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Edwin isnae broon breid, is he ? I knew he was poorly earlier on, but I thought he was okay now.


As no one else has been back on this I'll assume it was EdwYn Collins that was actually meant...?

Aye, he had a brain haemmhorage which is a mega... problem.

Go HERE for an update, if interested.

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Wilco - Live in Chicago

One of my fav bands. They come to the uk every year and only play about 4 gigs one of which is the QMU in Glasgow. Great live band, I would recommend the DVD “I am trying to break your heart†By Wilco. It’s very powerful documentary of the making of “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot “album where the band sack one of the members then the record company drop them.

If I knew who you were Bud The Baker I would be quite happy to let you borrow it.

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