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    W6er got a reaction from Hendo in Black Lives Matter   
    Personally, I think enough's enough. The elderly and those with underlying health conditions should shield, and let everyone else get on with their lives. 
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    W6er got a reaction from D.F.Riley in Black Lives Matter   
    Why is it odd to be able to agree with someone about one thing, but hold an opposing view with that person about something else?
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    W6er got a reaction from Sue Denim in Coronavirus   
    'Even left-wing journalists have discovered a fondness for the security state, calling on a government they usually deride as fascistic to wield the truncheon with more vigour.'
    Even left-wing journalists?! LOL It's estimated communist states murdered 100 million people last century, and North Korea is probably the most totalitarian regime on earth, with grandchildren being detained in camps due to the activities of their grandparents. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mugabe and Mau's states were pretty nasty too. Even Castro wasn't a cuddly, benevolent type.
    I'd say contemporary 'left-wingers' are probably the most puritanical and despotic ideologues in modern politics, with their attempts to criminalise hurting people's feelings....
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    W6er got a reaction from Sue Denim in Coronavirus   
    That would amount to approximately 5,600 deaths in Scotland, then. A figure I arrived at by guessing Scotland's population to be about 5.5 million. 
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    W6er got a reaction from St.Ricky in Free faraway saint!   
    I have to admit I have no idea why Ricky or Faraway have been confined in here, especially given one of the very recent posters in this thread has behaved far worse. Both are actual fans too.
    @div, free @faraway saint and @St.Ricky , please!
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    W6er got a reaction from St.Ricky in Free faraway saint!   
    @div is online...
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    W6er got a reaction from St.Ricky in Free faraway saint!   
    Well, it would look too suspect were I to materialise straight away. 😉
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    W6er reacted to Long John Baldy in Coronavirus   
    Granddaughters school, primary, have sent 8 kids home today from one class who had "cold" like symptoms.
    Yip, going to be a long few months when lots of children sneeze/cough.
    Chaos for parents trying to get back to normal. 
    PS I've made this post without consulting an expert. 
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    W6er reacted to oaksoft in Coronavirus   
    Do you actually think posting this sort of thing bothers me in the slightest? 
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    W6er reacted to oaksoft in Coronavirus   
    Well it's quite elementary dear antrin.
    It's all wafer thin virtue signalling on your part.
    Words are easy. Action is what counts.
    I'm just taking the piss out of that fakery whilst being honest with how I feel about others.
    As for me, seeing as how you have never actually asked what I believe in, preferring to concoct your own conclusions, I believe that Homer said it best when he said "I love the idea of humanity. I just hate other people". It's great that we have people like BuddieInEK and an army of others who actually DO things for disadvantaged people rather than bleat about unfairness online like you, TPAK thingy and the lord Lucy do. It's a good thing that we help the weakest in society. Just don't expect me to want to help out other than via taxes or NI contributions etc. Helping others isn't my passion and there's absolutely no reason why it should be. It's not a moral issue and you continually beating the drum on that from the safety of your own couch isn't going to make it one.
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    W6er reacted to oaksoft in Coronavirus   
    No it doesn't. 😅
    I'm having a wee dig at your over-emotional claptrap. 😅
    You are always fecking raging on here. What the hell is wrong with you?
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    W6er reacted to div in Virtual Season Tickets   
    The new TV service is completely outsourced to Stream Digital.
    The club don’t have anything to do with supporting or delivering the service, it’s all handled by Stream.
    if you have any issues at all with it you should email [email protected] which is a mailbox that is managed by the support team direct at Stream Digital.
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    W6er reacted to Fricky-Troll in Free faraway saint!   
    Fricky finally remembered his W6er log in ffs
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    W6er reacted to ALBIONSAINT in Black Lives Matter   
    Welcome to the forum freethinker. You should have joined a few weeks ago, there was a poster called Shull that had very very similar opinions as yourself, you two would have got on like a house on fire. 
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    W6er reacted to Ronnie in St Johnstone v St Mirren Sat 29th Aug   
    I genuinely believe Tony will get his dream and we will finish top 6 this season, but FFS it's a hard watch in terms of good play or excitement and really can't see that changing.

    I'm the only St Mirren fan in my work and have told everyone from start of season we will finish top 6 but we won't score more than 2 goals in any match this season everything in this first month has convinced me more & more that I'm right.
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    W6er reacted to Ayrshire Saints in St Johnstone v St Mirren Sat 29th Aug   
    Surely they won't be allowed their full home support at a trial game ?

    Acid test for me a game at a venue we traditionally really struggle at. Any sort of return will continue our very good start.
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    W6er reacted to mattman in Why no flags and Banners ?   
    On their own banners ? I’d say they had a say on it 😂
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    W6er got a reaction from St.Ricky in Hearts And Us.   
    Me too. I know it's a historical thing, but I would prefer a rivalry with Partick - they're much closer geographically and we are both the same size and live in the shadow of the Old Firm. Plus I don't like their fans - hipsters (beardy weirdies, bohemians), students and those whose sensibilities are too fragile to cope with the bigotry of the Old Firm. I really don't like Thistle, actually.
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    W6er got a reaction from St.Ricky in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Shull!  Give me a break, please!
    Right, well I know when I'm not wanted.
    Just a wee reminder, before I disappear, that the 50/50 Lotto starts tomorrow. First prize is half the takings. 
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    W6er reacted to St.Ricky in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Lol. You are so wrong. Tut, tut on your use of profanity. You know that you can do better than that. 
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    W6er reacted to St.Ricky in Season Tickets 20/21   
    People have different priorities. Nothing wrong with that. It's a matter of self selection. The club wouldn't survive without those of us. Including you, who put our money where our mouth is.  Clearly, some on here don't. Some, it seems, in their own  words like a bet (many do), like a drink (many do) and like "luxury weekend breaks" (many do). I don't generally do any of these. Nothing wrong with that either. So how do "they"  differentiate themselves as fans. Simply put, they demote themselves by not contributing financially. Now.. I last year suggested that a fund was stated to privately help those who had a hard time financially to be able to obtain a season ticket or even just a game or several games. I'm still happy to chuck a bit of cash into that. After all, I don't spend it on bets, drink or holidays. I just waste it in St Mirren
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    W6er got a reaction from St.Ricky in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Obviously I used hypothetical examples. However, there are gradients of supporters:
    e,g, 1 - Fans who will watch the club if we get to a final or perhaps if we're on the TV. They might well own a club scarf or other merchandise.
    e,g, 2 - Similar to the above, but this fair-weather supporter might watch a few games every season, but only if the club are doing well.
    e.g. 3 - A frequent spectator, who might watch a few games each season - the big games, plus others if nothing better to do. Might buy the shirt.
    e.g. 4 - A serious fan - will watch most home games. Buys the shirt each season.
    e.g 5 - Proper fanatic. Season ticket holder and also attends some away matches. 
    Not all fans have the same level of interest in the club. However, I'd expect those who spend an hour or so each day on a fans' forum would be pretty fanatical about their support. 
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    W6er reacted to TediousTom in Hearts And Us.   
    It is callled hatred son.  
    Hatred is an unhealthy obsession and I know from my own experience just how  infectious such hatred can be
    In my time I have known folk to hate
    The French
    The disabled
    etc etc
    Hatred is a horrible part of the human psyche, horrible indeed,  However as much as we would all like to hug a tree and proclaim we are free of such tribal preconceptions, we are not.  We are Apes in skin.  So to satisfy my evolved need to hate I satisfy my yearning and quench it with a hatered of all things Greenock.  Lets face it Greenock
    Smells of poverty
    Still has Labour voters
    Is a degenerate heroin addicted hole
    Is the sceptic knobcheese of the west
    Has the shittest football team that common decency would allow
    Is an underclass shitstain on society
    Is just one big council (but not council tax paying) scheme of scum.
    I know full well that Scotland needs to be and will be an independent country.  I would absolutely allow Greenock to remain under the English jackboot, no decent society needs those reprabates.   Greenock satisfies my need for hatred and by golly it is well deserved.
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    W6er reacted to antrin in Hearts And Us.   
    It is a strange thing with some Buddies....
    I have always been baffled by Buddies who give a shit about Morton.
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    W6er reacted to St.Ricky in Season Tickets 20/21   
    Some folks just like to make a noise... Anywhere other than at the ground. You have to feel for them. A pretty empty existence. 
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