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The Leicester City Thread

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Watching the live coverage of the open top bus parade :)

Delighted it's dry and sunny for the tens of thousands of supporters to enjoy the occasion

Excellent stuff

No different to Paisley 29 years ago today then......????

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What an absolutely amazing day and night!! They reckon there was close to 250,000 people in Leicester last night!

Got great views of the bus with all the players and the trophy on London Road. Picked my spot well so I was right next to it!

Then on to the crazy scenes in Victoria Park. Unbelievable. All the players on stage, everyone celebrating, flags waving, people cheering & singing. All very, very good natured, with everyone having a drink of one thing or another.

And all topped off by a surprise 4 song set by Kasabian live on the stage. Just brilliant!

What a fantastic time. Will live long in the memory.

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Currently down in the East Midlands for a long weekend. Went to the King Power Stadium earlier today. Club shop was huge... now, steady yourselves folks... they had team kits on sale in it. Amazing, huh? Place was really busy. Fans buying the new white away kit mostly. The stadium itself is un-impressive from the outside. Identikit modern stadium. Could be Derby, could be Middlesborough, could be any of these new grounds. Leicester itself was a very nice city though. Never been here before, very clean and a pretty city with tons of old architecture and interesting history. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been here.

Definitely a 'one town one team' vibe here. Like Newcastle.... Except their team aren't shite and got relegated. Very impressed by my visit to Leicester, and sounds like it means I avoided a shit-fest at FeegieField... 

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