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  1. St Mirren Contract thread

    First thing you have got right in this thread in a long time!
  2. St Mirren Contract thread

    What a very strange post indeed! Two weeks to come up with THAT? Really? Strange indeed.
  3. Billy O’Brien

    Thanks for clearing that up. The headline was horrific and insensitive. The whole article was written to mislead people into believing it was an interview. That is unforgivable!
  4. Billy O’Brien

    If that is the case, why has he given an interview to the excuse of a rag? It is a heartbreaking story. He must be devastated. I hate the Sun and to those saying boycott it I ask why the hell would you purchase it in the first place? Even Striker lost its mojo! But in this instance, if Billy has consented to an interview, can the rag be criticised for publishing it?
  5. Tom Black, Stevie Clarke.
  6. Paisley, Uk City Of Culture 2021?

    That kicked off the regeneration of the clydeside then the centre.
  7. Greenock Morton Football Club

    Errrrrrrr... Have you forgotten that Paisley scum were found guilty of the same thing not that long ago?
  8. Latest Scores

    The manager is a genius... Banking all those points for his new club.
  9. St Mirren V Dumbarton 02/12/2017

    Interesting that Stelios comes in for Smith when Duffy is on the bench, Sutton too. 100/1 on Stelios to score 2 or more, 500/1 for 3 or more!
  10. I'm Listening To....

    From tonight's gig...
  11. Music Gigs

    Just back from Blue Rose Code in Milngavie. Stunning. If you are a fan of John Martyn you should get your backside to Milngavie on Sunday if there are any tickets left. Tonight and tomorrow are completely sold out! His new album The Water of Leith is my album of the year!
  12. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    When has that ever stopped them?
  13. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    At half time and with Norwich 1-0 up, I got 5/1 on a Cardiff! A fiver immediately stuck on it returned £30.
  14. St Mirren Contract thread

    You really are having a mare here, but I have to say, it has given me the best laugh I have had in ages! A few is not multiple despite multiple being more than one which, co-incidentally, so is "a few"! Really? When your argument stoops to that level it really is time to seek help! The only person bringing Jack Baird back up is me? Really? All I have done is reply factually to each of your funny posts in which YOU brought up your favourite obsession! "Lord Jack Baird"? Aye, very good. When all is lost, throw in a wee bit of sarcasm. Why not, you have tried everything else! Show me one single post where anyone has said that he did not have any poor games last season! Go on. Just one! Rest assured I would not put ANYTHING in your mouth!
  15. St Mirren Contract thread

    God loves a trier! Drop references to the fictional multiple duff games this season and hope to make a point nonetheless!