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Isle Of Bute Saint

Its Plastic Nightmares

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Our prime minister has acted, hailed by Gove, alongside the racist Zak Goldsmith, as the country's greatest environmentalist she has decreed that a not even loosley defined group of plastics, that are arbitrarily categorised as "unnecessary", will be banned when she and many of the rest of us are liable to be dead or too old to give a shit anymore.
Well and truly kicked into the long seaweed.  
I truly hate this poor apology for a government.

Acht, All the feckin same. You wonder in all honestly if any politician actually believes the pish they spout to the public domain.

Plastic is now the great evil, diesel was the devils brew last I looked. In fact this is just at like Sturgeon when she proclaimed no more diesel cars by2030. Oh really ?? The Chinese promptly challenged her and she promptly back tracked by sending her trade counsel to London to tell, no re assure the Chinese that it was an aspiration, not a realistic target. So, Chinese investment saved, phew.

It’s all just a pile of political poop Trouble is they expect us all to scoop

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1 hour ago, faraway saint said:

Iceland, the shop, not the country, pledged to stop using plastic on all it's own products within 5 years.

Good move, I think this could be an attractive sales point for many consumers in the next few years. 

Ronnie going down a similar road........


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