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Ukraine v Scotland Nations League 27/9/22


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Oh, the calls about our defence, and Patterson in particular, on Saturday made it very clear that Patterson, as I mentioned back in the Euros, isn't a very good defender at this stage in his career.

The clamour for him to be included at that stage was misguided, to say the least.

It's a pity we couldn't clone O'Donnell and him as, again as I've mentioned, O'Donnell is a decent, not great, defender but is poor when up the park.

Patterson is the opposite, but will get better and, IMIO< in a year or two will be a great player for Scotland. 

Tonight is a game we should certainly play Patterson, I doubt we'll be under much pressure at the back. 

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14 minutes ago, waldorf34 said:

Does  not look like a win tonight 

I didn't say we would win? :blink:

My prediction of 0-2 was over 90 minutes. 

You do know what a prediction is? 

Anyhow, now that Happy Harry has appeared it's certainly been a disappointing first half. 

Very few glimpses of the form shown in the 2nd half on Saturday, Clarke has to work his magic again at half time. 

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1 minute ago, guinness said:

Very poor first half. Tierney on the wing looks our best  st at the moment to get decent balls into the box. 


Gilmour looking the more likely to me to provide something special.

Dykes, through no fault of his own, hardly touched the ball.

Overall, poor, we need to, and can, step it up in the 2nd half. 

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