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I would not have picked Dykes before the game. But he proved me 100% wrong. Bullied and won headers all-night long, thought he had a great game and did what he was there to do. If folk cannot see what he brought to game last night then then can chuck watching fitba.

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6 hours ago, shull said:

Would hate Grealish at my Club.

An absolute cheating diving cnut , among others.

I hate it.

Grealish is an outstanding footballer as well but his diving belongs in a swimming pool. I would book him every game for it until he stops it.

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4 hours ago, [email protected] said:

My sobriety confirmed Dykes to be hopeless. Admittedly a trier but well short of ability. A centre forward who can’t score. Where have we seen that before ?

Harry Kane perhaps ?

Dykes has scored exactly the same number of goals in this tournament as every England player bar one. Does that make all of them duds ?

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So, two good performances but it's plain too see we're struggling to score goals, despite some decent efforts.

We, obviously, NEED to score on Tuesday, our overall play gives us plenty of hope we can. 

Make no mistake, this is a very difficult game, if we win it it will be one of our best results for many a year.

It says a lot for us that, IMO, this is a heads or tails game, bookies see Croatia, rightly, as slight favourites at 11/8 with us 15/8.

I'll hang off for my prediction till Tuesday. 

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