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  1. Some people are just never happy. SEVEN goals away from home, Davis back and played the full 90 minutes, no injuries or booking which could lead to suspentions, comfortably through to the next round of the cup. And yet still complaining.
  2. Just to let you know mate, (i dunno if it was a typo or not) but you need to get the 25 bus to where the ground is not the 26 bus, otherwise you will end up down in musselburgh for the afternoon
  3. Darryl Duffy

    I really cant understand why we signed him tbh
  4. Take Note, Jack Ross and James Fowler

    Exactly, so stop banging on about how Jack and James let us down, about how the club should issue an apology to fans, how we deserve our money back etc as if you know for a fact, because you have literally no idea what the reason for not playing them was. I'm not quite sure why you would ask what i am good at, very bizzare line of question tbh.
  5. Take Note, Jack Ross and James Fowler

    Again you have no idea tho why Jack did not play them from the beginning against Raith rovers. They could have been feeling a bit unwell on the day and didn't want to risk starting the game, They could have had an incredibly poor week of training and jack did not see fit that they deserve a place int the starting 11, The boys that started ahead of them could have had an incredibly week in training and jack believed they deserved a place in the team. You are mearly speculating that it was because jack didn't take the competition seriously, and not only that you are getting completely up in arms about your own speculation, when you have got literally no idea the reasons behind why they did not start.
  6. Take Note, Jack Ross and James Fowler

    You are aware that Jack did play McGinn and Cammy in the earlier rounds against East kilbride and Hearst under 20's. You've got absolutely no idea the reasons behind why they did not start against Raith rovers.
  7. Or fans could get the megabus through to edindurgh which is currently only £7.00 return
  8. The Jack Ross and James Fowler Appreciation Thread

    Honestly you'd think Jack fielded an entire reserve or under 20's team for this game and then told them to deliberately play poorly just for added measure. The starting line up against Raith Rovers was:- Ross Stewart Gregor Buchanan Jack Baird Adam Eckersley Stelios Demetriou Gary Irvine Ian McShane Ethan Erhahon Dale Hilson Ross Stewart Gavin Reilly Every single one of them is a first team squad player for us this season. And Ethan got his first start for us which was good to see as i don't think he played bad at all.
  9. https://www.stmirren.com/news/matchday/away-matchday-information/1294-tickets-for-scottish-cup-third-round-tie-on-sale-tomorrow
  10. I could say absolute if you prefer, either way you get the point
  11. Samson had a good match today and was probably our best player on the park. Initially when we first signed him he looked a bit shaky but since the season properly started he has been pretty solid, to say he has been really poor and we have to get in a new keeper in is just utter nonsense.