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  1. You’re abusing our ears [emoji101][emoji6]
  2. Shull wouldn’t know if he had a good game on sat probably wasn’t at the game. In the second half he pulled off a could of great saves.
  3. Dundee United V St Mirren

    IMO we were poor today against mediocre UNT team, we had loads of possession & did nothing with it.
  4. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    I’ve suffered them, they have actually been banned before. Mother, daughter with young son they are a total nightmare if sitting near you.
  5. Yeh you are right Shull poor management that’s got us top of the table. Sack Jack [emoji6][emoji6]
  6. You’ll never get over that [emoji6]
  7. Livingston game

    Mid week game, pish.
  8. ffs google it then if you’re not happy with the replies emoji6]
  9. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Watched game on St Mirren tv in Salou, pretty disappointed, IMO wasn’t much of a game plus I think Sutton should of been on. Still top of the league but need to improve.
  10. Hi, I’m Spain at present, will saints tv show the game tomorrow? What is the link for it if so? Cheers guys - never used the service before
  11. Gary McKenzie

    Yes & when it happens you’ve got to take that a wee calf [emoji6][emoji23]
  12. DIDDY CUP....2017/18

    [emoji30]just asking