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  1. He's no a real fan either then[emoji23][emoji23][emoji6]
  2. heard last night it's been sent to the scrap yard
  3. I think the big difference with the team is none of the players were spotted in ASDA Linwood before JR signed them. Coincidence or not [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. Still scored & doesn't help us
  5. The ref let them away with far to much, their big centre back was at it all day plus Cammy Bell is a cheating bastard conned the ref & got Loy booked
  6. That remains to be seen but hope you're right.
  7. Try fresh legs that would of been a start, the players were running out of steam specially in that heat.
  8. I actually thought we were the better team, JR should of used more subs players were tiring in the heat. As for unt cheating bastards. Cammy Bell should be ashamed of himself.
  9. Is it not about time people moved on & concentrated on the job in hand. Last time I looked we are still bottom of the league & it's been a lot longer than AR had us. Ps The footballs better, we've won a few games recently but still not out the shit yet.
  10. Few games to go yet so you better hang off [emoji90][emoji90][emoji90][emoji90][emoji90]
  11. But a season ticket in the future then [emoji6]
  12. Thanks St Mirren home for 3 hours sleep then up for work. [emoji30] Why did JR drop Irvine & move Stellios to the right back?
  13. [emoji6][emoji23]
  14. Praise where it's due for JR but Brendan Rogers bottled it at Liverpool Just saying [emoji6]
  15. Now you're having a laugh doc[emoji6]I'm still proud of you though [emoji106]