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  1. [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Hope your mrs isn't on B & W army lol
  3. TBH they spoil the game for you it's the constant shouting & swearing. Shouting & swearing doesn't bother me but not for the full game.
  4. [emoji23][emoji23] Not funny really.
  5. Good luck to whoever sits near them.
  6. Maybe they don't attend as much now then coz you wouldn't miss them.
  7. Not sure they used to be in W3 but think they got a ban. I was at a cup game & didn't have my own seat, they were behind me in W4 for that game.
  8. It is W4 section her & her daughter sit in, blonde & always wears a saints top, you'll hear them before you see them. They actually abuse our players more than whoever we are playing.
  9. It was hard work. I actually told her & her daughter to shut up at one point. Couldn't take it any longer.
  10. hehe [emoji23]
  11. The "were you at the game was a wind up dafty" of course you didn't go. [emoji23]Plus I agree with everything you posted. It's down to the club again not taking our own fans into consideration yet again.
  12. Were you at the game? Probably not, I also stated that they should contact the club if you care to take in everything I wrote. Anyway I do agree with the original post that the FAMILY STAND should be what it was set up for. If it was that bad where were the stewards? [emoji6]
  13. I'm sure when the children all go to school they maybe just maybe hear a wee bad word or 2. ffs oops it's a football game. Only saying. Seriously, get in touch with the club if you are happy. The woman that does all the shouting & swearing has had a ST in every section of the west stand I think but keeps getting moved through complaints [emoji6]
  14. Deep breath everyone. I'll wait till the real stuff starts before looking my pampers out [emoji6]