saints either. He often spoke sense as he sought to heal a seriously fractured dressing room. What I did really object to was his dogmatic approach to tactics which were patently wrong. The more they backfired, the more he insisted the fault was the players ability and the fans lack of tactical knowledge. Now THAT was worth complaining about!
  4. The players coming in have created genuine competition for places resulting in improved performances from the players who were already here.
  5. Is that the same player folks were trashing just a few months back? Amazing what a bit of belief and confidence can do to a young player. I wonder if folks will realise that and maybe even let Jack Baird develop into a fine young defender? The other special thing about Mallans free kicks is that they are not always about power... His vision to wrong foot a keeper is quite sublime.
  6. Yep... I too remember going to the wee place in the Coffin End and then to thefancy new place... Pie and peas with vinegar is my own abiding memory! lol
  7. Hard to say... We both have history in said areas... Your lot in throwing things for the bookies... Us in staying up! [emoji12]
  8. OMG I have a man crush. Just when I thought I couldn't love Stephen McGinn any more, he spoke! [emoji7]
  9. Aye... Experience guarantees results... Unless you are Davie Hay... Terry Butcher... and many more. [emoji33]
  10. What are the odds on that?
  11. Errrrrrr... If we have 37 shots on target and 37 shots off target (sounds like our warm up routine), how can their keeper have made 112 saves?
  12. FFS... Why is Loy taking and scoring the penalty? That was a job for Mackenzie! ;)
  13. A fiver on Mallan to score at 5/1 was a no brainer! Now... What about Mackenzie at 14/1.... Pretty please!
  14. People who question his scoring rate simply do not understand modern football and are stuck in the 1970's. If he stayed central in an attempt to score more... We would concede posession more easily. Our midfield would not have as much protection and in turn our defence would be more vulnerable. Our midfield would not have nearly as many scoring opportunities. All that would mean that he himself would get less service and fewer opportunities to score. Personally, I'm happy to leave the decision making to Jack here as he is a progressive manager with a good idea of our needs and how to improve us as a team.