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Ballymena Utd v Saints

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Just had one of the boys over there on the phone, and he says its utter crap, glad i never went :lol:

Are our pre season games ever anything other than crap, fair play to the guys who went over, prob more money than sense

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Thanks for the vote on confidence, I haven't yet lost my phone and no I am not drunk B)

Sorry I forgot to text updates during the game (I'm sory) and I have had not been able to get online in Ballymena as the wi-fi was gubbed, just back in Belfast now, so here I am now B)

As for the game, well I thought the first half as probably everyone else did was pretty rubbish, not really anything exciting to note. The team came out in the 2nd half and played a lot better, I thought McQuade had a great game and he took his goal well.

Ally Love came on and impressed, much like he did against Brechin. Its good to know we have a player in the team with a good left foot, he nearly scored another peach of a goal but it was just wide, but certainly very promising from him.

Marc McAusland was on the bench and played the last 5 minutes or so, Love, Murray, Thomson all came on, and we were much improved in the 2nd half.

Dargo nicked a goal at the death too, tbh I never really saw it, but apparently he took his shot and it may have rebounded over a defender and over the keeper, but a goal is a goal.

No injuries or anything to report, and was a nice wee afternoon out, hopefully tonight will be as well :)

(Oh and Barlow was in fine form as usuall)

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Are ballemena halfway through their season? If so it's a great wee result as far as stepping up preseason goes. Couple of goals and a clean sheet is great.

Edit to add. They're not halfway thru, So a decent result.

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