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  1. Do we go with the same starting 11 minus Baird, or do we shuffle the pack,give Duffy OKeefe etc a run out. Thoughts
  2. 1 each we dont do clean sheets
  3. Morton v Saints 12 August

    If Stellios continues like Saturday, that could be regular sight
  4. Mixing Of Family Stand

    Davey wouldn't like it. 2 folk louder than him
  5. Mixing Of Family Stand

    She goes with her daughter and her kid. If memory serves me right she was moved from her seat in the old stadium and warned about her language. Her sister used to go with them.
  6. Scott McDonald

    AFTER watching us last night, this might be exactly the type of player needed a wee niggly in your face scrotum of a player
  7. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    How do I view what seats are available on the smfc website . Ive logged in but cant find stadium plan
  8. Billy Mehmet

    Still only 32. Come home Billy
  9. 2017/18 season tickets on sale now

    Just renewed mine this morning block W4
  10. Squad: Season 17-18

    Swap him for Loy
  11. Excellent Div. Thanks for this
  12. Has anybody told Morton
  13. Will be there also. Wont make the last 2 away games though