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  1. Brian Graham

    Sitting in the upper main stand at today's game and Brian Graham was sitting in the row in front of me, absolutely certain it was him. He was up clapping the st mirren goals aswell. Obviously truth in the rumours
  2. Partick V St Mirren 22/7/17

    Absolutely abysmal performance today from everyone out there, no exemptions. Hopeless from start to finish, thistle strolled that game with far to much ease, barely had to get out of first gear all afternoon. The players and Jack really have a lot to answer for after that! The most embarrassing performance since jack took over by a long way
  3. It's all good and well saying that, but that was particularly dire tonight. It was the same in the game against Dundee the other week, we has a tonne of possession but as soon as we got the the final 3rd we had no clue, all the midfield play in the world counts for nothing if we can't put the ball in the net. Tonight was the exact same. It is blindingly obvious we lack the quality upfront. Jack will be doing himself a real disservice if we go into the season with the attacking quality we have now as it is clearly not good enough
  4. Pre Season Friendlies

    Just made it back home from the game there. A lot of positives to take from the game today. Was very impressed with the performance of Dale Hilson in the second half, a lot of pace and very direct going forward, looks like he could be a decent player. Samson didn't have much to do tonight, although was forced into making one very good save in the first half, didn't look shaky at all, however will need too see how he fairs in more of the upcoming games. Was Horrible weather up there tonight, but the 5 goals made up for it.
  5. Super Stelios

    I think most of the players have been away on holiday this week, hence why only 2 people have signed contracts so far.
  6. Saints T-shirts?

    Really like the designs! Just hope i will be able to wear the Stevie Mallan one next season.
  7. Hibernian v St Mirren Championship 6/5/17

    https://hibstv.hibernianfc.co.uk/tv/video/vod/2070 link for the goals from yesterday
  8. St Mirren v Morton 31st December 2016

    No excuse not to pick up 3 points today in the position we were in on 59 minutes! Absolutely shocking substitutions from Jack Ross, clarkson has been utterly abysmal in our team this season and that is really saying something, doesn't even come close to deserving a place in our squad never mind actually being brought on as a sub in a must win game. Completely clueless tactics from Ross aswell in the second half, when they went down to 10 men we should have been pressing them, attacking, and putting their defence under pressure, but instead he tells them to sit deep and hang onto a 1-0 lead against 10 men for 35 minutes, which for a team in out position and out defensive capabilities was never in a million years gonna pay off, absolutely clueless managerial tactics from him today!
  9. Absolutely brilliant result today, and fecking great we managed to build on Tuesday's result!! Onwards and upwards now. COYS!!!
  10. It was a hard one to get his foot on tho, Naismith drilled it across goal and Sutton was sliding in at the back but just couldn't reach it
  11. I do genuinely wonder what we practice week in week out defensively during training cause every week we make the same simple basic mistakes that cost us goals that other teams do not seem to make on such a regular basis like us. Every game it's like it's their first time ever playing in that position!
  12. Falkirk V Saint Mirren

    And normal service has resumed
  13. Falkirk V Saint Mirren

    We certainly do know how to make things tough for ourselves
  14. Falkirk V Saint Mirren

    I assume I'm reading this wrong, we have gone ahead in a game!?!
  15. Is the game being shown on st mirren tv tonight?