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  1. Few games to go yet so you better hang off [emoji90][emoji90][emoji90][emoji90][emoji90]
  2. But a season ticket in the future then [emoji6]
  3. Thanks St Mirren home for 3 hours sleep then up for work. [emoji30] Why did JR drop Irvine & move Stellios to the right back?
  4. [emoji6][emoji23]
  5. Praise where it's due for JR but Brendan Rogers bottled it at Liverpool Just saying [emoji6]
  6. Now you're having a laugh doc[emoji6]I'm still proud of you though [emoji106]
  7. I'm proud of you, well done [emoji6]
  8. That's good coming from you you moron, look back at your own post & the slagging you get from others. I rest my case smart arse [emoji6]
  9. Again on this forum people think they are smarter than others because they have a different opinion. McGinn & co starting to show the way. Let's all calm down see how this all pans out. It's not over yet either way but still in our hands. 2 great results though but needs to continue.
  10. Aye he should...... with us [emoji6]
  11. I should hope not, personally I like Jack want him to get us out this mess but up until now dosent look like it. [emoji30]
  12. What a load of bollocks, who would want their team to get beat? It's guys like you that are hiding & wont face the fact that Jack Ross has a big part to play where we are right now. The league position tells us that. Still in our hands though, we play our part now down to Jack & the players.
  13. So lets just keep someone in a job because the chairman has clicked with him[emoji6] I like JR & hope he succeeds but if he dosent like any other manager the bucks stops at him .
  14. Def in the same breath. Abba, nutter, Shuggie, nutter, Goody, nutter. All had balls, name a player in team recently that has? We could of done with a goody at the beginning of the season[emoji6]
  15. Because Ross didn't give Walsh a chance, I actually thought he was an ok player. Just my opinion.